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The SEGA Wonderbook

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Barry the Nomad, Oct 18, 2014.

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    Earlier today I bought a stack of old gaming mags, and while paging through an issue of GamePro I came across this:


    It appears SEGA's Pods was made in partnership with Tiger, however I own Pods new in box and nowhere is Tiger mentioned. Either the deal changed and SEGA took over distribution and rights, or it was a 100% SEGA made product and GamePro goofed. Another interesting bit, and the subject of this topic, is SEGA's Wonderbook. I have never heard of this before! The magazine describes it as a portable Pico, however I checked online and the one source that exists clarifies that it was more like an electronic storybook, it was not a portable Pico and did not use Pico tech. Still, it had a similar concept and color scheme.


    I looked into RKS and it appears that they worked with SEGA in the mid 90s on product design, designing products like Tiger's Pocket Arcade - which they won an award for in 1995:

    Despite everything lining up - SEGA working with RKS on other products and Wonderbook being a real thing - nowhere can I find proof that this thing was released to the public outside of a forum post where a guy says his little brother owned it:


    I noted that SEGA Retro does not list this, and as mentioned I'm not even sure if it ever released. Does anybody have any info on this item? I know the Pods and IR-7000 Communicator are obscure products, so I would not be surprised if the SEGA Wonderbook fell through the cracks and was released but forgotten.
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    I came across it briefly, although I couldn't get much on it (you've found more than I did). I have a feeling this one was released, but it's super rare.

    It needs a page - feel free to make it :v: