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The Music Development of Sonic Adventure (video + Senoue&Iizuka Interview)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by eldarin, Jun 22, 2021.

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    Hello all! My name is Eldarin and I run a small channel talking about the development, concept art etc etc of games (more specifically) the sonic series! I made a thread on here a few months ago seeing what everyone knew about the music development of these games and was very surprised to see there not be alot of information to the public which really made me interested. I hope this helps bring about more info on this games music development!

    One of my videos has been posted here before (Sonic Adventure Concept Art) but I wanted to share the video I have made discussing the development of Sonic Adventures music trying to delve deep into as many interviews, track prototypes, trivia, behind the scenes work, cultural and musical influences along with sharing this cool sitdown interview with Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue from Limited Run Games' SA1 Vinyl Printing that I purchased while it was still available. I have yet to see this interview before on the internet discussing Sonic Adventure's music development and development with them in general. I'm currently working on a SA2 version of this video too.

    I'm not sharing this for promotion of myself but I wanted to share this here (if I need to move this to self-promo, I totally understand) as I thought you all would find this kinda cool and hope this video benefits the community by showcasing and celebrating the composers who made this soundtrack so amazing! I also did one on the vocal tracks of SA1 if that interests you on my channel! Nonetheless here is the video and interview! (I took pictures with my phone for this btw) Let me know what you guys think...I hope you learn some cool new things with it. Happy 30th! :)))

    (also I mean no disrespect if I didn't format this correctly)


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