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The lost levels

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Slypher, Jun 10, 2003.

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  1. Slypher


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    Well, I was wondering about these zone
    that were cut before getting to the beta,
    if you use the follwing code you can get to certian zone that you will fall to your death like genocide city and death egg zone.Then agian you probably already did knew about these zones.

    Anyways try using these game genie code on the Gens
    AA7A-ACGY GHZ1 leads to lost level 01
    AA7A-AGGY GHZ1 leads to lost level 03
    AA7A-ANGY GHZ1 leads to lost level 06
    AA7A-AWGY GHZ1 leads to lost level 09

    Now,lets talk about lost level 01 ,well most people think this is EHZ act 3,I could see why they got that, well if they want to make a sequl they'll make the game and the way its like similar to the first game so there will be 3 acts but since with all these zone it will make the game long and have to much to put into the catriage.

    Now another thing it plays emerald hill music, plus it gots those green line in the BG which remind me of the grass sprite they used on EHZ.

    for lost level 03 gots oil ocean music and it got those green lines except darker remind me of dark trees anyways,people think its DHZ because of its music which sounds good for death vallay or a desert,it could be since the crocbot was found in the rom but that is not enough good proof to call it the long,lost Dust hill zone.

    This I belive was never made into a real zone its black worse than Wood zone ,I belive they only made a level slot and put in EHZP2 music ,That all I have to say about this zone.

    Last but not least,well it plays sky chase music nothing more to say about this zone except for those colors in the BG,My theroy on this that they made sky chase except instead of flying a plane and reaching the wing forrtress ,you get zones that you play like anyother, on the ground anyways they took that idea out and decideded to put it back in the final.

    Boy, Iam tired what do you think about what I have to say.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.