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The internet lies: cheat code edition

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Black Squirrel, Jul 9, 2022.

  1. Bobblen


    Hmm, surely you wouldn't go to the trouble of creating such a huge credits credit roll without it displaying somewhere. Looks like I'm not finished with Striker yet :-)
  2. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    There's a prototype of Mega Drive Striker - it's a bit of a mess and is missing many of the teams, but it does have:
    World XI.

    I'd hesitate to call this build "useful" though - it's quite early and doesn't really shed light on anything.
  3. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    Northumberland, UK
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    Honestly you couldn't make this stuff up.

    I was curious to know whether the manual or box made a reference to the CIS not using its "correct" flag. It doesn't - it just raises further questions.

    Specifically, the PAL box:


    Geography test: spot the two mistakes.

    Brazil isn't in this game. And Taiwan is not China. But hey, wrong flags, who cares - it's a game about how great the USA is, so you can expect some of the finer details to slip (the red dot in the middle of the Atlantic is the special all-world team, before someone points that out). Except...


    Yeah uh, Taiwan is in the game as well as China. And while Brazil is absent... Cuba is here. That's new.

    Two missing teams.
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  4. Bobblen


    Wouldn't be the first time marketing didn't speak to the devs. My sonic 3d pc box says 'amazing hidden bonus levels'
  5. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    X months ago I put myself through NBA 2K and NFL 2K... but not NHL 2K. Now the punishment is complete: NHL 2K/Hidden content.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Not that the two cheat codes are particularly exciting, but there were no screenshots online, now there are.

    There is one feature that I'm less keen to play with though, on the grounds that I don't know (and don't want to know) enough about the sport to test it properly:


    You can make custom players, and if the name is recognised by the game, it'll assign a suitable portrait. Wayne Gretzky gets this one, but GameFAQs makes it sound like the game recognises others - I think if you name your man after anyone already in the game, it gets their portrait, but I don't know who (if anyone) doesn't show up in normal circumstances. And I can't find Gretzky with a hex editor so no clues on that front.

    Also the UI is horrible. It took me ages to work out how to add custom players to a team, because the manual doesn't bother to explain it (you have to "trade" with the custom group, even though the editor makes it look like you're changing the currently selected team).

    Seriously why are these interfaces so consistently bad. There's some truly hopeless ones on the Mega Drive, but the Dreamcast had standards and they still mess it up!
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    Since it seems nobody has posted this here yet, I recently got Metal Head for the 32x, and noticed the lack of a save system or passwords, so decided to see what cheats there are, and I found a bunch on IGN and every other site has these same cheats, but only one actually works from my experience, the anime team one.

    I tried furiously to enter the level select cheat, and in every way possible, and nothing happens, and none of the other codes work either. I'm not sure if it's because I have a PAL version?
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  7. Bobblen


    I did have a quick look, couldn't get any of the codes to work and this site agrees with you. Could try it on the 10(!) prototypes and see if it's disabled in final, otherwise it's just yet another entry in the long list of nonsense cheats online.
    Metal Head -The 32X Database (
  8. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

    no reverse gear Wiki Sysop
    Northumberland, UK
    steamboat wiki
    Not quite the best use of a weekend: NFL Blitz 2000/Hidden content.

    Sort-of inspired by those recent finds in NBA Jam, I thought I'd tackle the American football variant, NFL Blitz (2000). Can we find something new? Ehh.

    The good news is all the player codes work, although when only the heads change and the camera is behind you, it's not quite as fun as in NBA Jam. The problem is the versus codes, aka "we copy-pasted from other versions and didn't test on Dreamcast. Again".

    As I post this right now, I've left GameFAQs' broken codes on our page (they're the ones without screenshots). However, all of these might still exist in-game, as the messages are stored in plain text:

    Code (Text):
    3. ICE FIELD
    (these are all the ones I don't know how to enable)

    You will notice GameFAQs' descriptions also differ from reality in some cases. This is also the "hot new" US revision which might have a bearing on things (I didn't use a newer build intentionally, it's just what served me and I didn't think to check).

    The N64 and PlayStation versions list some of these on their respective pages, but from the few codes I tried, none were accepted on Dreamcast. Then again, several of the codes that are accepted don't seem to actually do anything, though someone more invested in the sport can confirm or deny that.

