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The S Factor: Sonia and Silver

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Aquaslash, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Aquaslash


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    Let's all pretend this is 2010, and not 2013

    Let's also pretend that the Destron City palette in the hacking contest site build is the same as this one, cause it should be and I caught it too late.

    Yes, that is a new build, yes there will be more releases more often, No, it's still not finished, yes it is beatable
  2. Knucklez


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    About damn time. Fission Mailed! ... I mean, Mission Failed!

    If you don't get that, then I'm very disappointed. :P
  3. Lilly


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    I'm afraid I don't. :specialed:/>

    Anyway, I've only played the first zone so far, and I'm really blown away by how much of a total conversion this is; feels almost like a completely new game. Haven't tried Silver, but Sonia's sprites are pretty nice, and I like the theme options in the Settings Menu. Can't wait to play more and see what else this has going on.
  4. neonsynth


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    Ah, found a bug right away with Sonia being able to destroy rocks with springs placed on them, so that there's a spring floating in the air. Might aswell bugtest it like the last time you sent me a rom.

    Also is this the HC2013 entry?
  5. Lanzer


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    Neat, a new build. glad to see this project has been rebooted. :)
  6. MathUser


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    Seems Scourge was delisted on the wiki. He isn't a very well hidden secret if that's what he's supposed to be. You just have to press right or left I think to access him on the character selection screen. Are you planning on hiding him a little better later on?
  7. Thorn


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    ^ Can you show this in action? I'm sitting here mashing left and right to no avail — he should be very much disabled. He was certainly available in old versions, but I know for a fact that he's not available now.
  8. MarkeyJester


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    We're fully aware of this bug, however, I think neither us nor anyone else cares about it, it's one of those "acceptable" bugs I feel.
  9. Aquaslash


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    Any player character that's not in the title is generally a hidden character. Especially with a title as specific as this one.

    As for the spring, that one's known, it's just low on the priority list. Feel free to list all issues you find though!
  10. ICEknight


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    Speaking of bugs: If Silver is floating at the time the Speed Shoes would take effect, they won't.

    By the way, this hack has some pretty nice presentation. That SEGA logo took me by surprise!
  11. Knucklez


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    While playing as Silver, the animal capsule at the end of Placid Sapphire Act 3 appeared completely glitched/garbled up.

    And in Emerald Chase 4 where I had to find the 4th (McGuffin) Chaos Emerald, those wall things that shoot fireballs were also glitched.

    EDIT: Oh, and this.

  12. Mike Arcade

    Mike Arcade

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    WOO! Nice to see a new release Aquaslash, and here I thought I was gonna go insane waiting for the hacking contest to start, yes this will hold me off for quite a LONG time, and as before I'll let you know if I run into any bugs, thanks man.
  13. TehKaker


    Glad to see a new release. I have been expecting it a lot since I saw that "Chaos in The Streets" video. It just shows that you made a GIANT advance with it, and I applaud to your work.

    Are you sure? Well, I won't blame you, since I'm not the creator, and as such I'm not who decides how other does work, but, in my opinion, I don't think it would be a good idea to skip bugs because are little... Just saying though.
  14. Aquaslash


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    So, about dem passwords!

    Since this one's already been found in a youtube vid, I'll go on reveal the debug password, HACKING.

    As for the others, here's some general hints:

    Password 1: Generally when you use codes, you are a...

    Password 2: The password is always...missing vowels evidently.

    Password 3: What do these things have in common:
    Chicken nuggets, bubblegum, pretending to text to avoid someone

    For some other general feedback, actually, before that, PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK. That was half of the reason I made such an effort to get the thing cleaned up enough for a public release.

    Anywho, any characters not named Sonia or Silver have been purposefully disabled for now. They'll all have special means of being unlocked in future builds. I don't really care if you memory hack or whatever to find out the "who", because the fun is in the "how".

    As for any garbled prison eggs, those are due to the boss graphics not loading due to the boss being broken. That will be handled in future builds.

    I had something else, but I forgot, so keep leaving comments!
  15. Beat A.N.N... which was a pain but doable, Beat Metal Knuckles... WHICH TOOK AGES! By the time I get to Metal Sonic.... I time up before I can hit him more than 5 times, restarting at the checkpoint with 8:17 on the timer meaning I don't get much time to face Metal Sonic! D: Even with the Gold sheild giving me enough rings for a super transformation... the timer runs out before the transformation does!

    Edit: Playing as Silver btw... tis a shame his Telekinesis is useless for these fights cept for dodging attacks.

    Edit 2: Last life 7 hits, managed to reach capsule with TWO SECONDS to spare... O_O *phew*
  16. GT Koopa

    GT Koopa

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    Seconding this. Have you considered how Egg Rocket Zone does it and have each section in that act count down from 5 minutes? Though
    that might diminish the gimmick of the last "regular" act.

    I just know those 3 fights have something in common, wasting time. I can dodge the attacks and learn the patterns, but in my first playthrough the time limit forced me to kill all my lives, use a continue and speedrun the first two boss fights via savestates just to have a regular non cheating chance at Metal Sonic.
  17. Destron City act 3.... 1 second out from reaching the post before the entire zone vanishes! D:

    Edit: Dear god you have 3 fake acts to go though.... I only passed the third one because of a glitch.... I managed to get silver to hover past the checkpoint post at the end of the stage before falling to my doom! THANK GOD...

    Silver is way too slow to get though this act properly! :argh:

    Edit 2: Ok... got to the end as both Silver and Sonia, Silver gets though most levels easier... but Sonia Chuck Norris's her way though bosses!

    Edit 3: Wonder what those passwords are....
  18. Jayextee


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    There's a button in Arid Sands 1 which makes the music suck.
  19. Black Squirrel

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    Those bosses in White Blaster or whatever it's called... they're pretty horrible. There's no point in a boss you can't hit, and even with savestates I've pushed it close to the 10 minute mark because they take so long. It's not so much a test of skill but a test of patience - avoiding the same couple of attacks again and again isn't much fun. I mean, Silver's only purpose in Sonic 06, the very reason he seems to exist, is to pick up objects and mess with the physics engine... and yet you can't pick up Metal Knuckles' missiles.

    The rest of the hack (except Destron City Act 3 with Silver) is reasonable. There are choices I wouldn't personally have made - the music doesn't always work and it feels like there's a lot of padding, but it's still more interesting than most. Those bosses though... really ruin things. I'm sure you can do better.
  20. They're very cool bosses, but the game is Optimized for a Sonia playthough, late game Silver really does struggle!