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THE KEN PENDERS CHRONICLES: a man you Ken DePenders on

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The KKM, Jul 7, 2010.

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    Lammy and "Fafnir"
    He has made a good amount of pages, which I've translated to French, actually.

    If he spent less time arguing on Twitter and sabotaging his career, he could have released something.
  2. Chillbro Swaggins

    Chillbro Swaggins

    Thank you sir.

    I suggest you knock off this doofosity before I get the lawyers involved.

    You can keep that one.


    Let's get to the MAY 2021 KEN PENDERS TWITTER ROUNDUP! Now that Ken is the talk of the town, this thread seems to alive to actually fall out of the front page anytime soon, so might as well get caught up.




    Sigh. Let's get this over with.

    Gio #1: Geez, I'm afraid how much the actual comic book will cost, $200 bucks?​

    Gio #2: $40 bucks plus $15 shipping still seems pretty steep for a tabloid print mailed in what I assume will be an oversized rigid envelope, I know you said it's like a Kickstarter, but still, dayum.​

    All I can say is that here on August 30th the "And now a word from our sponsors" tweet advertising the numbered prints is still the pinned tweet on Ken's Twitter page. So beyond his "big" announcement that he's willing to license "his" characters, I would imagine there have been no real developments regarding the mythical app like, say, it's release. So I think we still have time, if you can believe that.

    SG #3 (06/01/2021!): I don't understand why you don't just do a kickstarter or indiegogo for this stuff. The app seems like a very round about way for direct to customer sales.​

    I'd imagine the real issue is the lack of interest in giving Ken money for this product; I don't imagine changing the exact e-begging platform would be so helpful in that regard.

    SG #4 (05/02/2021): I can't believe how many years it took for you to release this book [flat line eyes emoticon]​

    SG #5 (08/23/2021!!!!!!!): And it didn't pay off [POO-POO]​

    You mean the one he still hasn't released?

    SG #6 (05/03/2021): So I just...send money via PayPal, is that correct?​

    #5 (05/03/2021)
    Now you know.

    SG #7 (05/05/2021): Ah! Sorry! But you haven't printing them out yet right? I'm looking at the line art and there's some coloring out side of it. Also I suggest a different color for the background, more yellow? Hopefully this will show:… Sorry.​

    #6 (05/05/2021)
    "It's not like I can fix anything now, it's already on sale."

    Tom #8 (05/10/2021): could we get link so we can send the money too already set up etc.​

    #7 (05/10/2021)
    Tom #9 (05/10/2021): and we can do this now?​

    #8 (05/10/2021)
    Tom #10 (05/10/2021): Just signature pleases. Thank you.​

    A civil conversation addressing the customer's concerns and making him aware of options he might not have been aware of before. What can I say, this is good business.

    Nermal #11 (05/31/2021): please redesign the characters they look fucking nasty​

    #9 (05/31/2021)
    Ken follows up the last exchange which earned him my praise with... this even cooler response that gets even higher marks from me. I'm not sure I can even think of a better reply, it's calm, measured, and classy in the face of hostility.

    S. Blackburn #12 (06/22/2021!!): I see that you shared my story comparing your version of Sonic with IDW’s (…). Hope you liked it since I was a MAJOR fan of your comics as a kid (still am). If you ever have news you’d like me to cover about Lara-Su on SR, I can give you my email.​

    #10 (06/24/2021)
    S. Blackburn #13 (07/01/2021): Emailed you back. I'm REALLY excited to help out in any way that I can.​

    It's funny, I'm not a fan of the prints themselves. It's an almost comical juxtaposition between the mom (I think that's the mom) on the left in his much maligned TLSC style and the daughter on the right in what strikes me as the drawing style from the old comics themselves, but with less quality. Either one wouldn't look good even on DeviantArt. But in the comments related to these prints, which have a special prominence in terms of availability because they are connected to a pinned tweet, I think he's conducted himself very well. Look at this positive synergy with Mr. Blackburn, that can only help him out. It is interesting how excited Mr. Blackburn is to help Ken, though.

