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THE KEN PENDERS CHRONICLES: PendersCON Alert level 5- something actually made it to sale

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The KKM, Jul 7, 2010.

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    The sketch, before color and lineart, is actually decent. If all his work was like that, I'd be a lot less annoyed by his art.
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    It's not like his work has been published in the pages of a comic book since leaving Archie.
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    Normally I'd space these out a bit more, waiting until this thread dropped off the first page, but I really do want to catch up to the present day, so here it is: the February Ken Penders Twitter Roundup!



    This is really not all that pleasing to the eye. Or, as our first guest comment of the day puts it:

    SG #1 (03/22/2021!!!): This looks so ugly.​

    I personally wouldn't go that far, but it's nothing I would pay for even without my ever-growing conviction that I have no desire to endorse Ken Penders with my wallet.

    SG #2: do you have any comments/thoughts about the new official Sonic Netflix show using the concept of Multiverse?​

    SG #3: The Sonic Prime Netflix show will not include Ken Penders’ Sonic creations turned Lara-Su Chronicles creations.

    SG #4: I wasn't implying that. I was wondering if he had any comments on the fact that both Archie Sonic and Netflix's Sonic Prime use multiverse.​

    "SG #3" is interesting in that he is presumably the same guy with a Snoopy logo who is one of the few constant presences in Ken's twitter threads, and someone who actually seems to be a Ken supporter, but who has a comment here that could be interpreted as insinuating Ken is using stolen characters. But that might be a reach. Speaking of insinuations, does Ken's "None at this time [emphasis mine]" suggest that he possibly believes that Sonic media has stolen from him again? Only time will tell.

    SG #5: Which program do you use for rendition and space placement, Clip Studio or Photoshop?​

    Now you know.

    SG #6: Does Lara-Su now have octopus hair?​

    Snoopy again.

    SG #7:​

    See the above image? It's all over the thread, an apparent attempt to recreate the Donkey Kong phenomenon. Let us see if it takes.

    SG #8 (02/13/2021): Possible brain transplanting? Speaking of which, was it your intention that Dimitri was just an organic brain in a fully-metallic body post-Enerjak (we see his head detaching and flying away in Super Special #12)? Or we he an old organic body but mostly replaced with cybernetics?​

    This comment by some random guy (although I've seen him before in these threads) has the level of thought which Ken claims to put into his work but which is contradicted by the apparent lack of quality in his work. I should note that it received no likes, no replies, and the only thing that came after it in the thread were several more photos of the clown.


    Oh boy. He couldn't possibly have access to any member of what would surely be the consensus "real" Freedom Fighters (Sonic, Tails, Rotor, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, maybe Nicole) and surely an even more naked attempt than usual of claiming characters that aren't his will not go over well in the comments. Let us see.

    Snoopy #9 (02/05/2021): I think the Evil Freedom Fighters should be left out of the Lara-Su universe.​

    Besides being harder than simply using "SG," it feels weird to actually name the non-Ken commentators in these threads. "Snoopy" isn't even the guy's Twitter handle. But maybe it will make the conversations I transcribe flow better and be more legible. Anyway, Snoopy is not a fan of Ken's proposal, sorry a fan of a fan of Ken's proposal. As I recall, Ken suggests a lot of things born out of "conversations with fans," an amusing sentiment for those who, believing Ken to be unpopular, do not actually believe that these fans are real.

    And just to be clear, the "#9" above is not Snoopy's ninth comment, but the ninth non-Ken comment. I count Ken's comments, and there is a separate count for the total sum of everyone else.

    SG #10 (02/05/2021): I have an idea for the Lara-Su Chronicles. Cancel it.

    SG #11 (02/22/2021): Seconded​

    Hey look, Ken's fan's idea continues to not go over well.

    SG #12: If and when we do see them, I'm already imagining the 'reverse-engineering' that could be done to get an idea of what their Mobius Prime counterparts may look like in the timeline of TL-SC (as I imagine some if not most of those characters will not be appearing)​

    There's at least this one implied pro-Ken sentiment, the only one I should note (the four replies I've quoted being the only four replies to be found). Therefore, by a 3-1 margin, the fans are against the Evil Freedom Fighters appearing! Let's see if Ken listens to the fans.


    Did his "win" against Archie really allow him to do this? It just seems so strange.

    SG #13 (02/07/2021): I can't wait to see this blow up in your face.​

    #7 (02/07/2021)
    Ken can be very obnoxious in his replies, as seen here. Just the sort of tone to take when you're promoting a niche product of questionable quality! Why attempt to win over as many potential customers as possible when you can alienate them instead?

    SG #14 (03/03/2021): Because the lawyers were trash​

    This is basically Ken's own sentiment.

    SG #15: You don't own the character, you own YOUR characters. Good luck.​

    SG #16 (02/08/2021): You don't [m]ucking own the rights to those characters, no matter the ip or whatever dumbass DMCA case battle you've done, HOLY [M]UCK JUST GO OUTSIDE​

    Aspiring thieves of the world, take note that apparently so long as the stolen property isn't actually named in the marquee, it's on the level! Again, any sympathy you might have for the guy just dies on the rocks of his unbridled and unjustified arrogance. Coming soon in 2012, everybody.

    SG #17: Prepare to get sued by Sega and Archie​

    SG #18 (02/06/2021): You can't publish Sega or Archie's archive books without their permission even if it was written by you​

    #10 (02/06/2021)
    SG #19 (02/06/2021):
    Hey, @SEGA @sonic_hedgehog exactly how legal is it for this man to profit off of your IP without a license?​

    Again, Ken is probably right about what he's saying, but it is hard to believe. As seen by all the people tweeting that they find it hard to believe too.

    SG #20: wait you can legally do that?​

    SG #21 (02/06/2021): thats crazy.​

    The same some guy.

    SG #22 (02/06/2021): I actually would like to see this, my only question is how would you legally do it?​

    #12 (02/06/2021)
    An all-time Ken tweet. Mountains of arrogance with a side of lame "foreshadowing."

    Speaking of mountains, the following will be presented, of necessity, without commentary:

    SG #23 (02/06/2021): But Sega owns the majority of those characters, doesn’t matter if you made the story. If you make a story about Goku killing Vegeta (just an example) Toei, Shonen, and Toryiama can legally sue you.

    SG #24 (02/15/2021): We're pretty sure this ^ While yeah, Penders does own a bunch of characters and the "stories", there's the matter of the actual art involved and any characters he doesn't own We're sure though he could always re-draw the story himself and just strip out anyone who's not his

    SG #25 (02/15/2021): True, but I doubt he will, he’s probably just gonna use the characters and get sued

    SG #26 (02/15/2021): I mean, even if he owns the stories and such, Sonic and other SEGA-owned characters aren't his. And such, yeah, he can't legally sell them, not without breaching the exact same deals he has/had with SEGA and Archie over their rights to reprint anything of his I believe.

    SG #27 (02/07/2021): It's a wonder you [Ken] fit all that ego in there

    SG #28 (02/07/2021): Ken, you can't do that. SEGA isn't allowed to rerelease it due to your copyright, sure, but you also can't rerelease it due to their copyright. Diddy Kong Racing for example. That game can't be rereleased due to copyright being split by both Rare and Nintendo.

    SG #29 (02/10/2021): Soooo, it'll be available 2033, then? I mean, TLSC was supposed to come out 2015, and you've only finished 3 pages.​

    Okay, one comment: wasn't it supposed to come out 2012?

    SG #30 (02/19/2021): Doubt anyone would waste their money to buy it

    SG #31 (02/06/2021): Hooray, the arc where Sally did nothing for 90% of the story.
    But there are these comments as well:

    SG #32: It would be an instant, cherished addition to my physical collection if you did release this. :) Would love to have something containing the work of the likes of Art Mawhinney & Patrick Spaziante and so many others in a hardcover befitting such impeccable work.

    SG #33: i would like that

    SG #34 (02/06/2021): Oooo... One of my favorite arcs in Archie. This would be really cool if you can pull it off, Ken.

    SG #35 (02/07/2021): Here's to hoping it can be done. Would be nice to revisit a bit of my childhood.
    Still not a flattering ratio for Ken.

    #13 (02/06/2021)
    I don't know what this means, exactly. It is right below a deleted tweet.

    Hamilton_Wigly #36 (02/06/2021): Hey Ken, did you know that there's a dedicated Reddit community praising you?​

    #14 (02/07/2021)
    Hamilton_Wigly #37 (02/08/2021): It's called r/[M]uckKenPenders. You're quite popular there.

    SG #38 (02/23/2021): Goteem​

    Presented without further comment.

    SG #39 (02/07/2021): Okay... I'm like 99% sure the only reason SEGA hasn't sued you yet is because you're so irrelevant no one pays attention until you say something dumb. This is going to push your luck on the invisibility advantage, though​

    All sentiments that I'd imagine are echoed here.

    SG #40 (02/07/2021): Dude for hating trump so much you two have a lot in common. Both arrogant egotistical pricks...​

    This, the last comment in the thread, is getting posted here because we're still on February 5th and I blame Ken for my predicament.


    I haven't had the chance to make fun of Ken for this in a while; by "this" I mean worrying about translations into esoteric languages for a project that is now nine years and counting past its original release date (or "only" six if the 2015 date is right). The analogies I've considered (claiming you're going to buy paint for a house you've also claimed you've planned to buy but haven't, claiming you're going to buy DLC for a game you don't own for a system you also don't own, etc.) do not, I think, do Ken's lack of organization justice. GET THE LONG-DELAYED PRODUCT WITH SERIOUS QUALITY ISSUES OUT BEFORE YOU WORRY ABOUT SPECIAL FEATURES. Upping the mockability is Ken's using the same platform where he brags about his legal infallibility and tells commentators off to solicit more translators, including for languages I would say should be higher priorities than the one he was originally talking up as a special feature.

    I should also note that between this tweet and Ken's last one he had a tweet that I thought was too hot for me to touch, which invoked a certain Osama Bin Laden.



    What a special present for my birthday.

    SG #41 (02/18/2021): feel bad for Poland rn

    SG #42: F*** you!! You been saying that for years, you're never gonna release it!!!​

    What more is there to say?


    Presented without further comment.


    Maybe, from a business perspective, the dumbest thing Ken has ever tweeted.

    Sock #43: Ken. As a FLEDGLING webcomic creator, please listen to me when I say FINISH YOUR COMIC BEFORE THE APP, TRANSLATIONS, WHATEVER! The first chapter/issue, even! Just finish SOMETHING.​

    I'm naming him so I can thank him properly for echoing the drum I've been beating for literal years now.

    #19 (02/27/2021)
    Max1996 #44: I'm sorry, Mr. Penders, but anyone with common sense should (emphasis on that one word) know that translating into different languages is the FINAL step in something like this. Finishing the story for your local audience should always be your first and foremost priority.​

    Thank you too.

    SG #45: Isn't their a website for your comic​

    #20 (02/27/2021)
    This reminds me, the alleged link to a website on the top of Ken's twitter page still doesn't work.

    SG #46 (03/01/2021): ken finish your [gosh darn] comic before making extra stuff like this. its been YEARS​

    Wow. A bit late, but THIS was a birthday present. Beyond all the people agreeing with me, we have Ken's declaration that he is creating an Echyd'nya language. The guy whose poorly-drawn, copyright-violating fan comic is a decade late and counting will include the dumbest language option of all, one Ken is making up from scratch. You know, once he figures out "the ground rules." Just like Tolkien or Futurama.

    Of course, the obvious rejoinder is that he will expedite the process by stealing the rules, or the language outright, from elsewhere, just like with that inverted LA Dodgers Acorn Family badge or whatever that was.

    Luckily, there are no more relevant tweets this month because that's a great note to end things on.

    COMING SOON: The March 2021 Ken Penders Twitter Roundup.

    NOT COMING SOON: The Lara-Su Chronicles, with special Ecynd'nya language option.
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    I love that we are going to have an Echyd'nya language! Imagine if Knuckles means gullible and we never knew!
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    How much you wanna bet some reference to Flynn/Archie/SEGA/Bioware ends up being the words for negative things, deceiver/betrayer/etc
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    He sure loves putting effort into things literally no-one wants. I met the Venn diagram overlap between Polish-only speakers and people who like the Sonic Archie comic of that era is exactly zero, never mind those who want to translate his made-up alien language.
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    Can I just say a massive thanks to Chillbro Swaggins for these updates. I'm late to the party since I've never read the Archie comics, but these summaries are both captivating and hilarious, you've done an amazing job. The revelations about the languages is cracking me up. Can't wait for the next update.

    Penders is an interesting character. He reminds me of myself when I was about 9 or 10, and I would spend all evening "designing a sonic game", except I would focus on unnecessary specifics like detailed idle animations, over-the-top super sonic transformations, and names/icons for about 15 levels instead of basic level art and design. The difference being, of course, that I was 10 years old and Penders is a fully grown adult with decades of experience. It's hard to imagine how he can be so delusional.
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    This Polish translation is... Lacking. I mean, I'm no philologist, but in my opinion, the translation could be handled better.

    Also, the "dedicated" Sonic fanbase in Poland is rather small. I can't imagine who would want to read this.

    I wonder how he's going to translate Echyd'na nonsense into polish. It would be best, to just leave it as it is. "Echidna" translates to "Kolczatka" in polish, so it would be something like "Kolczatkya".

    "Hedgehog" translates to "Jeż" if anyone was wondering :P
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    Going by Penders' tweets, he seems to be under the impression that TLSC will attract non-fans. That's right, he actually believes people other than Archie Sonic fans would want to read it. In fact, that seems to be the reason he's using that infamous art style -- to make it look more "mature" and attract people who would be put off by the more "cutesy" Sonic style.
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    That's sad.
  11. Chillbro Swaggins

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    Thank you very much sir, such kind words make all of my work, well, not worth it, but less not worth it than before.

    I am trying to space all this out just a bit since we will get caught up soon and the Roundups are a good way to kick life back into the thread, so it's a good time to ask if anyone had any comments on the formatting. There are three major types of comments: 1) Ken's; 2) the other people on Twitter; and 3) mine. I'm trying to make them all distinct from each other and I've tried different things, but in looking back at my last post, where Ken was in quotes, the other people were indented, and mine had no formatting, I'm not sure that was the optimal configuration. I have experimented with different combinations of indenting, italicizing, and bolding in my several Roundups since my return. So if you like what I've done, or I went away from what was best, or there's a new suggestion, let me know and I'll incorporate the feedback for March 2021.

    Just remember that we don't have forever because THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES is COMING SOON!
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    It's innately confusing stuff to present I guess, but I personally found your last post pretty clear. Keeping Ken in the quotebox definitely feels like the right decision, and the fact you prepend other people's tweets with their name (or at least, some kind of identifier) helps a lot.
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    What's that? Everything is perfect already? Great! On to the March 2021 Ken Penders Twitter Roundup!


    Twitter's response?

    SG #1: You should write the comic first my man.

    SG #2 (03/03/2021): This comic is never coming out.

    SG #3 (03/04/2021): What about actually focusing on the app and making sure it functions as initially intended, instead of making a "first-ever project" an experimental mess that lacks focus on what it has to be, which is distributing the comic in the most direct way possible?​

    The above sentiments are pretty common replies to his tweets, but Ken doesn't seem to care.

    Ken's reply is that TLSC is quite literally a trailblazing project for the industry and shouldn't be rushed.

    Twitter's response?

    SG #4 (03/03/2021): I respect that

    SG (and by "SG" here I mean shaddytheguy) #5 (03/07/2021): In what way are you going to advance the medium that Homestuck didn't already try eleven years ago

    SG #6 (03/05/2021):

    One response I would categorize as favorable. One more doubtful. One not so flattering. The three replies that I transcribed here for each of Ken's tweets were all that he got. Not so many, and not so positive. But at least there were no Donkey Kongs.



