THE KEN PENDERS CHRONICLES: Geoffrey cucked Sonic t. Penders, 2019

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    Mecha Sally

    Oop, don't know how I missed that. Thanks!

    I'm afraid that name isn't quite ringing a bell. X_X I mean it is and it isn't, if that makes sense. If that's what you went by on there, forgive me for not remembering.

    Don't recall Sega being pissy about the Fleetway stuff, though I wouldn't put it past them. I'm curious about the other artists on that site too. I remember CrazyPocky having good stuff.
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    Mav was one of the mods there and was known for getting on his high horse often, usually to back up his keyboard warrior buddies. Had a few run-ins with him!

    The only other artist I remember from TSF off the top of my head apparently worked as a tester at Sega of Europe a few years ago and seems to be working as a graphic designer these days.
  3. Thanks BlackHole. All my issues have been in storage since a flood last fall so I haven't had much of a reference. Also just been picking up the IDW stuff on Kindle for that reason because it's been far more portable this way. Also one of my local comic shops moved, then closed, and another just moved.

    Xilla, I do remember the issue with the Fleetway references. There was the STC2 forum where some of the old Writers of the Fleetway comics posted. They found out about the cameos through discussion there and I remember there being anger in the community over it being unauthorized. Jon actually went over and personally apologized (because he was also a member of the forum because where wasn't he?) as he did it as he was just a fan and the tensions died down pretty quickly after it was publicly accepted, while Archie was given a wag of the finger by Sega due to not having authorized character rights. Similar to the issue that popped up with the Sonic OVA cameo in issue 101 with Dark Eggman/Metal Robotnik and Sara really where they didn't have the rights to use the character and it was probably lawsuit actionable despite no one caring enough to have done anything over it. Same reason why after the licensing for Sonic X expired that totally dropped off or how Ian Flynn used the licensing rights to keep the Freedom Fighters in Archie after the reboot which was originally going to be an issue.

    Also to Xilla, I think there was a panel of Amy and Tekno talking.

    As for TSF, it's interesting following a lot of artists there or even Team Artail and some of them getting industry jobs. Passion and talent can carry you far.
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    Sprites for Cybernetic Outbreak
    Yeah, it's in the post above Mecha Sallys, as well as the other references (Bob Beaky, Metamorphia, etc):

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    Lammy and "Fafnir"
    To my knowledge, it wasn't Sega that was pissed, it was some StC fans and IIRC Lew Stringer (creator of Tekno) because they feared Archie would start using Tekno without his consent.
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    What are you talking about? That's clearly travelling showman Bob Beaky and not Sonic. Next you'll be telling me Iroquois Pliskin is actually Solid Snake or some conspiracy nonsense :v:
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    There's apparently going to be an audio accompaniment? I shudder to think what that will be.
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    Well we can look forward to that in 2030, because let's face it, he seems to talk about doing stuff more than actually doing stuff =P
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    I've said it before: The Lara Su Chronicles was nothing but a SCAM to get money out of Archie through forced licensing and reprints. It was never meant to be an actual comic/product but exists to show in court that he is actively using the copyrights he managed to steal. Whatever, Archie Sonic is dead and ultimately Penders has lost. Nothing but a sad excuse of a man on twitter claiming to do things but in reality spends all his time on the internet mentally masturbating in hopes of regaining some semblance of relevance. But in order to do that he'd need to actually write something decent, not the "it has Sonic on it so read it" tripe he was dribbling out for years or shock "Sally virginity" nonsense. Fat chance of that.

    Now all that's left is to point and laugh.
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    Nah, that's giving him too much credit.

    If he was just exploiting the sitation for gains, I don't think he's be taking such pride in the horrific faces and characters he stands by online. Nah, he legit thinks he's creating a masterpiece but has the discipline and motivation of a slug when it doesn't involve being as petty as possible towards someone who might be stuntin' on his ego.
  11. I've got more faith in winning the lottery than Ken ever finishing anything substantial, but man I would love to hear these totally "professional" recordings.
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    Lammy and "Fafnir"
    I don't think it's a scam either, he's paid people, including myself, to translate stuff for the comic and the app.

    But then he didn't send anything to translate since at least February or March of 2018.
  13. This thread is a little behind, so first: an exciting new character from a few months back, Dr. Zephyr!


    And now, from the very end of July, the latest addition to the Lara-Su Chronicles: Dr. Zephur!


    So who ya got? Personally, I like Zephyr thanks to his compelling backstory of coming from the mysterious Cat Country, but keep an eye out for Zephur--he's brilliant.
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    ah. well now where know where that upcoming Cats movie got its art direction from.
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    Not that the character looked amazing to begin with, but abusing the airbrush tool to shade your drawings makes the whole thing looks super muddy and unappealing.
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    It also doesn't help that the lighting is all over the damn place. But yeah, character looks like tinfoil.
  17. No-one's going to point out his upper jaw points in a different direction than the rest of his... um... face?

    I wanna say the whole thing is a knockoff of the werecat from Thriller, but there's a soup├žon of David Bowie and Hanna-Barbera villain to it as well. I'd expect this was a dollar store Hallowe'en mask.
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    Jesus this whole comic is a shit post isnt it.
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    The real photos stand out so much compared to the actual drawings. It looks like a child Photoshopping things onto existing panels.
  20. Kat


    Oh Jesus I didn't even see the apparent mid-surgery pic in there until you mentioned the photos.

    The line quality on the art is atrocious, and I'm not even going to get into the modeling/coloring/shading...

    What a mess... it consistently astounds me that someone can somehow get worse at art the more they draw. Don't people normally improve over time?!