    It would also be remiss of me not to point out the bazillion debug strings that are stored after the code messages above:

    Code (Text):
    1. change_anim to %x
    2. change_anim1 to %x
    3. change_anim2 to %x
    4. TICK %d
    5. vy: %9f y: %9f
    6. legs:
    7. torso:
    8. advance to seq:frame %s:%d (%x)
    9. anchor XZ bit applied & cleared
    10. done interpolating
    11. interpolation frame %d, t=%f, (from %s:%d to %s:%d)
    12. streaming tick %d of %d, seq:frame %s:%f
    13. (no interpolation)
    14. ANI_NOP
    15. ANI_END
    16. ANI_NEWSEQ: %s
    17. ANI_SKIPFRAMES(%d+randrng(%d) = %d)
    18. ANI_SKIPFRAMES(%d)
    19. ANI_SETMODE +%x = %x
    20. ANI_GOTO(%x)
    21. ANI_CODE: %x(%d,%d,%d)
    23. ANI_INTTOSEQ: %d ticks to frame %d
    24. ANI_RNDWAIT: %d of a possible %d ticks
    25. ANI_RUNTOEND: %d ticks (%d frames)
    27. ANI_WAITTMINUS:%d (%d,%f)
    28. ANI_INTSTREAM: %d frames in %d ticks, inc: %9f
    30. ANI_SETVELS(%9f,%9f,%9f)
    31. ANI_SETYVEL(%9f)
    32. ANI_RUNTOFRAME: %d
    33. ANI_SET_FACE_REL_VEL(%9f,%9f)
    34. ANI_SETFRICTION(%9f)
    35. ANI_STREAMTOEND: ignored, already at end
    36. ANI_STREAMTOEND: %9f (%d frames in %d ticks, inc: %9f)
    37. ANI_BZ:
    38. branching to %x
    39. no branch.
    40. ANI_BNZ:
    41. ANI_JIFSEQ: branch %s
    42. taken
    43. not taken
    44. ANI_JIFNSEQ: branch %s
    45. ANI_JIFMODE: %x:%x,
    46. branch taken
    47. branch not taken
    48. ANI_PREP_XITION: %d ticks to frame %d
    49. ANI_ATTACK_ON: mode %d, %d to %d, exts %f,%f, radius %f, for %d ticks
    51. ANI_TURNHACK(%d)
    52. ANI_SHAKER: level %d for %d ticks
    53. ANI_RUNTOFRAME16: %d
    54. NO OBJECT
    55. %p:%s
    56. FREEPRC
    57. Process name %s, start address %x
    58. NO TEXTURE
    59. create_texture(): guLoadTextureDirect(%s, ...) - id: %d
    60. Attempt to delete non-existant texture node
    61. CreateTextureSurface(PINK)
    62. kmLoadTexture(PINK)
    63. kmSetSystemConfiguration
    64. kmFlipFrameBuffer
    65. kmRender
    66. kmProcessVertexRenderState
    67. kmSetBackGroundRenderState
    68. kmSetBackGroundPlane
    69. Opaque Buffer Overflow %d
    70. Translucent Buffer Overflow %d
    71. PunchThru Buffer Overflow %d
    72. kmGarbageCollect
    73. PVR
    74. WMS
    75. kmCreateTextureSurface(RGB)
    76. kmLoadTexture(ARGB)
    77. kmFreeTexture
    78. kmProcessVertexRenderState(Init)
    79. .kat
    80. .inf
    81. Could not read INF file: %s
    82. manatee.drv
    83. stream.mlt
    84. midway.sfd
    85. flyby.sfd
    86. bltzlogo.sfd
    87. attrgrls.sfd
    88. payoff1.sfd
    89. payoff2.sfd
    90. intro.sfd
    91. outro.sfd
    92. credits.sfd
    93. syRtc Ver 1.02 Build:Mar 02 1999 19:03:33
    94. 2d animatable obj %x, id %d
    95. MyFileLoad - fileName of buffer is NULL
    96. MyFileRewind - fd is NULL
    97. MyFileRewind - gdFsSeek fail
    98. MyFileRead - fd is NULL
    99. MyFileRead - buffer is NULL
    100. MyFileRead - buffer is not 32 byte aligned
    101. MyFileRead - size is 0
    102. MyFileRead - gdFsRead failed
    103. MyFileOpen - fileName is NULL
    104. MyFileOpen - fd is NULL
    105. %s
    106. MyFileOpen() Internal error, no more free file handles...
    107. MyFileOpen - file not found
    108. MyFileClose - fd is 0
    109. MyFileGetSize - size is NULL
    110. MyFileGetSize - fileName is NULL
    111. MyFileGetSize - gdFsOpen fail (file not found)
    112. MyFileGetSize - gdFsGetFileSize fail
    113. _amVoiceIssueCallback - voiceChannel is out of range
    114. kmProcessVertexRenderState(Set)