    Ken continues to explain his reasoning, this time for his much-maligned plans for "a wide assortment of languages" for TLSC.

    SG #7: really a shame that a lot of these fan projects end up in such a legally questionable area considering how something like this could really benefit everyone at the end of the day. would love to see more officially translated volumes for comics that arent just big two​

    Ken's response wasn't that bad, but I think it was still a defensive response to someone who actually seems to approve of Ken's project.

    SG #8: I don't think your serious about producing this Sonic spin off. It's been years. Comics take at least a few weeks to a month to write and draw.​

    Not hyperbole? So our minds are LITERALLY GOING TO BE BLOWN by THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES? Like when the Nazis opened the Ark of the Covenant? Or, perhaps, Ken means like this:

    WARNING: Gruesome depiction of what will happen to you if you get THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES app.

    SG #9: I haven't been watching your Twitter for a while now, so just a quick question. Has this been released yet?​

    Part of the fun of starting so far behind the present day is seeing just what I've missed, seeing, in fact, if I've missed anything at all, and running into stuff from months back that may be just as true today as it was then. We shall see.

    SG #10: It's an unofficial fan translation. People will translate your comic themselves if it's good enough so why not to release it just in English already?​

    The answer is in the tweet you're responding to: Ken thinks "it allows a much broader audience to engage with these characters." You and I might disagree, but that is apparently the logic.

    SG #11 (03/05/2021): I've always wondered, why did you become so obsessed with Knuckles?​

    As I recall, Ken had a freer hand to shape Knuckles's mythology than he did Sonic's, so that's what he did.


    A nice sentiment, but one wonders why he didn't actually name anyone here.

    SG #12 (03/07/2021): Don't listen to him. It's never going to be released.​

    Eminently plausible.


    At first I was excited when I saw this tweet, then further reflection brought me down to disappointment. We've known that apparently certain things like this M25YL story are apparently Ken's to do with as he pleases, strange as this still seems. The infamous name change to "K'Nox" has also long been known. And instead of S'Nycnk or Colonel Speedspikes or anything like that we get "The King" which is as bland and inoffensive as it gets (even though Ken once claimed to disapprove of the concept of monarchies or something like that while genuinely suggesting or even just stating that the "House of Acorn," or whatever it is, was "problematic" for him. When I dig up that old LA Dodgers badge I'll try and find it). Maybe "The" is his first name ("Mr. King"), or Sire will be his full name.

    SG #13: Just for clarification you do plan on changing more then just "K'nox" and "The King"'s names from the original story right?​

    Were Archie's lawyers really that bad?

    SG #14 (03/09/2021): I've been wondering for a while, I gotta ask: how do you pronounce "K'Nox"? Is it said the same way as "Knocks," similar to "Knux"? Or something else?​

    #10 (03/10/2021)
    Remember when Ken tried to explain why he changed echidna to "Ecynd'nya" and he actually claimed the change was to make the pronunciation more obvious? And everyone thought he was lying because the fake word seems to have a much less obvious pronunciation than the real word? (with everyone assuming the truth was that Ken thought the change would help him dodge copyright issues)? Now he is claiming that the proper pronunciation of "K'Nox" is between two options which are not obvious either. Amazingly, I would say each option has one half of the obvious pronunciation, which I would say is "Kuh-Knocks." I could see "Kay-Knocks," too, admittedly. But of course Ken goes with the "nucks" option. That would have been the obvious pronunciation, if the new name were "K'Nux." But that's not what he went with. Of course, the rules of the Echyd'nya language could make "Kuh-nucks" right and proper after all. But, again, if you are trying to make things as convenient for your audience as possible, is making up an alien language which subtly contradicts English really the way to go? It's not the first time where I've wondered if it was more charitable to believe that Ken was stupid or that he was a liar.

    SG #15 (03/09/2021): So when are you gonna release it?

    Raul #16 (03/09/2021): It'll be finished in 2012.​

    Raul, who is being named in honor of his reply, got 11 likes; Ken's original tweet got eight.



    Again, which makes Ken look better, that he honestly thinks that "A lot of effort goes into ensuring the integrity of the finished result" in reference to the French translation of his video game comic rerelease, or that he doesn't?

    SG #17 (03/20/2021!): Here we see K'Nox The Original And Not Stolen Character with his cool hat wich obviously, is original too and not stolen from for example, an animated movie! PD: greetings from Takashi Yuda.​

    I think this guy might be being facetious.

    SG #18 (05/11/2021!!!): I mean like... yea, blatant ripoff, funny how he sued Sega and EA for the dark brotherhood for being similar to something he made, yet literally steals the design (unless he made this archie design on the right which with research he didnt) for knuckles​

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I guess I'm not the only one going back in time on Ken's Twitter feed.

    The obvious thing to disagree with is the idea that the nineties Knuckles comic stands the test of time in a way that Marvel & DC Comics do not, so I will just say that I like the "even [emphasis added] to a certain extent the core Archie characters," as if the Riverdale gang is the gold standard here, when in terms of Q Score it is probably something like Marvel/DC Comics >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Archie & Friends >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Knuckles (comic). This isn't Ken's first allusion to these mythical "new readers" either, who, as always, are not described in any real detail. Wherever they are, they aren't supporting Ken on social media.

    I thought he was "K'Nox" now. I thought the name was changed "for the sake of consistency with what follows after." And that he wasn't "Sonic" anymore either.

