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The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog available now for PC and Mac

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by jubbalub, Mar 31, 2023.

  1. raphael_fc


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    Katie's interview on The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. CharlaChale


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    I'm gonna be petty and say that Amy stating that she likes true crime podcasts is one of the most out of character lines in the series.
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  3. Lambda


    Interesting. What makes you say that?
  4. CharlaChale


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    I dunno, I just feel like the overly compassionate and lovey-dovey Amy wouldn't watch videos made in bad faith about real people getting murdered.

    ... sorry, I feel rather strongly about this subject matter, heehee.
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  5. Lambda


    Fair enough.

    I do, personally, find that some people can really gravitate towards and consume media that seems contrary to their disposition.

    I've known some really smart people that were really into very dumb TV shows, and some very kind/gentle people that loved slasher horror movies.

    I think it can kind of serve as an escape from the confines of your personality.

    So, when she said that line my thought was "OF COURSE she would".

    That's just my take, though.
  6. CharlaChale


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    My issue is more on the moral side of things, but who knows. Maybe Amy watches a particular selection of videos that are made out of a genuine desire to inform and were made with loved ones' consent.
    Yes, I'm looking too deep into a game that probably isn't canon anyway, but don't we all?
  7. Chimpo


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    What's immoral about listening to true crime podcasts?
  8. CharlaChale


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    Personally, I think the majority of them are rather distasteful in regards to the subject matter. I know if I were killed, I wouldn't want anyone turning it into a campfire story. But I don't think the act of listening to one itself is immoral. Maybe. Not sure. I'm in that part of my life where I'm trying to figure out right and wrong.
  9. Londinium


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    In regards to Amy, is it just me or does she seem to act like some middle aged woman now rather than a teenage girl?
  10. Blue Spikeball

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    lol, I think that impression might because of her attire resembling that of a middle aged rich lady.

    I have to say that I appreciated this game giving her more of a personality than Frontiers. I found her pretty bland there, but here she was fun and entertaining, and felt more like Amy. Is Ian or someone afraid of letting her act energetic or show her crush on Sonic?

    I understand not making her a stalker like the mid 00s games, but they didn't need to strip her personality down so much. I think this game struck a better balance than Frontiers. Making her energetic and fangirlish without rendering her annoying and possessive.
  11. Lambda


    Makes sense. They are pretty gross when you look at them from that angle. (I don't particularly enjoy those kinds of stories, personally. Real or fake.)

    I guess the question is whether Amy would be thinking of things that way, or if she just enjoys crime stories without considering the ramifications... and I'm not sure anyone at/working for SEGA has thought through that level of detail. LOL
  12. PhazonHopper


    It's about ethics in Sonic visual novels.

    The funnier thing to me is that they've tried so hard to make Amy not "the one that's a girl", stripping everything from her just short of being pink, but now they've given her one of the most stereotypically female hobbies of the modern age lol.
  13. I disagree, mainly because Amy seems like she's meant to be really preppy and for lack of a better word-"basic". The main reason she likes tarot cards is because that was a trend at the time a lot of girls in Japan were into. So if a lot of women are into true crime podcasts, it would technically be in character.
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  14. Wraith


    I'd argue otherwise. People are fine with her liking typical teen girl shit from the 90s like tarot cards but always raise an eyebrow when they try to take that to a logical conclusion and make it more contemporary.
  15. Deep Dive Devin

    Deep Dive Devin

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    I think the difference is that the kind of girl who was into tarot cards in the 90s and the kind of girl who is into true crime or kpop or whatever nowadays are different girls. Aside from my usual problem with people acting like Amy has no depth unless she's insufferable, I think the main issue is just that whatever the reason for including Amy's interests in the 90s, every character is more than a simple list of archetypes making up who they are, and most of Amy's personality traits don't gel with it. Not only because the usual subject matter of true crime media is more adult than the series steers towards, but Amy deals with actual, real crimes every weekend when Eggman is pulling some new bullshit. It's like if Knuckles revealed he was a fan of The Curse of Oak Island. Because Knuckles is vulnerable to deception just like everyone who thinks that show is real, but he's also a certified treasure hunter and tracker who would be able to see all the nothing that's actually going on there. Including it makes the character feel like less of a character.
  16. Wraith


    "Actual, real crimes" like splitting the earth into eight pieces without actually seriously harming anyone on it?

    Sonic takes place in a world where the stakes are lower. For all you know 'True Crime' could mean the type of cases the Chaotix end up solving. Maybe don't project your actual real hatred of true crime podcasts onto this throwaway line in the same way we don't treat Eggman as a literal international war criminal based on his love of bombing shit.

    Also yes, Amy ha ssome depth, but she's also explicitly meant to be an archetype like most Sonic characters. This is about on par to me as her taking a selfie in that official Sonic Boom art and the subsequent mild freakout about that.
  17. CharlaChale


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    .. Okay, fair point. Unless my memory is correct in that the reason she chose "Murder Mystery" for her birthday is because she likes true crime.
    But, yes, I should take this less seriously anyhow, I think.
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  18. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Sonic 2: Archives
    I would like to point out that documentaries/podcasts/crime stories are not always told in the spirit of "and then he turned her guts, slowly and cruelly." As far as I know, there is nothing disgusting about reading a Poirot/Holmes detective story and often documentaries about murderers are told from the point of view of how the police solve this case, what methods they used and tricks.
    Speaking of stories with maniacs, there is a program on Russian television about how the police in the USSR solved cases of murders and robberies, based on facts and old documents. The tactics used by the investigators and the history of the criminal's formation are revealed. They tell about the victim only with the permission of relatives.
    She became famous for the fact that the presenter, because of his ease and interesting manner of telling stories about the life of that time, which fits well with the main storyline, became an Internet meme.

    I mean, murder stories don't always mean something depressing and disgusting. Let people have fun!

    P.s., it's only me, who feels that this theme is too off-topic and will go to trashbox soon?
  19. CharlaChale


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    Yeaaaah, I feel like this discussion has gone on for a bit too long, and I wouldn't be surprised if it nets me a trip to the trash can. (Formal apology to any mods reading this.) But I did learn quite a bit, so I wouldn't say this conversation has been anything worthless.
  20. Zephyr


    I mean, just because you "do the real thing" doesn't mean you can't enjoy "the fake thing" for one reason or another. Like for how cheesy and fake it is! My wife's late grandparents worked as a butcher and a nurse, respectively, and they both loved super gorey horror movies because of how obviously fake and cheesy it was, which they understood because they worked with real 'gore' all the time.

    Also, yeah, Eggman "does crimes" which Amy is (sometimes) involved in stopping, but in a mustache twirling, world-ending kind of way that only really happens in cartoons and movies. I feel like the Chaotix being into true crime podcasts would be a better analogue to Knuckles watching Oak Island, on account of them literally being a detective agency.