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The Mobius Engine Community Project

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    The Mobius Engine
    What's the Mobius Engine?

    The Mobius Engine is a project with the goal to produce a game engine that can be used by the general community to produce games.

    The engine its self will primarily deal with 3D and 2.5D fan games, and will from the outset be open source. The reasoning for it to be open source, is generally to make it "easier" for people to modify the engine, port it to other platforms, and so on. On top of that, by putting the engine's code out in the public, and having contributors push their changes to a public central repository live, eases the burden of rushing to put out releases of the engine to satisfy the general public when the latest code is readily available for anyone to compile at any time.

    Whether it's a 2.5D fan game, or 3D fan game, the engine will be created with the intent to handle most fan game projects that fall into these categories, and possibly more as opportunities arise to extend the engine's functionality.

    Why a full blown engine? Why not make scripts for another engine?

    The reasoning for a full blown engine, is to make a community controlled engine, that has just what the community wants, that also functions in a way that the community wants it to function. This includes anything from how the lower level parts of the engine function, to what graphics features the engine has, to even how the Editor looks and feels to users.

    Something like this could potentially be done through scripts for something like Unity 3D, but there's already projects underway for that. On top of that, Unity3D, UDK, and CryEngine 3 are all proprietary engines that work on the platforms the developers choose. Some of these engines may have features that are not available in free editions, such as Unity's more advanced rendering features.

    With the Mobius Engine, the intention is to remove any limitations that may arise with X or Y general purpose game engine, in the way of producing fan games.

    When will it be ready?

    It's hard to say when a project like this will produce generally usable results. A game engine can be produced over several months, to a few years. On top of that, since this is an open source community effort, most people will likely be working on it in their free time. Results may come about in weeks, but they may not be necessarily usable by everyone. On top of that, people may just not have time to work on it for a long period of time, putting the project on hold.

    Suffice to say, it'll be ready when it's done.

    What can I do?

    Whether you're an average user, a developer, or even a content creator, there's plenty of things you can do!

    You can provide feedback about different user facing features, you can provide example content for the programmers to test, or you can even volunteer to help with creating the engine!

    All are welcome to join in constructive discussion of the project either here on the forums, or in our IRC channel! IRC details are as follows:
    Channel: #mobiusengine

    What language will it be written in?

    The Mobius Engine is being written in C++.

    I'm a scripter, will it support scripting?

    The engine will have the ability to execute game scripts. What language and runtime this system will be based off of however, is yet to be determined.

    Will it do 2D games?

    At this time, 2D functionality is merely a possibility. No serious consideration has went into how this will be implemented.

    Is it a game?

    The Mobius Engine is not a game, and currently not usable for any games.

    If there's any other questions that are worth adding to this post, by all means feel free to post them in this topic.