THE KEN PENDERS CHRONICLES: now licensing world-famous characters like Geoffrey St.John TO YOU

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    Well, I know nothing about Archie comics but in the 90's I also conceived a transformation named Ultra Sonic, which probably has nothing to do with archie's since I had gameplay mechanics in mind and a background for it consistent with the lore of the games (and still have, maybe one day I'll implement it somewhere).
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    Same. I conceived my version as requiring the Master Emerald itself, and thus being neon green.

    And the idea itself makes sense, since sonic, supersonic, hypersonic, and ultrasonic are all actual words. I almost wonder if that's why Sega declared Hyper forms non-canon: they didn't wanna just pile on shit-tons of forms like Super Saiyan did.
  3. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Mine uses a different set of jewels and has elemental shields as a requirement and influence, it's "ultra" because it needs you to get one step beyond but also goes one step beyond Super. I conceived this because Super didn't have a double-jump skill while Hyper had the ultimate one, so I wanted an alternative or middle ground.

    NEXT DAY EDIT: Forgot to clarify that having a shield wasn't a requirement in my 90's concept; the "unshielded" variant was assigned to the basic blue shield instead when I refined the old idea in recent years.
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    You gave your Ultra Sonic concept much more thought than Archie ever gave theirs :V
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    Guys, if someone pays him 10k for Scourge, and then create a character, a clone of Scourge - let's call him "Urgexsco"...

    Then, Urgexsco is a totally new character, and it belongs to the creator, right?
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    Technically, that would depend on the terms of the contract - the reason Ken was allowed to take the rights for his characters/stories was because Archie couldn't produce an original contract that he signed, meaning all the copyrights defaulted to him. But also could you imagine.
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    I suppose Kenders would feature a paragraph, that derivatives of the characters belong to him, if created.

    Still, it would be hilarious if somebody bought the rights, created clones and got the rights to them.
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    Quick, delete the paper trail before he responds with such a thing! We’ll have cock rings for our own original character, Blourge (he’s definitely not just Scourge but turned blue by the Slave Beryl)!
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    And you don't know even half the story. ;)
    But this thread is for Penders, let's not prevent him from getting the attention he so much wants and deserves. :ruby: