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The Little Details That Just Bug You

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TheKazeblade, Oct 28, 2012.

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    So what if "Modern Sonic" looked like this?
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    Generally what bugs me is the focus on small details by people in general. The issue is that Sonic games are made by hundreds of different people all running off of different scripts all catered to different eras. You can't really expect consistency when the team that makes Game A is entirely different from Game B's team and is separated by 10-20 years. They just don't have the time to research the details like fans do, and have no concept of hiring a sort of "Canon/Lore Director" to ensure the nitpicks are dealt with. As a result, while it might be interesting to list the bloopers...

    ...It's kind of a pointless endeavor. Games rise or fall by their overall quality. Not random silly nitpicks. :p
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    It was probably because I played Sonic Adventure 2 Battle first (I was always a Nintendo kid) but lots of things in Sonic Adventure DX bugged me. I guess I focused too much on the Director's Cut aspect of it, thinking a director would want to make better use of the technology available, so it was kind of off-putting seeing all the stiff animations, and hearing the jarring cuts in the background music tracks during cutscenes.

    The control scheme in Sonic and the Secret Rings bugs me, too. When I played it, I got used to how the controls worked, so I could play it fairly well. Then I got hooked on other games and didn't get back to it for a few months. When I came back to it, I could barely control it. To this day, that is the only game where I've suffered such a loss in my ability to control it after coming back to it after so long.
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    The way Sonic runs, from Unleashed onwards. To me it looks like he's going to kick himself in the face any second. I dunno, it's just weird.
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    What really bugs me is those regional differences between the games, including box-art differences, it's just all over the place, messy, messy, messy...
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    It's a change in art style. One that was welcomed, actually. Did you live under a rock? Practically every site ever complained about realistic humans since Adventure. I'm kind of astounded you can complain about a sense of continuity and yet not have yourself the sense of continuity and, for the lack of a better word, history, to realize realistic humans were always hated by the majority and realistic Eggman was just the final drop.
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    That Mario now runs like Sonic. Filthy thief.
  8. Rosie


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    The fact that the Moon magically restored itself with no explanation has always annoyed me a bit. That, plus Knuckles always fucking off for no good reason despite having a job to do. Not massive nerd rage, just a minor nitpick. I actually don't see it as a bad thing that people don't want these little rings ignored. Sonic is a brand that's been around for over twenty years, and you would have thought that Sonic Team would hire people that hold the classics in high regard.
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    Or did he? It cut to black just before we heard the painful blow. And if all he received was a physical beating, he could still have survived. People have survived from terrible things that should have killed them before.

    I think the majority of us know that. Nitpicking is kind of pointless, and we should all be happy there are Sonic games still being made and released for us. But I think it's fun. It's fun just to vent, or to find someone who relates to the same outlook or experiences you have. If we were video reviewers, our nitpicks and nerd rage would make for great entertainment, at the very least.

    Again, take any nitpicks or nerd rage of mine with a grain of salt. I don't care nearly as much as I was laying it on. This is a topic about nitpicks, after all. Not like ANY of what we are saying will change anything at Sega.

    And as for the fan community hating the use of humans, I was never aware of such a thing, nor did I hang out with such a crowd. I was always fine with it and didn't think anything of it. All I was nitpicking about was how they are realistic in some games, then cartoonish in others. I am well aware of Sonic's history. I grew up on the classic Genesis titles. In fact, I'm not sure this is the topic for you if you are going to take nipicks THAT seriously and get THAT defensive of it. We may be nitpicking, but we're just here to have fun with our nitpicks, not to bash Sega or any of their Sonic games. After all, we're Sonic fans, not Sonic haters.

    Honestly, I feel kind of stupid right now. I didn't think I'd have to defend myself like this.

    The way I see it, Knuckles is able to the leave the Master Emerald Shrine because it's not always in threat or in danger. If no one is trying to steal it, then he can focus on bigger things and maybe help Sonic out once in a while. Or maybe he is carrying the Master Emerald with him in Hammer Space or a shrunken form or whatever.
    But then again, that's just fan speculation.
  10. Nova


    My main gripe has always been, and will always be, the change between the emerald shrine in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Adventure.

    I can accept the idea that the entirety of that hub world segment in the Mystic Ruins is Angel Island (as opposed to just the shrine island), but come on - we go from having a beautiful Hidden Palace for the housing of the Master Emerald to a crappy Mayan-looking shrine.
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    would you rather him look [something] like this (I've posted it before, but I thought it was appropriate to re-post :p)?

    *VERY* bad mockup, I know
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    Three. That's the number of nightmares I'm going to have from seeing that.
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    For some reason, that reminds me of Clutch Cargo.
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    I'm drawing something, not that you'll ever see it.
    Augh what the hell someone help me I can't stop laughing XD

    Honestly though, the mono-eye just suits him. It's weird, but it just works. And anything else would look awkward and slightly terrifying. :V

    Same deal with the side mouth.
  15. BystanderLC


    There's a lot of things that I could rant on about in Sonic, but in Sonic Generations, this was one of them... for every stage Sonic revisited. Especially Crisis City. I'd be okay with the normal cutscenes on the handheld if they stuck to handheld levels like Sonic Advance, Rush, and Rivals cuz those stages, while memorable, weren't so plot-focused like the consoles.
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    Non-mono eye really does not have to look that bad (shameless plug). Tails pulls it off.
  17. Nado The Rabbit

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    I'm currently working on my Sonic fanfiction, Carnation.
    The whole Crisis City issue. Sega told us to completely forget about 06, then they pull this off. Also, not only did they not visit it at any point in the timeline, it shouldn't even EXIST, because there is no Iblis to ruin the future. (I've never played 06, but I'm pretty sure that's what happens.) And plus, they didn't even make a reference to how they don't remember it, which would have been tolerable for me if they did.

    And that moon. I'm just trying to convince myself that in the later games, the side of the moon that wasn't facing us was still gone. The multiple storylines in ShTH, too. How do you fit that in canon?

    Also, how the hell does Knuckles get up to Angel Island? No way he can glide that high. And why did Angel Island drop the second time in SA1...? That wasn't ever explained.

    I know some of these might be too nitpicky, but I'm not raging over them. They just bother me. *shrugs*
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    GREEN EYES! ...I'm sorry, I thought that was the appropriate joke.

    Anyway, you know what REALLY bothers me? Sonic Team's fascination with the phrase "Long time, no see!" Why? Just why? Do they consider it a "radical" 90s term? Well, it's not. I don't know if it's just bad translation, but it just bothers me. Does anybody else feel this way?
  19. It always bugged me if Sonic truly is the fasting thing alive, or is it just his sneakers. Just the thought that anyone can pick up Sonic's shoes and run like him kind of kills the character for me a little.

    Some manuals say something along the lines of "with the power of his shoes, he goes at super sonic speeds". Then there's Sonic Unleashed where one of the NPC's backstory is that he heard an urban legend about sneakers that make you go at blistering speeds, but then you have things like the last cutscene of Generations where Classic Sonic shows Modern Sonic he's learning the Boost, which would imply his speed is natural or else he would've just activated the boost since Sonic 1. Idk, it's kinda confusing haha.
  20. Doppelgengar


    This. I could never figure out the logic of moving the Emerald Shrine from the inner bowels of the island, to leaving THE THING THAT KEEPS THE ISLAND AFLOAT out in the open like that. Retcon or not, it was a dumb decision and it makes very little sense to me other than making the emerald shrine easily accessible. Although a simple warp that sent you to Hidden Palace could've easily solved that.