    SG #14 (07/08/2021): hi ken i just want to say im a big fan of the Archie comics and your earlier writing and art, however i must be completely honest julie sue here looks a bit scary, i know your art is very unique but i think your characters sometimes look a wee bit unsettling.​

    #11 (07/09/2021)
    I disagree that time will heal all wounds as it regards the perceived quality of the art, but whole months after the original tweet Ken is still responding to comments in a professional manner. I know I'm sounding like Mr. Blackburn here but fair is fair. When some guy that Ken doesn't like dies and Ken tweets that he hopes that the guy is roasting in hell alongside all the other dead guys Ken doesn't like I'll give my honest thoughts on that too.

    SG #15 (06/07/2021): it's amazing how your art gets somehow worse over time [pondering emoticon]

    SG #16 (06/03/2021): You ruined my childhood
    [TikTok video I can't seem to transcribe of bird with gun]

    SG #17 (05/27/2021): Nobody wants your work. They are laughing stock​

    Criminy, I'm on Ken's side in this thread. Yes, the art isn't great, but I think that general sentiment got conveyed a few hundred Donkey Kongs ago. I really don't think Ken retroactively tarnished your childhood either. And in that last sentence, because "nobody" suggests multiple people and Ken is singular, using "they" makes it sound like it is the people who don't want Ken's work that are the laughing stock, so way to go.

    SG #18 (05/06/2021): Sonic Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood 2 [crying emoticon]

    SG #19 (05/07/2021): Sonic Chronicles 2: [Insert Another Name Besides Dark Brotherhood]​

    #12 (06/06/2021)
    That's the most genuinely awesome thing Ken has ever posted. There are moments when I find Ken so disagreeable that I would refuse to endorse his work with my money, and right now I would have no problem doing so because of how impressed I am with how he's handled himself in this thread.

    I swear I haven't been paid off/secretly eliminated and replaced by Mr. Blackburn/just activated phase two of the longterm plan to shill TLSC for which I was originally sent as a Ken-sponsored infiltrator, he'll call for the murder of his political opponents soon enough, I promise.

    SG #20 (05/19/2021):​

    SG #21 (06/15/2021): Don’t give him ideas​


    SG #22 (05/08/2021): A Fan Fixed your Art And It Went Better Then you lol​

    I think I remember this from long ago in this very thread.

    SG #23 (06/03/2021): The art here is pretty jank. No idea what the story is so of course i cant comment on it but the art is still jarring to look at. You should of got someone else to do the art and just stick to the writing. This goes for the art progressives you shown us as well.​

    Honestly, I don't disagree.

    SG #24 (06/15/2021): I really hope you'll release physical copies of the comic/story. Hard cover would be super cool. I'd freaking love to have a signed one.

    SG #25 (06/24/2021): Lol what a joke.

    SG #26 (07/05/2021): I can’t explain it but the way you draw these characters is straight up unsettling​

    The above tweets, which are all in succession, are a pretty good microcosm of public sentiment in the thread as a whole.

    SG #27 (08/29/2021!!!!!!!!!): When will you buy luigi?​

    Only time will tell.

    SG #28: Why only 100 made?​

    I would be surprised if they are all gone.

    SG #29 (05/22/2021): Imagine sueing sega for recolors.

    SG #30 (07/10/2021): They look fucking gross Thanks for ruining sonic. Pos​

    Unfortunately for Ken, no matter how classy and civil he is on Twitter, that won't turn the tide of public sentiment as it regards the quality of his work or work ethic. Only actually releasing a quality product could possibly do that.

    SG #31 (08/20/2021!!!!!!!!!): Ken Penders can you Please tell me the original plan for Sonic Armageddon? I just remember ed it existed after seeing this post. Were the gonna try to find more civilization after Mobius was destroyed or were they gonna try to bring Mobius back? Why no Amy? What was the plan?​

    This sounds interesting but I'm not actually familiar with Sonic Armageddon.

    SG #32 (06/18/2021): Im tempted to redesign these characters just to spite you and this artstyle​

    I would suggest doing something more productive with your time, like learning a new language. Then you can work for Ken as a translator! It doesn't matter what language, he needs a translation for each one.

    SG #33 (07/16/2021): Please reply, I like you Do you You are maker Personal Scourge the Hedgehog​

    As fitting an end to this thread as any. Only thirty days of May left! Once we get done with May 1st, that is.

    This seems like it should have been in the thread, but I found it on Ken's main timeline.


    This seems to be a new tweet, albeit one that appears to be a copy and paste of one from the pinned tweet thread.

    SG #34 (05/08/2021): Is this for the laura-su chronicles? if it's already out id like to buy a copy of the first issue if possible​


    Now you know.


    Going back to how I don't know much about Sonic Armageddon, I really am not that intimately familiar with any of the Sonic Comics. They were always these somewhat mystical items on the shelves at Publix when I was a kid that I wanted but didn't get bought for me. So even though I'm the guy who catalogues Ken Penders' tweets on a website dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog not a single name in this tweet means anything to me. Jaker? Mr. Perriwinkle? In that sense, I think I'm a good bellwether for that part of the audience familiar with Sonic but not rabidly aware of every detail of the franchise's comic extensions. And in that capacity, I must say this tweet did all of nothing to sell TLSC: ST to me.

    The only reason I stopped to transcribe this is because he managed to shoehorn "Archie's lawyers" into it. For Ken, Archie's lawyers will always be these mythical enemies, evil yet totally clueless, that he vanquished by the sheer purity of logic.

    But I was punished for transcribing this tweet.

    Seem familiar? Yes, somehow this tweet which was part of his main timeline is also a comment here. Only here, it's part of a longer thread which I feel the need to transcribe. Lucky me for finding it. And, of course, in the process this horrible website crashed, yet again.

    Derby #35: No, they really weren't..According to you, they (Archie) produced a forged contract, claiming you signed a WFH contract, but it was thrown out because of your claim of not signing one. Archie was not very bright, and they lost a second lawsuit for the same reason to Scott Fulop.​

    Derby #36: In other words, they WEREN'T careful, because if they had been, they'd never have tried to produce a forged document as evidence.​

    Derby #37: the thing is, Archie had to know it was a, yeah, I'd say they dropped the ball pretty hard when trying to present a forged document in the first place..not only that, but forgery and perjury are illegal and chargable offenses..Archie's lucky you didn't go after-​

    Derby #38: reminds me of my fight for SSI in that regard...I lived in Oklahoma, but somehow they thought I lived in California because someone f'd up the paperwork..took 2 months to sort that out and get the case dealt with in Oklahoma.
    I'm just stunned that each comment wasn't on a different day, forcing me to neurotically notate each and every one.

    SG #39: Oh great Twitter wants me to get mad at your acquisition of Sonic comic characters and your political views or something because they keep notifying me when you post, and I think I care more about jaker as a character, please make jaker useful in the Lara su Chronicles​

    Seriously, who is Jaker?

    Oh, he's an echidna Echyd'nya with literally zero distinguishing features according to some Sonic Wiki. Biggie wow.


    Thank goodness, a way to prove that's it's an authentic Ken Penders Limited Edition Lara-Su print and not just some cheap knock-off with low-quality artwork.

    Quetzal #40 (05/12/2021): Hmm surprise me on that part. I do have a quick question if anyone wanted to ask you questions or do an interview with you about your time in archie do yea charge for that type of stuff and how much would that be?​

    #24 (05/12/2021)
    Quetzal #41 (05/12/2021): Ah that's good to know, I know some people are different when it comes to interviews. once i have my questions prepared I'll hit yea up​

    Keep your eye out.


    For the file about what Ken does instead of working on TLSC.

    SG #42: Waiting for your comicbook sir lol​

    "I used to wait for THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES. I still do, but I used to, too."



    You said this would be ready to go on the 15th, yet this tweet is from the 17th, sloppy stuff Ken.

    Snoopy #43: Ken: Will you ever do limited edition prints for the Lara-Su Chronicles and Archie Sonic versions of the characters you created in the future?​

    A year off you say.

    That "prevue" is apparently not erroneous, he spelled it on his old website that way. Unless he's always thought that's how you spell it.

    SG #44 (05/18/2021): Damn that look directly ripped from the archie comic​

    We've been over this, only the Lara-Su is in (a lesser, bootleg version of) that style, the Julie-Su is TLSC style.

    And if that Lara-Su was directly ripped from a real comic (I don't know one way or the other), which wouldn't exactly be a surprise, then that doesn't say much for the comic.


    I'd like to think the United States is not listed because he hasn't made a domestic sale yet.


    Rest in peace, Mrs. Penders. Stunningly, there were no Donkey Kongs in the thread (he's been gone a while) and all the comments were respectful, expect one guy, before he offered his condolences, noted that he didn't think much of Ken as an artist or person. Was that really necessary?



    I felt moved to post this because it was tied to Ken's own history.


    Wait a minute, THE Kragok!?!?!?

    Snoopy #45: Who was Kragok? Was he in Archie Sonic?​

    You mean you've never heard of Kragok?

    #33 (05/25/2021)
    Pretty embarrassed for Snoopy here (his name is Darryl, but it's his avatar that I recognize), must never have read a comic in his life if doesn't know who Kragok is.

    Snoopy #46 (05/25/2021): I have read most of the Archie Knuckles comic book series in the past.​

    Clearly not KNUCKLES: THE DARK LEGION issue 1 or SONIC SUPER SPECIAL issue 11 though.

    SG #47 (05/31/2021): I thought Kragok was dead?​

    That's just what Kragok wanted you to think.

    Okay, so according to, Kragok is--wait for it--an echidna Echyd'nya. His likes include (these are direct quotes):
    • Betraying people for his own personal gain
    • Bringing pain and sorrow to others
    • Torturing his enemies
    • Power
    Fascinating stuff. Under the "Powers and abilities" heading are these, the total number of his enumerated skills:
    • Cybernetic enhancements
    • Leadership skills
    It's very clear that the Snoopster has never heard of Kragok, since I think you'd be hard-pressed to forget a badass like that!


    You know, I've scrolled past this a number of times in the past to get to Ken's older tweets, and at first blush I didn't like it. But then I finally got a closer look, and I will say that I at least like Geoffrey's face. It's got masculinity and cunning as he holds his woman, like you'd see on a movie poster from a bygone generation. Let's see what the comments say.

    SG #48 (05/27/2021): Cats?​

    I don't think that's meant to be a flattering evocation.

    Snoopy #49 (05/30/2021): So, Hershey remains alive in the LARA-SU CHRONICLES universe.​

    #35 (05/31/2021)
    Snoopy #50 (05/31/2021): Maybe we might see sketches of how Dr. Quack, Saffron Bee, and Leeta/Lyco would be like in the LARA-SU CHRONICLES world someday in the near future or something like that.​

    Maybe is a good word.

    SG #51 (06/02/2021): Nearly 10 years after she got screwed over in the comics, this is the first time Hershey has been seen in some form of new Sonic media, and... she looks... oh dear...
    [Disapproving GIF]

    SG #52 (05/29/2021): W h y i s t h i s o n m y t i m e l i n e ! ?

    Inuyasha #53: This is SO good;

    SG #54: look street figther characters

    SG #55 (06/18/2021): Is gore allowed on twitter?

    SG #56 (07/16/2021): Its cats all over again.

    SG #57 (06/01/2021): You would benefit from leaning a little harder on animal physiology or making them more human. There is an uncanny valley here.​

    Doesn't seem to have gone over that well.



    SG #58: Why are you so obsessed with something that you aren’t even apart of anymore? It’s not like anyone wants you back after all the [poo-poo] you caused.​

    This scorn is more deserved than what I was maligning earlier. Stones and glass houses and all that.

    Pandamis #59: It's been announced here :

    SG #60 (06/01/2021): They do, and you don’t. They actually contributed to SEGA’s creations.

    SG #61 (06/03/2021): The new game was teased inside, and the 2nd movie isn't done filming. There should be one more location to cover, and they also have a lot of CGI to make. So yeah, put the completely unfinished footage there. Makes sense -_-​

    Is that last one pro- or anti- Ken? I think the former, but I'm not sure.

    Just when I thought May might have been over.

    Snoopy #62: So it will be you and not Archie nor IDW to release the KNUCKLES OMNIBUS and SONIC OMNIBUS in book form? Even self published like the LARA-SU CHRONICLES volumes/books?​

    No matter how true the above is, it will always be weird to see or hear about it. And look how plugged-in Snoopy is, how long he has been posting in these threads, and what appears to be his pro-Ken sentiments, and then note how he didn't know who Kragok is.

    SG #63 (06/01/2021): Your just asking for a lawsuit​

    SG #64: Will definitely be checking all of those out as they release. :) I find value in what Evan is doing with the new comics they’ve got going, but your stories continue to endure in my heart for offering something I can’t find elsewhere in Sonic - just as they did when they were new

    SG #65 (06/05/2021): Bro he literally made it so sonic can’t cry, ken is a burden to us​

    #40 (06/05/2021)
    Hey look, haughty Ken is back.

    SG #66 (06/05/2021): Probably so you wouldn’t sue them, man

    SG #67 (06/11/2021): On that front you are wrong. Sega demanded that Sonic characters couldn't cry. It was all Sega decision, not Penders. You could say that they adopted this after the lawsue, but even then, in Ian archie comics, character still cried. Sega dumb choiches aren't all because of Ken

    SG #68 (06/11/2021): Ken kept suing them bro, they were shell shocked from that and now scared to use their own intellectual property Bc of the influence of the one that sued them

    Inuyasha #69 (06/04/2021): I really really want one!​

    I don't think I've really mentioned Inuyasha here, but he has a consistent enough presence in Ken's threads as a definite cheerleader of Ken's work. In fact, he was pretty much the island of praise in the sea of disdain for that Geoffrey/Hershey drawing just above (in fact, it was only just now in this thread that I went back and changed him from a SG since he is pretty much a notable character, at least in this particular drama). One can only wonder who is more pathetic: the guy who haunts Ken's tweets to bash him, the guy who haunts Ken's tweets to praise him, or the guy who haunts Ken's tweets to record them for posterity.

    #41 (06/01/2021)
    Ken appears to have been responding to a deleted tweet (Twitter's layouts seem rather Byzantine at times).

    SG #70: I don't think that would be possible unless it's free, because you don't own sega characters. Honestly, you should focus in finishing The Lara-su chronicles, it's been like a decade​

    #42 (06/01/2021)
    Just a Sonic recolor. And a robotic Robotnik. And whoever else. I think. I've never really read an account of the lawsuit and the results because I've never seen an account that I trusted would be be totally accurate.

    Snoopy #71 (06/05/2021): Sega still owns Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and the Freedom Fighters.​

    #43 (06/05/2021)
    I will give Ken this that, regarding Knuckles in the past, he has claimed that he wanted Sega to license Knuckles to him, Ken, implying that he acknowledged that Knuckles wasn't his. Of course, because this flew in the face of other statements he had made to the effect that he didn't need Archie/Sega characters, he was mocked for that too.

    SG #72 (06/02/2021): Leave Sonic and Sega alone, you fat [poo-poo].​

    Rightly or wrongly, Ken has a bad reputation and an army (read: 0-4 people per tweet unless it's a honeypot of a thread related to Archie/TLSC in which case it may "explode" into the dozens) of haters maligning him that tweeting won't eliminate. If only there was some way he could fix his three major problems in the court of public opinion, which are: 1) Never releasing anything; 2) Not using his own characters; and 3) Having bad art. Twitter hasn't helped with that these past several years, but maybe this tweet telling the children they are wrong will do the trick.

    Now if you'll excuse Ken he has to get back to watching old shows from the seventies working on TLSC, Coming Soon in 2012 2021!

    COMING SOON: The June 2021 Ken Penders Twitter Roundup.

    P.S. My apologies to anyone who got to this thread right after I posted it, considering this forum crashes every thirty seconds and puts me in mortal fear of having lost all my work (trying to save it to another place like Word always does wonders for the formatting) I post it as soon as I'm done and try to work out the kinks afterwards. This time it was really goofy with the quotes probably because I tried to quote a bunch of different users at the start to my own extreme peril. But I think I fixed it.
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    Look how bad I am!
  4. Chillbro Swaggins

    Chillbro Swaggins

    I'm glad you zeroed in on this, which was far and away the best part of my entire post. His Sonic Fandom page is wonderful:

    Sadly, the article doesn't mention what he says when he teleports behind you, but I think we all know that it's nothin personnel... kid...
  5. xbloodywhalex


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    re-reading one piece, probably
    I have to say, whenever the latest Kenders Twitter Roundup is posted it is literally the highlight of my day - your commentary is always impeccable. Thank you for continuing to post these LOL
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  6. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    Oh shit, it's this dude. About once every couple of months he writes some fucking bizarre screenrant article comparing Ken's comics to other media properties. I learned about it a while back when The Shrieking Shack looked at his insane rambling article trying to claim that Ken's Sonic writing was secretly the same story as Harry Potter. He might be the only person as good at pretending Ken's works are analogous to other media as Penders himself.
    It was Ken's original "Sonic the movie" pitch, about Mobius exploding and everyone running away. It looked like you'd expect.
    I read every one of the fucking things and I don't know who the hell they are either. I'm pretty sure Rutan is Lien-Da's son or something.
    I do think it should be acknowledged that a not-insignificant number of Ken's fans come from hating the current team for political/shipping reasons (yes, really) more than actually having cared about anything he makes. I'm not sure how aware he is of this given the political persuasion he likes to project (I say project because if you read his comics, hoo fucking boy), but he's certainly not worried about whipping the culture-war gang into a frenzy if it means getting some "Ian bad Ken good" comments. Dunno about snoopy here, but Kragok is at least the main bad guy for the first 3 Knuckles issues, so it gives me some suspicions.
  7. Long story short, yes Rutan is Lien-Da's kid.
  8. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    I mean, were you expecting Penders to reply impolitely to some guys who were unironically kissing his ass? :V
  9. Chillbro Swaggins

    Chillbro Swaggins

  10. DarkVDee


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    Sonic DVD [CD2]
  11. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    That's blackburn, the guy we were just talking about. He sure is determined to give Penders as much PR as possible.
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    re-reading one piece, probably
    Regarding the interview I do have a question:

    [In 2006, Penders left Sonic to pursue other creative endeavors before he filed a lawsuit against Archie Comics to gain rights to his own characters that he created himself so that he could one day finish telling their stories.]

    I was under the impression that Ken filed for copyright of his characters, and Archie Comics sued him? Given that this is a misconception usually spread by people who hate him & who try to use it as fuel against him, how could one of his most dedicated fans be messing this up? help

    Also absolutely fascinated to find out that he's gonna try to put Robo-Robotnik in there. I hope he barely gets a redesign. I honestly want to see how far Ken can toe the copyright line. Will Sega come after him? Would they even bother? I don't know and while realistically we will never find out because the LARA-SU CHRONICLES will absolutely never be finished, I would actually kill to find out.

    [In terms of the Brotherhood, I’m not sure if that term is going to stick. There’s a couple of female members and this is the 21st century. I haven’t reached that point yet to address that, but when it comes, it comes.]

    Also something about this is actually making me lose my mind. It's probably just how quintessentially Penders it is - just the completely shallow performativity. "This is what a Male Feminist looks like" Ken Penders. Have you read your own stories? Do you see what you say on Twitter? I think it would do us all well to remember the Bunnie & Anti-Sonic incident, what he did to Sally just in general, or really anything else regarding women in Penders' stories, for that matter. But I digress.

    [Probably one of your Tweets that resonated with me most about The Lara-Su Chronicles was your thread about autism and how you wanted to create a character with autism. Why did you choose Salma to fill this role as opposed to others?]

    I, for one, am absolutely terrified to see how he butchers an autistic character. At least since the LARA-SU CHRONICLES will never come out, none of us will have to be subjected to that.
  13. shilz


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    Writers can try all they want, but they'll never top the best autistic representation ever.

    Take notes, Penders. That's all you can do.
    Also that line about the brotherhood is incredibly dumb, litterally nobody will care, plus if there's females in it anyways then that just makes it empowering
  14. Forte


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    Nah, Sega won't engage Penders in combat - at least not until he inserts Sonic in his furry drama comic books.
    And even when he does that, it's highly unlikely, because his Sonic looks like an abomination.

    One could argue, Sega sends him DMCA or something, so he can't damage the brand/scare children anymore.

    The funny thing is, Sega really doesn't give a damn about anything Ken-related, and he thinks, he's testing the grounds on what he can do or something :V
    We live in a world, where Sonichu/blue arms were referenced in Sonic Boom and on official Twitter - but none of Ken's efforts :V

    That's the greatest punishment he can get.
  15. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    Sonic Boom did not reference Sonichu. "Blue arms" was a common complaint among multiple fans. Please do not mistake the show writers for the dregs of 4chan.
  16. Starduster


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    Still, things like Sanic have been referenced, so it pretty hilarious to see that Ken has (correctly) been roundly ignored by the franchise.
  17. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Well, that's the same guy who who wrote an article that identified Sally as a faun, declared that Archie Sonic is "the official Sonic canon" while the games are just "the gaming continuity", and capped off by fanboying over Sonic's convoluted Super transformations in Archie ("Archie is more captivating than the games because Sonic has more transformations. He can turn into Ultra Sonic! But wait, there's more -- he can also transform into Polar Sonic, Solar Sonic, and even Eco Sonic! He's like Eevee from Pokemon!") Apparently being factual and professional isn't among his priorities :V

    Which makes the way Penders acts like he's the reason Knuckles is a popular character and anything that has to do with echidnas is ripping him off all the sadder.
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    One is a harmless funny drawing, the other is a person with a rather controversial history. As far as I know SEGA/Sonic Team isn't exactly the type to throw jabs at someone (besides themselves) unless it's all for fun, and Penders is anything but fun.

    That Mighty No. 9 one might be an exception though.
  19. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    Well sure, I think the original point is that stuff from the fandom and internet memes get referenced by the twitter and now the franchise itself, which is true. I was just pointing out what I thought was a very bad example which really isn't even about Sonic and shouldn't really be brought up here.

    Man, I forgot about that. They made that tweet in 2016, so the most recent console Sonic game was Rise of Lyric. Which probably still is better than Mighty No. 9, but if they didn't manage to pull out the most positively-received game in 20 years (along with another worse-but-functional game) the next year, they would have looked like complete chodes.

    Given the interactions I've had with Penders's biggest fans, I can't help but imagine this one will be conspicuously omitted :V
  20. xbloodywhalex


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    re-reading one piece, probably
    That is... a compelling argument.