    Alexander #19 (03/11/2021): Your never going to release it​

    #14 (03/11/2021)
    You know, there is nothing Ken might say on Twitter to silence the doubters at this point. And, technically speaking, if TLSC is really as revolutionary as all that, he shouldn't rush it. And, technically speaking, it is better to continue to advertise his product on Twitter than not, even if it doesn't seem to be working. So there really is nothing immediate he can do to break the vicious cycle of Tweet -> Get Mocked. To wit:

    Alexander #20 (03/11/2021): All you doing is making people hate you more. So just shut up​

    #15 (03/11/2021)
    Alexander #21 (03/11/2021): I hate how you screwed over Archie and Sega​

    #16 (03/11/2021)
    Alexander #22 (03/11/2021): I like your writing don't get me wrong I love all your Archie books but the way you screw over Sega and Archie just because they wouldn't let you publish the lara-SuChronicles and then you sue saga for the Sonic Chronicles.​

    #17 (03/12/2021)
    Of course, if all this Twittering is why TLSC is nine years and counting past due, he needs to stop Twittering immediately.

    SG #23 (03/11/2021): Good luck with that. Are you going to self-publish? Or some publishing house is involved? Is it possible to obtain the license for the overseas release with translation?​

    #18 (03/11/2021)
    This is an interesting tweet considering that most of his other tweets make it sound like he has all the answers already regarding these sorts of questions.

    SG #24 (03/11/2021): How would this work? will it be in any form of print base media?​

    #19 (03/12/2021)
    I thought the app would be how TLSC first got released. Or is TLSC:B something else?

    SG #25 (03/12/2021): With this omnibus would you be giving royalty payment to the artists who worked on each issue?​

    #20 (03/12/2021)
    Recorded for posterity.

    SG #26: The Knuckles story in that sonic comic was one of my favourite part of the whole series. I got really into it as a kid as I always loved the story involving him, and his ancestors, going as far back as Demitri and Edmund.

    SG #27 (03/16/2021): No one has ever achieved a level of success in comics more than Mr. Penders himself. Go forth, and show your masterpiece to the world. I'm just a casual Sonic fan but also an avid comic book reader.​

    Presented without further comment.


    Not everything is as timeless as Ken's run on the Knuckles comic, and by not everything I mean nothing is as timeless as Ken's run on the Knuckles comic.


    I remember when I threw hours of my life into the garbage to run down all of Ken's Facebook posts which I believe related primarily to THE REPUBLIC but which also, I think, may have touched on THE LOST ONES, and I do not remember any Asians, positive role models or otherwise. That's not to say there weren't any (and to be fair I remember nothing of it beyond the vague synopsis of kids being born with super powers, figurative children--or perhaps even literal children, in a sense--of the atomic bomb. And yes, I can think of the obvious way the atomic bomb relates to Asians but the super power-havers were, I believe, from all around the world) but I recall nothing to justify this particular sentiment of self-aggrandizement.


    What is the relationship of TLSC:B and TLSC:ST to TLSC? Are the former two just parts of the whole?

    SG #28: are we going to to get a Rough timeframe when it comes out :)

    Okay so 0% chance it's out at the time I'm writing this on August 9th, good to know.

    SG #29: do you think it will ever get an animated series? That'd be soo cool

    SG #30: An animated series with stolen characters and clones from some franchise we all know? I don't think so.​

    I may want it ironically, but I do want a TLSC animated series, that's for sure.

    SG #31: Are you planning to launch the app at next weekend's WonderCon@Home online event or will you wait until July 2020's SDCC@Home online event?​

    It's the Snoopy avatar, a recurring poster. The answer to your question, if I had to guess, is neither.

    On the Ken bingo card will be something to the effect of "unfavorably compares famous media/artists to himself."



    The way he speaks about Lara-Su here reminds me of something that I believe was on his website. You know, back when it still worked. It was a quote of, if I'm not mistaken, Lara-Su saying something to the effect of "This is going to be my craziest adventure yet!" Actually, that may not have quite been it, but Ken was derided for making it look like Lara-Su was a real person being quoted and it coming across as quite lame, that I do remember.

    If anyone wants to share my pain, help me dig up from earlier in this thread that LA Dodgers original do-not-steal badge, Ken's quote about his disdain for monarchies, and "Lara-Su's" aforementioned quote on the website.

    Pandamis #32 (03/25/2021): Does "Avion" have a special meaning ? In French, "avion" means "plane".​

    #27 (03/25/2021)
    I think this name change is lame too, but honestly the resemblance to "Avalon" isn't so bad. But couldn't Mr. Floating Island Productions have just kept Floating Island?

    Pandamis #33 (03/25/2021): OK I think I'll keep that name for the translation ? Or do you prefer something else ? (I started working on what you sent me a couple days ago. It's coming ;) just been busy at work but I started working on it)​

    Believe it or not, when I saw Pandamis's first tweet, which explained that "avion" means "plane," I intended to make a comment to the effect that Ken may have just found his French translator. Then I scrolled down and saw this.

    #28 (03/25/2021)
    Not that these are state secrets, but it feels like a private conversation has accidentally been posted publicly.

    Pandamis #34 (03/25/2021): I'll have a look and get back to you by e-mail [Winking emoji]​

    At this point, I *may" very vaguely recall Pandamis (did he post in this thread?). But even if so, I did not recall that he was already a translator for Ken. Anyway, let the speculation begin: why does "plane" work as a name "given how the story unfolds"? Of course, Ken seems willing to throw that name away so consistency takes another one on the chin.

    SG #35: Is that from a new story you did?​

    Hey, I guess, technically speaking, Ken was right all along, TLSC will be historical for being available in these particular languages. Maybe this sophistry is how he defeated Archie:

    ARCHIE LAWYER: We present for the jury's consideration this paper containing Mr. Penders's signature confirming that the relevant properties belong to Archie.

    KEN: Your honor, this alleged signature is of a Ken Penders; that is, it could belong to any Ken Penders.

    JUDGE: Agreed. The court rules in favor of the plaintiff.

    ARCHIE LAWYER: Your honor, if I might submit the results of our signature analysis.

    JUDGE: Take him away.

    [The Archie lawyer is arrested.]

    Flourish. Exeunt. Curtain.
    SG #36 (04/04/2021): Will you ever use the word "Tachyglossidae" In your series? It's the family that Echidnas are referred too.​

    You know, with some tweaking, a cool sci-fi noun might be born out of that word. Hopefully, someone will come up with it so Ken can steal it.

    In honor of beating the dead horse which is pointing out Ken's same foibles ad nauseam, allow me to link to something that I've mentioned several times before and actually have linked in the past (Link to the Past!): this article on Duke Nukem Forever, a video game that was delayed forever because, among other things, the creators were always constantly revising what they were doing.

    SG #37: Put up or shut up. [Disappointed emoji]

    SG #38: Lol

    SG #39: nobody cares about the app ken. just get the first issue out.

    SG #40 (03/23/2021): He can’t work with anyone considering his reputation.​

    There's nothing like a small, consistently hostile number of replies repeating the same fairly intuitive but unheeded advice to suggest the worldwide audience that Ken seems to think is clamoring for his project.



    Pause Break Alex #41: You didn't create the character. Stop trying to take credit for Takashi Yuda's work.​

    Fifty-one likes. Ken's original tweet has 20.

    #32 (03/24/2021)
    Zero likes.

    Pause Break Alex #42 (03/24/2021): Considering that you're sat on Twitter prattling on to an only 12 people who actually agree with you (and hundreds more who don't), and SEGA are the ones with the multi-billion dollar media franchise, somehow I think their plans for the character worked out better than yours.​

    #33 (03/24/2021)
    Pause Break Alex #43 (03/24/2021): The games, Ken. AKA the thing that's brought the brand the vast majority of its fame AND revenue. For crying out loud, I live in a country your comics never even made it to. You vastly overestimate how much they actually mattered to the brand in the grand scheme of things.​

    #34 (03/24/2021)
    Presented without comment (I'm too tired).

    SG #44: All of your canon got erased, lmao​

    Twenty-eight likes.

    #35 (03/24/2021)
    Six likes.

    Void Matron #45: Then why is his aesthetic/accent/culutral background based on racial/tribal stereotypes centered around Jamacian/Aztec/Mayan cultures? [Pondering emoji]​

    Forty-seven likes.

    #36 (03/24/2021)
    Two likes.

    Void Matron #46 (03/24/2021): Well it's safe to assume that even though the lot of them are "just talking animals", the creators clearly take references/aesthetics from RL cultures then it's obvious that when people recognize said references/aesthetics they're gonna assume the said character is BIPOC. Right?​

    #37 (03/24/2021)
    Void Matron #47 (03/24/2021): Even though racial aspect never comes up in these tales, I don't understand why it upsets people so much that people want to see Knuckles black/black coded. Who is it hurting? If anything it impliments more creativity/inspiration/inclusion of the Sonic fanbase. / Also your comment about "talking anthro animals can't be racially ambiguous" made me chuckle since there's a surprisingly large population of BIPOC furries and artists that can prolly word a more logical rebuttal to such a statement.​

    #38 (03/24/2021)
    Another thing to dig up from the archives: Ken's usage of that Holocaust poem.

    SG #48: Do aliens have racism? Or are your characters problems focused on different topics such as hierarchy, strength etc?​

    #39 (03/24/2021)
    I think Ken has suggested that TLSC will be grim and gritty. It will also feature at least one of the characters, an anthropomorphic echidna Echyd'nya, reclining sorrowfully in the nude. Also the characters of the society depicted bathe and go to the bathroom in front of each other, although that may not be depicted.

    The Void #49: Dude who are you? You didn't make the character. What a weirdo​

    #40 (03/24/2021)
    The Void #50 (03/24/2021): Ken, you didn't make the character. So you have no say over it. How about you do some research on how to not be a bitch​

    #41 (03/24/2021)
    I like how Ken reacts to "weirdo," but not "bitch."

    Gio #51: Still wanna know what got you so fixated on Knuckles, I mean, in the games he was first like a villain, then reduced to comic relief, but in your comics he was like, super OP and all serious.

    SG #52: as far as im aware, could be wrong though penders had original comic ideas but had trouble making it a reality, so he used knuckles for the ideas when he was writing for sonic archie comics​

    #42 (03/24/2021)
    Gio #53 (03/24/2021): You mean Knuckles' mini-series outsold Sonic's original mini-series, when... the fan base was yet to be established? Also Tails' trip to Furry-Australia that had none of the other iconic characters Wow, who'd have thunk it?​

    #43 (03/24/2021)
    Gio #54 (03/24/2021): But again, Knuckles' mini-series had the Chaotix, Tails' had Aussie-stereotyped OCs, Princess Sally's had more OCs, and uh... the skunk guy that was considerably older than the Sally, it doesn't necessarily mean that Knux is better, just maybe fans liking official characters?​

    This discussion makes me think about something Ken supposedly claimed once but that I've never really seen discussed anywhere else, that Princess Sally was going to get a Game Boy Advance game.