    116. syCbl Ver 1.10 Build:Mar 02 1999 18:43:53
    117. acDigiGetCurrentReadPosition - Driver not installed
    118. acDigiGetCurrentReadPosition - port is out of range
    119. acDigiPlay - port is out of range
    120. acDigiPlay - Warning: aicaLoopFlag is out of range, has been set to AC_LOOP_OFF
    121. acDigiPlay - can't send driver command
    122. acSystemRequestArmInterrupt - port is out of range
    123. acSetMultiPlayMask - upperMask or lowerMask is NULL
    124. acSetMultiPlayMask - port is out of range
    125. acDigiMultiPlay - Warning: aicaLoopFlag is out of range, set to AC_LOOP_OFF
    126. acDigiMultiPlay- masks are 0
    127. acDigiMultiStop - masks are 0
    128. acDigiOpen - port is out of range
    129. acDigiOpen - address is NULL
    130. acDigiOpen - sizeInBytes is 0
    131. acDigiOpen - audioType is out of range
    132. acDigiSetSampleRate - sampleRate is out of range
    133. acDigiSetSampleRate - port is out of range
    134. acDigiSetQSoundAngle - port is out of range
    135. acDigiSetQSoundAngle - Warning: angle is out of range, has been set to 127
    136. acDspLoadPrograms - address is NULL
    137. acDspLoadPrograms - sizeInBytes is 0
    138. acDspLoadOutputMixer - address is NULL
    139. acDspLoadOutputMixer - sizeInBytes is 0
    140. acDspSetMixerChannel - port is out of range
    141. acDigiClose - port is out of range
    142. acDigiSetPitch - port is out of range
    143. acDigiSetVolume - port is out of range
    144. acDigiSetVolume - Warning: aicaVolume is out of range, has been truncated to AC_MAX_VOLUME
    145. acDigiSetPan - port is out of range
    146. acDigiSetPan - Warning: aicaPan is out of range, has been truncated to AC_MAX_VOLUME
    147. acDigiRequestEvent - port is out of range
    148. acDigiStop - port is out of range
    149. acMidiOpen - port is out of range
    150. acMidiOpen - Warning: gmMode is out of range, set to AC_GM_OFF
    151. acMidiOpen - address is NULL
    152. acMidiOpen - sizeInBytes is 0
    153. acMidiSetTonebank - toneBank is out of range
    154. acMidiSetTonebank - bankType is out of range
    155. acMidiSetTonebank - address is NULL
    156. acMidiSetTonebank - sizeInBytes is 0
    157. acMidiClose - port is out of range
    158. acMidiPlay - port is out of range
    159. acMidiPlay - Warning: aicaLoopFlag is out of range, set to AC_LOOP_OFF
    160. acMidiStop - port is out of range
    161. acMidiRequestEvent - port is out of range
    162. acMidiPause - port is out of range
    163. acMidiResume - port is out of range
    164. acMidiSetVolume - port is out of range
    165. acMidiSetVolume - Warning: portMasterVolume is out of range, set to AC_MAX_VOLUME
    166. acMidiReset - port is out of range
    167. acMidiSetTempo - port is out of range
    168. acMidiSendMessage - channel is out of range
    169. acMidiSendMessage - value1 is out of range
    170. acMidiSendMessage - value2 is out of range
    171. acCdSetVolume - volume is out of range
    172. acCdSetPan - pan is out of range
    173. _acSetHostCommand - can't send driver command
    174. Internal Error: The Error Message Is NULL
    175. Internal Error: The Error Message Is Too Long
    176. No Errors
    177. acIntInit - failed to add the ARM interrupt handler to the chain
    178. acSystemGetIntArrayStartOffset - Driver not installed
    179. acSystemGetIntArrayStartOffset - interruptArrayStartOffset is NULL
    180. acSystemGetIntArrayStartOffset - *intArrayStartPointer is NULL
    181. acSystemGetIntArrayStartOffset - baseOfSoundMemory is NULL
    182. acSystemGetIntArrayStartOffset - *interruptArray is NULL
    183. acSystemGetIntArrayStartOffset - interruptArrayLength is NULL
    184. acSystemCheckDriverRevision - driver is NULL
    185. acSystemGetDriverRevision - driver is NULL
    186. acSystemInit - Driver already installed
    187. acSystemGetFirstFreeSoundMemory - Driver not installed
    188. acSystemGetCommandFlag - Driver not installed
    189. acSystemResetArmInterrupt - Driver not installed
    190. acSystemInstallDriver - driverImage is NULL
    191. acSystemInstallDriver - driverSize is 0
    192. acSystemInstallDriver - int array length must be 32 or 64
    193. acSystemInstallDriver - driver and lib revisions are not in sync.
    194. amBankAssetTypeIs - theBank is NULL
    195. amBankAssetTypeIs - Bank does not contain this many assets
    196. amBankTransfer - target or source is NULL
    197. amBankTransfer - target is not a 32 byte aligned address
    198. amBankTransfer - source is not a 32 byte aligned address
    199. amBankTransfer - target buffer must be in sound memory
    200. amBankGetSize - bankSize or filename is NULL
    201. amBankLoad - sh4buffer or filename is NULL
    202. amBankLoad - sh4buffer is not a 32 byte aligned address
    203. amBankLoad - can't read an asset into aica memory using gdfs
    204. amBankFetchMidiPpqn - Null pointer passed as argument
    205. amBankFetchMidiPpqn - Bank does not contain this many assets
    206. amBankFetchMidiPpqn - not a midi type asset
    207. amBankFetchMidiVolume - theBank or masterVolume is NULL
    208. amBankFetchMidiVolume - assetNumber out of range
    209. amBankFetchMidiVolume - not a midi type asset
    210. amBankFetchMidiGmModeFlag - theBank is NULL
    211. amBankFetchMidiGmModeFlag - assetNumber out of range
    212. amBankFetchMidiGmModeFlag - not a MIDI type asset
    213. amBankFetchAssetParameters - theBank or parameters is NULL
    214. amBankFetchAssetParameters - assetNumber out of range
    215. amBankFetchWaveLoopFlag - theBank or loopFlag is NULL
    216. amBankFetchWaveLoopFlag - assetNumber out of range
    217. amBankFetchWaveLoopFlag - not a WAVE type asset
    218. amBankFetchWaveRandomPitch - theBank or randomPitchAmount is NULL
    219. amBankFetchWaveRandomPitch - assetNumber out of range
    220. amBankFetchWaveRandomPitch - not a WAVE type asset
    221. amBankFetchWaveSampleRate - theBank or sampleRate is NULL
    222. amBankFetchWaveSampleRate - assetNumber out of range
    223. amBankFetchWaveSampleRate - not a WAVE type asset
    224. amBankFetchWaveBitDepth - theBank or bitDepth is NULL
    225. amBankFetchWaveBitDepth - assetNumber out of range
    226. amBankFetchWaveBitDepth - not a WAVE type asset
    227. amBankFetchUnknownParameters - theBank or parameterValue is NULL
    228. amBankFetchUnknownParameters - parameterNumber out of range
    229. amBankFetchUnknownParameters - assetNumber out of range
    230. amBankFetchUnknownParameters - not a UNKNOWN type asset
    231. amBankFetchAsset - theBank, parameterValue, *theAsset or assetSize is NULL
    232. amBankFetchAsset - assetNumber out of range
    233. amBankGetAssetSize - theBank or assetSize is NULL
    234. amBankGetAssetSize - assetNumber out of range
    235. amBankGetNumberOfAssets - numberOfAssets is NULL
    236. amBankGetNumberOfAssets - theBank is NULL
    237. amBankGetHeaderSize - headerSize is NULL
    238. amBankGetHeaderSize - theBank is NULL
    239. amHeapGetInfo - freeSoundMemory is NULL
    240. amHeapGetInfo - size is NULL
    241. amHeapGetInfo - the sound driver has not been installed
