THE KEN PENDERS CHRONICLES: court docs out, deluded people think it means anything

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    I thought the "agreement" Archie and Penders came to meant that neither party had restricted use of the characters in question. Given the discussion of Archie having to modify the characters, wouldn't that mean Penders just flat-out won?
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    And this is why no-one will buy his book. =P
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    I don't think they're banned, but has to be shared with both companies until Sega steps in with the final decision on those characters.
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    On-Topic but not related to Ken:

    The Legal System is shit. You employ a lawyer, doesn't matter if he will rip you off and do a piss-poor job and then demand more money ($15,000 for a lawyer in Australia), he will just eat your money, so it's like a gamble.

    Of-course, people can represent themselves, and there is government lawyers but no, they aren't as effective as a greedy lawyer. And stupid people wanting to take people into court for stupid reasons is stupid.

    The thing is: The Public

    Why not follow a simple rule? All judges must follow common sense and only serve the public or else get arrested.

    A rational, respectful, non-insane, genuine, caring, valid 100% loving dictator doesn't sound bad as long as he can dictate the extremists.

    The truth is: There's always a few rotten apples in every tree, meaning no matter what, you will always expect at a small chance a dodgy person in his/her profession.

    That title is dirty. How can a title called 'Ken Penders Ejaculated, he saw his cum, and he stopped, and he won, eventually' be accepted by a moderator? Change that shit, it's disgusting. The last thing I want to visualize is an old man jerking off.
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    It's not Julie-Su, it's my original character, Blulie-Blu!


    I like the design a lot hell if I'm associating it further with penders

    You're a golden trove of quotes, man.
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    This title is acceptable because it describes Ken Penders's creative writing process.

    ROFLMFAO @ this. Not sure if serious.
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    I can't say I've ever been an avid reader of the comics. But, I do rather find myself wondering, what could possibly have been going through Penders's head when he dreamed up this insane stunt, really? No doubt it was something childish beyond the outer limits of an average grown person's imagination. I ponder if his parents were two young teens that had a quickie out back of the schoolhouse on prom night or something. It's the only reasonable way I can think up for a grown-ass man to think like he's a child and act as if he can get whatever he wants; that he was raised childishly, by veritable children. Maybe this isn't even about his characters, or whatever. Maybe he just wants attention. Maybe he needs to revisit gradeschool and emotionally mature beyond the age of eight.

    To summarize:
    <p style="sarcasm:100%">Making fun of retards is politically incorrect, guys, stoppit!</p>
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    Man he really went the wrong way with this you know, I mean if he just pitched these Chronicles to Archie or something, I think they would have let it happen, or him getting permission to use the characters minus Sega Sonic ones so he'd have more freedom. If he NEVER did any of this lawsuit bullshit, announced that he was doing Chronicles and somehow got to use those character he made for Archie, do you think we would have been more excepting of the book he's working on?

    Maybe, but probably not, at least then he wouldn't have made an ass of himself and driven away Sonic and Archie Sonic fans, maybe that's just me or the little bit of Smirinoff Ice I had talking.

    Also Not-Robotnik might end up being Dr. Droid, you know that one guy in that Super Special with all the Image heroes where he got killed at the end of the book, I'm calling it.
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    Well since Dr. Droid was actually supposed to be an alternate "Ultimate Version" of Robo-Robotnik, then his showing up wouldn't be surprising. Also wouldn't be surprised if he ties this into THE LOST ONES, since Dr. Droid was meant to be a main villain in that book, creating a tapestry of Penders.

    But I don't think Archie would have allowed him to just make a series of books about Lara-Su and her magical adventures. Not unless it fit into whatever the main book was doing at the time. Remember, they killed Ken's original "swan song" on the book, the final two parts to Mobius: 25 Years Later. Unless the powers-that-be had a change of heart, I don't think they would have gone for it. Maybe if, in another ten years when the powers-that-be are switched up again, it would have been a possibility, but I don't think Ken would have wanted to wait that long.
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    Maybe, but it has been nearly 10 years since Penders left Archie, all they would have had to do was put in that line "In another time, another place" like the non-canon stories and boom, there you go. Hell if Archie would have been too much of a problem he could have done something similar to say Freedom Planet where he changed the names and concepts but kept them similar then ALL of this could have been avoided, god how long has this shit been going on again?
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    It's been about 4 years or something, if I recall, it started in... 2010...?
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    my sides

    can't stop laughing

    That face. How did he manage to make the design worse?
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    That's in no way Lara-Su. That's like some srot of Uncanny Vally bad fan art.
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    I can't stop laughing

    Seriously, that's just terrible. Penders, you're not a good artist, just stop.
  16. My god, look at the size of her hand compared to her head, this is just snowballing down a hill.
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    That's not even the worst of it. Look at her neck. Unless you're Reed Richards, is it even possible to bend your neck like that? And that shoulder. Is she just wearing some kind of weird coat that extends up past the shoulder instead of having a collar?

    Oh, and it's easier to see in the larger version, but one of her fingers is a different color from the rest.

    Quality art.

    ...Did...he just have Lara-Su speak to us about the site's opening? oh my god
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    All I can do is respond with this.

    Seriously, that's freaking terrifying...
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    Jack shit.
    I think DavidTL said it best in #comics

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    I jus-


    The closest analog I can immediately think of is the bizarre thing Arthur does whenever they do stunt celebrity cameos, but with Ken just indulging himself in the level of anthropomorphic detail.

    Congratulations, Ken. You've really outdone yourself. And I don't mean that as a compliment.