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The S Factor: Sonia and Silver

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Aquaslash, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Aquaslash


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    I can say that most of Silver's boss struggles are due to the fact that his PK was programmed after said bosses, and the coders of those bosses were long gone in order to make changes. I'm sure new coders will turn up at some point XD

    In the meantime, it's also a game of balance. I once had Silver able to grab both A.N.N.'s and Metal Knuckles's energy shots. It resulted in A.N.N. being defeated in less than 15 seconds and Metal Knuckles getting chucked off the screen and the game being unbeatable. Might upload a video of that second one for giggles later.

    As it stands, expect Metal Knuckles to be a whole lot different in later releases. The line between difficult and cheap is a thin one, but it's a work in progress.
  2. Aquaslash


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    Since they were mentioned in the stream:

    CHEATER: Unlocks Level Select

    SWRDFSH: Gives you 99 lives

    WINNING: Gives you all of the Chaos Emeralds

    MISSION: Activates Special Stage Rush mode

    Character passwords don't work, so meh.

    Also thanks for your continued support everyone. I did NOT expect this turn of events at all.
  3. Jimmy Hedgehog

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    After all the robot busting with Silver on White Blaster Act 3, I stepped on the capsule at 9:59 with 0 rings. Talk about a close shave XD
  4. Metalsonicmk72


    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I've tried to set the spike behavior to Sonic 2, but it keeps giving me the Sonic 1 Spike Behavior regardless. :v:
  5. Josh


    We played this!

  6. Aquaslash


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    Yeah, I never got to say actually, that the options menu as a whole is quite unfinished. The super music and spike options don't work due to the former being badly implemented (cause I'm an idiot), and the latter having not been coded yet. The passwords mostly work, bar the character ones, and even then, there's only coding for two of them.

    I might have said this before (and I know I did in the contest podcast), but the reason that the extra characters are disabled is twofold. First off, the identity of the third character is being shuffled (it's not Scourge anymore). Said object started life as a different character and in the 4th character slot, but once their new identify was finally settled upon, they were in the process of being moved to the third slot. Character 3 is disabled due to being an unfinished mishmash of two characters, and Scourge is disabled because I haven't been able to fully test him to ensure that he doesn't crash the game. There are reports that he is somewhat functional, but the extent of which, I don't know.

    He's proven to be surprisingly popular among you guys though. I'll have to do something about that...

    Also, since I'm starting to see this a lot now. I'd like to hear some feedback about the current lack of Spin Dash.
  7. We liked Scourge because you did as good job a job with his sprites as you did the other S named characters! ^_^

    Admittedly its only a few changes from Sonic for his normal moves, but still the best done I've seen for the character, and his Super form is spectacularly done, that one defiantly isn't just a recolour of Super Sonic!
  8. pablodrago


    BS AS
    Well I had a hard time thanks to that reason particularly in Spectra Valley act 1. For silver, the last loop combined with the camera lock is really hard without enough momentum.
    I think Silver need some kind of move to gain momentum. In contrast I think spindash is not suited for a slow character but the lack of spindash is one of the most remarkable problem for silver
  9. Twinbee MkII

    Twinbee MkII

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    Now don't go teasing me like that Aqua. You KNOW how popular Scourge is. I do hope he's here to stay in the game. You've done too good a job on him to just toss him. Besides how often do I get to play as my favorite Sonic character in a game? <3

    As for the lack of a spindash, I think it works towards making Sonia and Silver feel different from the other characters that will be in the game. Playing as them alongside Scourge was enough to prove that much. I think it's an interesting idea, and much like other character hacks, the change in moveset makes you have to rethink how you'd play the game, giving you a different and somewhat richer experience.

    .....Still want mah Scourgie though :D
  10. Aquaslash


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    So here's a random question. (blog post about where the hell I've been later)

    What did people honestly feel about the player sprites in this game? Specifically for the two main characters, as the third is a minor retool. Be completely honest please, even if you felt they were shit. There's no wrong answers here, just looking for feedback on what was present.
    before I possibly go and rework them entirely
  11. Ralbalboa


    I think they were perfect. Nice to have news!
  12. XenoMind


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    Ah, the S-factor; It's been a long time since I've played this hack. From what I could remember, was that I thought the art looked very well done to the point it was actually one of my favorite hacks. It still is one of my favs. I thought there was nothing wrong with the player sprites, but seeing as I fail at pixel art; I don't really have much of a eye for spotting problems in 16-bit style. I'll have to replay the game to see if there was something I might had missed, and refresh my memory with a more current play-through.
  13. Xeric


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    Have you considered having a unique style for the player sprites rather than Sonic 1 style? don't get me wrong, theirs nothing wrong with the style, I just think the game would lend itself to have original character art rather than using bases.
  14. SpaceyBat


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    I liked the character sprites. I think what you should be asking yourself is not whether they sucked enough to need a redo, but whether you can improve them with even better sprites. Going 100% original without a base like Xeric said would be neat.
  15. LordOfSquad


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    Yeah, I'm curious about what a revamp would entail exactly. I always thought your sprites looked great, they don't necessarily need "fixing".
  16. Pokepunch


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    I liked all of the sprite work in the game, with one exception: Silver's sprites. Don't get me wrong, I think they are well made but something about them just seems off to me. Not sure what it is I don't like about them. Sorry I can't provide any proper feedback.
  17. Icewarrior


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    Since the latest versions are vast improvements over the first ones, I don't have any issues in particular with both your Sonia and Silver sprites.
    That includes their super forms.
  18. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Honestly the only thing I ever thought could use some improvement was the art for the Character Select screen. Outside of that everything looks fine (Not sure if Destron City is still purple scrap brain but if it is that could use some work too. If not then I'm sure it's fine).
  19. RetroKoH


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    I personally liked them, but if retooling them means this hack is back in the limelight, then please by all means. I'm an S Factor supporter through and through.
  20. mdawgmike


    Glitches aside, I love the current (2013?) sprites. I actually just got into this hack again again. Overall I prefer the 2010 release, but it's awesome to see this active again!

    As always, I'm happy to lend a hand with any form of testing. I still gots the hardware (North American Genesis).

    Thank you for your continued work on this!