    SG #54: very glad the dude who quoted a holocaust poem in his sonic the hedgehog comic and went off about how sonic and his underage friends had sex off screen is taking a stand against this​

    Wow. Ninety-six likes. I swear I didn't see this before I mentioned the Holocaust poem, I'm just pretty much in sync with the commentariat at this point.

    SG #55 (03/24/2021): Ken...are you aware of what racial coding is? Because that's what the Knuckles discussion is about.

    SG #56 (03/24/2021): “I’m trying really hard to keep being from identifying with fictional characters” that’s you right now​

    SG #57: (Chara) Themes and parallels exist. You had World War II themes in some of your echidna stories. Now, judging by the thoughts expressed here you probably didn't intend for your interpretation of Knuckles to be black-coded, but a lot of interpretations of him very much are.

    Gio #58: Oh yeah, there was also that Echidna Exodus thingy and looking for the Promised Land, amirite? Memory's a bit foggy.​

    #45 (03/24/2021)
    So in conclusion, sometimes Knuckles has to do with Earth stuff, and sometimes he doesn't.


    This only makes sense if you think that wanting Bunnie to be restored to her pre-bionic state means you don't think the handicapped readers matter just as much as everyone else. And so, just to be clear, Knuckles, the series more timeless than Marvel, DC, and even Archie and the gang, is about an alien on a faraway planet who has nothing to do with Earth's racial problems. But Sonic, with its bigoted readership, forced Ken to bravely stand against evil by depicting aliens on a faraway planet who had something to do with an Earth problem analogous to Earth's racial problems.

    So in conclusion, sometimes Knuckles has to do with Earth stuff, and sometimes he doesn't.

    Kao #59: I admit that is the reason i loved Bunnie so much. I like how she represents the prosthetic community yet remains a powerful ally and never sees her weakness as such. She was a great inspiration for me and still remains a positive reminder that disabilities don't make you weak.

    Kao #60: Further, while previous stories implied she could just reverse it anytime, i like how modern interpretations had her cope with it. Your idea of her biological body not being able to handle restoration was brilliant and reminds us that its not as simple as just "build a new arm".​

    This is a much better way of putting it then Ken's way, which makes it sound like he personally faced down a mob of torch-wielding Klansmen in order to use the comic medium to personally uplift the handicapped community, much like he plans to use television to uplift the Asian community, me me myself I Coming Soon in 2012 THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES!

    He comes across a bit full of himself sometimes, is what I'm saying.

    Nero Sin #61: I’m just gonna say this as a 1L at a T25 school that’s read the whole damn case Everyone that hates you for “what you did to Archie and SEGA” either can’t read or doesn’t want to believe the truth. Thank you for sticking to your guns Ken

    Nero Sin #62: And also anyone that thinks you’re a bad person morally hasn’t seen what you post on Twitter​

    That's true, when people who think Ken is a bad person morally see his tweets, then they know that he is a bad person morally.


    Who is this "Sonic"? Is he related to The King, or as he is sometimes known, Sire?


    SG #63 (03/25/2021): You don't own Shade the Echidna either now, do you Ken?​

    #50 (03/26/2021)
    Impact #64 (03/27/2021): That's not how owning copyrights works, even if shade was similar to Lara(she realy isnt), you still hold no ground to claim shade, you own a character not the concept of female echidnas or personality traits, and especially not a generic personality like Lara's.

    SG #65 (03/27/2021): His only argument on the matter is that Shade is anectodally inspired from Julie-Su. Meanwhile most publishers don't leave the rights of a character to a DIRECT CREATOR to begin with. No such warped logic even occurs in PARODY or sheer similar characters.​

    #51 (03/27/2021)
    Impact #66 (03/27/2021): but for starters your NOT the creator of batman, secondly he owns the character not the publishing rights, and finaly Bob isnt out here trying to claim characters as his under the subjective notion that "the character kinda looks like mine and no ones using it right immediately".​

    #52 (03/27/2021)
    Impact #67 (03/27/2021): just because worse people exist. doesnt make you any less of an asshole my dude. / or existed, either way, hes not the main topic, and even then, he wasnt tryng to claim a character that wasn't his as his, witch is the scummy thing you are doing.​

    #53 (03/27/2021)
    Impact #68 (03/27/2021): but, it isn't, were is the documentation were the creators explicitly state "shes based on this other character" you keep barking about how "she's based on my character" based on superficial and subjective claims, aside from sharing a species theres barely anithing there / if anything YOU should be thank full they didnt because YOU were the one dead on arrival at court, under your "shes based off of my character logic" Lara sue is just a rip off of knuckles since you used his species and heritage for her original back story and design.​

    #54 (03/27/2021)
    Impact #69 (03/27/2021): also bragging about how a japanese company didnt see you worth their time and legal funding and just decided you can keep all of your poorly written characters they didnt want in the first place.​

