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The Seventh Annual Sonic the Hedgehog Hacking Contest!!!

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Ayla, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Ayla


    I shat on your desk ^^ Oldbie
    West Linn, OR
    Hacking Contest, StH Overlooked, Personal Indie game
    It's become a habit the last couple of years for me to say "fuck it" and then come crawling back to torture myself with your awesome creative talents. :( Things are finally quieting down in my life and hopefully this will allow me more time to dedicate to the contest, but who knows what will go wrong this next time around <.< As I mentioned before, I'm using a whole new grading system for the contest and this will be revealed down below. Just realize that these changes will effect the...


    I nixed a couple of the trophies that I thought were useless. One was the palette trophy.. can't remember what the other was. Something useless. Anyway, there is a whole new rating system which makes winning some of these different. Just realize that some of these have been changed from personal opinion to a grading system based on various criteria.

    Hidden Palace Trophy - Grand Prize. Small cash prize negotiated after winning.

    Wood Zone Trophy - Second Place. Something cool that I may have that can be negotiated after winning (drawings, toothbrushes, rave flyers..)

    Genocide City Trophy – This award goes to the hardest level
    Lava Reef Trophy – this goes to the longest level hack (based on time taken to beat)
    Green Hill Trophy – this goes to the level or game that plays most like a Sonic level or game
    Labyrinth Trophy – most confusing level
    1337!!! Trophy – worst Sonic hack
    1000101 Trophy – best technical hack
    Windy Valley Trophy – best original art hack
    Toxic Caves Trophy - best reused art hack
    Shadow Trophy – best Hentai-based hack -- I want another giant dong in a game =P
    WTF?! Trophy – most unique hack
    Christmas Present Trophy - most unexpected hack
    Piano Trophy - best music to level (thus it's specific to a specific level in a specific hack)
    The Super Duper Amazing Level Trophy - best level layout hack
    Eosian Sphere Trophy - best new object
    Knuckles Trophy - best new playable character
    Fang Trophy - best new enemy
    Metropolis Trophy - best new boss
    Mushroom Hill Trophy - best new miniboss (if applicable)
    Spindash Trophy - best new ability
    Eureka! Trophy - most innovative game play feature
    Replay Trophy - most innovative options feature
    Crystal Meth Trophy - most potential replayability.. by potential I'm realizing most hacks entered are incomplete and thus I'm going on the stuff already in there that would make it replayable as a fully finished game =)
    The Bar Admin Trophy - most improved hack from last year
    Robotnik's Revenge Trophy - best new concept based on existing concepts (boss attack, time attack, things that were added to a game that exist in other sonic games)
    Maze Trophy- best sonic 1 special stage
    Chute Trophy- best sonic 2 special stage
    Sphere Trophy- best sonic 3 special stage
    Emerald Trophy- best special stage (custom or otherwise)

    As usual, one hack can win multiple trophies and multiple hacks can be submitted by one person...


    1) You will have until 12:00 AM MST September 1st, 2009 to get all of your hacks in to me. This gives you kids that are in school all fucking summer =P
    2) Hacks must be e-mailed as either ROMs or savestates (genecyst / gens format only). In the age of broadband, IPS is just retarded and you can attach massive files with Gmail and most other mail carriers.
    3) There are no limits on editors.
    4) New Trophies may be added or removed during the contest
    5) Entries may be sent in for any console, though you'll have to tell us what it is.
    6) You may reach me at [email protected] (get rid of filler) for questions and for sending hacks. You can also ask me questions in this thread
    7) The entry must be sent in as the following:

    Name / Alias:
    Name of Hack:
    Game of Origin:
    Console of Origin:

    Links to your hack in this topic are retarded. I know I don't want to sort through 200 replies for your hack. If you want, I will be happy to take a link to your hack through e-mail... as usual, though, this will probably be ignored so I'll still look through this topic =P Bastards.
    8) No late hacks will be accepted -- end of story. Updated, already entered hacks are taken all the way until I finish playing through each hack once. I will let you know when that happens IN THIS TOPIC.
    9) Simple palette hacks are not allowed. Anyone can whip out a new palette in a whopping five to ten minutes and I'm sick of that shit.
    10) Rules may change at any time. Check back often.
    11) I will ask YOU to judge. I'm not taking applications. Oerg and roxahris are already on board. If I need more I'll ask.


    Roxahris - n/a
    Oerg - n/a
    Malevolence - Bosses
    Tweaker - music

    So yah.. I've decided I'm going to make trophy posters myself for the contest. Isn't that awesome? They're going to rock. Just wait and see =P

    As usual.. Ready, Set... Procrastinate!!

    Julia / Ayla / Samantha / Nayr / jesus I have too many aliases >.>
  2. roxahris


    Everyone's a hypocrite. Take my word for it. Member
    Doing anything at all
    Shockingly, I am really a judge. I'm quite surprised about this, but hopefully nobody will have a panic attack about it. I'm really happy to be a part of the judging team, and I will certainly try to judge all hacks to the very best of my ability, if not better.
  3. Dude


    Tech Member
    Southbridge, MA
    Random VR/AR trash
    Does it have to be a 2d sonic game to be eligible?
  4. Hi,

    first off, thanks to Ayla for hosting a new contest! Well, I don't have the time right now to write much.

    I promise fair judging, and that everyone should be happy with the results.

    I think the choice of trophies fits the contest very well.

    Well, what are you waiting for?

  5. Ayla


    I shat on your desk ^^ Oldbie
    West Linn, OR
    Hacking Contest, StH Overlooked, Personal Indie game
    I've received a couple negative reactions to my judge choices on IRC. You can choose to have two judges vote, but you must have at least two and you must specify who.

    Dude: no. Any platform means any platform =) Shadow DX can be entered =P
  6. Aww, I wish I could enter, but S2R is nowhere near ready. (Plus I'm taking a break from hacking altogether for a bit) Good luck to everyone who will enter :(
  7. Jayextee


    Unpopular Opinions™ Member
    Atro City
    Jay is entering this one, this time.

    Who knows what it'll be...? :(
  8. roxahris


    Everyone's a hypocrite. Take my word for it. Member
    Doing anything at all
    Hey, it's not like the judging ends tomorrow... you have until September! Whether or not you use that time wisely... is up to you! Haha!
  9. "Nowhere near ready" Even if I worked full speed there's no way I could get it done...and I can't work full speed because there are things that I need to do (such as art, that I suck ass at)
  10. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

    Tech Member
    Uh huh, just like the last contest? :P
  11. Puto


    Shin'ichi Kudō, detective. Tech Member
    Portugal, Oeiras
    Part of Team Megamix, but haven't done any actual work in ages.
    And the one before that. Team Megamix still hasn't received the "cash prize" from the 2007 contest :x
  12. Sik


    Sik is pronounced as "seek", not as "sick". Tech Member
    being an asshole =P
    First time I'll complain about the contest rules =P

    No ZIP or the like? (and if allowed, what compression formats exactly)

    Um, if the hacks are gonna be submitted through e-mail, why send the address unless the submitter wants to recieve info through another address?
  13. Oh. :(

    Also, I'll donate something to the grand winner too.
  14. Tweaker


    roxahris as a judge? I can't think of anyone more blatantly biased—doesn't he have his own hack that he once entered in the contest? It's not a very wise decision to have a ROM hacker himself judge; he's likely to be more partial towards his own preference of changes, what he arbitrarily perceives as skillful, and won't be able to judge to the best extent possible.

    Needless to say, I severely disagree with this decision—why can't you, Verse, and Mustapha judge, like years beforehand? That worked perfectly fine; I see no reason to change it.

    Well, whatever. I may or may not enter something this year, depending on my inspiration to actually bother with ROM hacking again. Who knows? Maybe I'll win something. :(
  15. Spanner


    The Tool Member
    Hmm, hopefully this year I'll enter my Sonic 2 hack this time, I have some ideas, hopefully I'll be able to implement them instead of making another special stage that has a dong in the middle. :P
    Good news that you're leading the contest again though!
  16. Ayla


    I shat on your desk ^^ Oldbie
    West Linn, OR
    Hacking Contest, StH Overlooked, Personal Indie game
    Yes. Zip, rar and tz / tar are allowed. =) I'm saying no IPS bullshit =P

    Because I keep this info in a separate folder along with the results. Rather than sift through e-mails in the end, I use the file in that folder to find addresses of people =)

    IOW, because I said so =P

    Verse and Mustapha both backed out before the end every time. I need people who are dependable, no offense to them. I was actually going to ask you to be my last judge, tweaker =P Also.. judges, as was the case in the past, can NOT ENTER THE CONTEST >=\ Anyone who rates this is going to be biased in one way or another. By having three completely different people, I get a more fair result.
  17. doc eggfan

    doc eggfan

    Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Wiki Sysop
    GreatMegaLD, GreatSC3k, Great SG1k
    Sonic 2 LD will definitely be entered in one form or another. I wonder how far we'll get in the time frame, probably lucky to have Episode 1 finished by then.

    I demand a Master System hack trophy!

    If I could be so bold as to predict a Sonic 2 LD win, and by some miracle there was indeed a cash prize, we would encounter a slight problem in dividing it up amongst all the contributors =/
  18. Xeric


    Workington, England
    S3K Mighty Sheet
    I'll probably be able to whip something together by September. Mighty Adventure's progressing quite well, apart from the rubber band system, but that'll be fixed by then. =P
  19. Destructiox


    Masochistic Maniac, Raving Lunatic Member
    East Midlands, England
    Sonic 1 Lunacy.
    I'm seriously tempted to enter, for shits and giggles I suppose really, not expecting to win anything :P

    Expect to see a ragged, crappy hack by me pop up sometime.

    286 days, (approximately anyway), let's see what I can do :x
  20. Ayla


    I shat on your desk ^^ Oldbie
    West Linn, OR
    Hacking Contest, StH Overlooked, Personal Indie game
    How about I compromise and do a handheld grandprize trophy? =P I'll even enter your hack in as a GG game instead of MS. I think I'm going to take a whole new approach to this judge thing as well. I just had a cool idea last night when I was contemplating canceling the contest or not =)
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