    #55 (03/28/2021)
    Impact #70 (03/28/2021): "childish" arent you the one claiming a character as your own under the idea that its supposedly based on your work, despite none if the creators ever stating so. / also you based your claims that shade was based on your material, on hearsay from outside sources on the internet, and thought mear superficial similarities were enough to just (try cause you didnt actualy succeed cause no one showed up to court) to get into yet another legal. / so were expected to beliave you some how have undocumented knowledge you got 2 years prior to a games release from a source you arent event sure worked on the game or not. But your definately sure she was definately based on YOUR character specifically. / if the facts and laws actualy worked like you say they do we wouldn't have characters like deadpool, bottomline is:even if you were right, the differences between shade and Lara and the 2 echidna clans would have meant you'd loose regardless.​

    #56 (03/28/2021)
    SG #71 (03/28/2021): Look who's talking, lol. You don't own Shade, you'd be able to point directly to the legal document that said so if you did. Sega made character A, you made B based off of A, Sega made C also based off of A. You don't own C even if C is similar to B. THEY'RE BOTH SIMILAR TO A!

    SG #72 (04/01/2021): This. How can he even complain about someone possibly basing a character off his character, when all of his characters were based off of and created specifically to exist in a pre existing comic?

    SG #73 (03/25/2021): To the end of a definitie resolution to those characters, would you consider paying royalties to include SEGA characters in your stories? Even just the Freedom Fighters if not Sonic and co? Perhaps even buying the Freedom Fighters? It's not SEGA has any plans to use them.​

    #57 (03/26/2021)
    SG #74: tbh I think where everyone is confused is how you own those characters. they're Sonic the Hedgehog characters, right?

    SG #75 (03/26/2021): You're explicitly using Knuckles in your comic, though. :/​

    I hate everyone involved in this thread.


    I do not believe that the app programmer is all that excited.


    Does he, Ken, mean his, that is Ken's, pitch for the Sonic movie? Because that would have been great all right, much like The Room is great.

    And with that, March is over. Boy do you people need to stop falling for the honeypot of Archie Sonic discussions. And Donkey Kong is gone which is a shame because there was no real need to transcribe those here.

    I end this post a tired man.

    COMING SOON: The April 2021 Ken Penders Twitter Roundup.

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  14. This particular roundup had me laughing louder than I have in a long time. Great job lmao
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  15. Aerosol


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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    My God he is still at this? There's an app? What is it for?? He's reprinting stories with Sonic in it???
  16. shilz


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    I can bet you that Ken's annoyance with monarchies is something that will be subtly discussed with conversations between Echyd'nya saying HOW AWFUL it is that Sonic Sire is (Was?) The King.
    Ugh. Conversations about fictional characters and whether or not it's a good idea to twist them in any arbitrary way because of sensitive subjects related to twists / the lack of said sensitive subjects in the first place are never fun.

    Finally recognizes the date Penders initially made the comment Oh! This comment (#31) was made in regards to the time Knuckles was trending on Twitter because a person who had changed a foreign artist's picture of a human knuckles to change his skin color to black!

    So his input was irrelevant, because the issue at hand was MOSTLY that the person treated someone they couldn't even properly communicate with with absolute disrespect for obscure fact about Knuckles most people might not even know is an obscure fact about Knuckles! They spent the whole next day promoting people who were actually black to fix their issues with... the artist who they treated like shit for matters out of their hands. Whoops. I'm sure that artist handled the fact that they were part of this very well.

    Penders' comments only ended up being an invitation to an entirely different discussion. One where he had no reason to make the comment in the first place, just something he tangentially participated in was trending so he felt the need to comment on it. So there's full context to that!
    Regarding his potential usage of Shade... Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, that he can use Shade's armor design and name and SEGA will have no problem with it because they're not using it, we can agree that it will be an extreme disservice to both characters to make his character cosplay as Shade for solely petty reasons, right?

    If there's something he's not telling us about his deal with SEGA, archie, and whatever, that would have been the time to tell it. But instead he seems to act like they've willingly abandoned the character and stated they have no ownership of the character. Which would make it public domain, but even if that were the case, he would STILL believe Shade to be derivative of what's-her-face, and have full ownership back to him!

    If they wouldn't let him borrow JUST Knuckles like he said they wouldn't, surely to fucking GOD they wouldn't let go of Shade that easily either.
  17. Blue Spikeball

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    By that, Penders means his Knuckles series that had to be cancelled mid-run due to poor sales, forcing him to shoehorn the rest of his planned stories into the main Sonic comic? What is he getting so pompous about?
  18. Forte


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    Why is this man so fixated on Knuckles? It's unhealthy.
  19. Mecha Sally

    Mecha Sally

    Yeah it's kinda... odd. Like, it's cool he attempted to give the character a fleshed out backstory and do some world-building for the echidna race but this is like...
  20. raphael_fc


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    We are witnessing revolution.

    I actually disagree with this. While creating official translations for every single language in the world is kind of stupid, making it only in English and let the fans do the hard work of translating it isn't good at all. But then again, of course something should have been already released at this point, even if only in English.

    Can Sonic and Knuckles legally be in this story? Or are these just names to reference them without showing them?

    I thought it would be just Knocks, with silent K, no kay or kuh.

    I could read Archimedes and problem, I think I'm really good at Polish!

    K'Nox is now a bus driver.

    The Portuguese twice means Portugal and Brazil? Well we just had an orthographic reform to make both Portugueses one and the same. But nice to have it in Portuguese (pretending I'm ever gonna read it).

    - What’s your biggest weakness?
    - I'm a perfectionist.

    I thought it was because they are funny and cute.

    That's the definition of Sonic's planet in the games.