    242. amHeapGetFree - audio heap not initialized
    243. amHeapGetFree - freeMemory is NULL
    244. amHeapAlloc - audio heap not initialized
    245. amHeapAlloc - buffer is NULL
    246. amHeapAlloc - size is 0
    247. amHeapAlloc - alignment must be 4 or 32
    248. amHeapAlloc - memory type must be AM_FIXED_MEMORY or AM_PURGABLE_MEMORY
    249. amHeapGetMaxPurgable - maxPurgable is NULL
    250. amHeapGetMaxPurgable - audio heap not initialized
    251. amHeapPurge - Heap is not initialized
    252. amHeapPurge - sizeNeeded is 0
    253. amHeapPurge - insufficient purgable memory to fill request
    254. amHeapFree - buffer is NULL
    255. amHeapFree - you must free the blocks in reverse order from their allocation
    256. amHeapFree - a block with that start address was not found
    257. RCTT
    258. _amHeapAllocFromTop - Heap is not initialized
    259. _amHeapAllocFromTop - Warning: Insufficient memory to fill request
    260. _amHeapAllocFromTop - alignment must be 4 or 32
    261. _amHeapAllocFromTop - size is 0
    262. _amHeapAllocFromBottom - Internal Error: fingerprint address not dword aligned
    263. _amHeapAllocFromBottom - out of memory control blocks
    264. _amHeapAllocFromBottom - Heap is not initialized
    265. _amHeapAllocFromBottom - Warning: Insufficient memory to fill request
    266. _amHeapAllocFromBottom - alignment must be 4 or 32
    267. _amHeapAllocFromBottom - size is 0
    268. amHeapInit - memoryPool is NULL
    269. amHeapInit - size is 0
    270. amHeapInit - heap is already initialized
    271. amHeapClear - the heap has not been initialized
    272. amHeapClear - memoryType must be AM_FIXED_MEMORY or AM_PURGABLE_MEMORY
    273. amHeapCheck - the heap has not been initialized
    274. amHeapCheck - the bottom heap zone (PURGABLE) is corrupt
    275. amHeapCheck - the top heap zone (FIXED) is corrupt
    276. amSelectDriver - Driver already installed, can't select driver
    277. audio64.drv
    278. MidiDa.drv
    279. amShutdown - Driver not installed
    280. amInit - Driver already installed
    281. amInit - Unable to load audio64.drv
    282. amInit - Unable to init ac system
    283. amInit - Unable to install ARM driver
    284. amInit - Unable add interrupt handler to chain
    285. amInit - can't send acCdInit() command
    286. amFileRewind - rewind fail, see gAcError for more info
    287. amFileLoad - load fail, see gAcError for more info
    288. amFileRead - read fail, see gAcError for more info
    289. amFileOpen - open fail, see gAcError for more info
    290. amFileClose - close fail, see gAcError for more info
    291. amFileGetSize - get size fail (file not found usually), see gAcError for more info
    292. _amStreamIoRewind - rewind fail, see gAcError for more details
    293. _amStreamIoRead - read fail, see gAcError for more details
    294. _amStreamIoOpen - open fail, see gAcError for more details
    295. _amStreamIoClose - close fail, see gAcError for more details
    296. _amStreamIoGetSize - get size fail (file not found), see gAcError for more details
    297. _amVoiceClearChannel - voiceChannel is out of range
    298. _amVoiceIssueOneShotSystemCallback - voiceChannel is out of range
    299. _amVoiceIssueOneShotUserCallback - voiceChannel is out of range
    300. _amVoiceIssueCallback - messageNumber is out of range
    301. _amVoiceSetStreamIsr - voiceChannel is out of range
    302. _amVoiceSetChannelFlag - voiceChannel is out of range
    303. _amVoiceSetChannelFlag - trueOrFalse is out of range
    304. amVoiceAllocate - voiceChannel is NULL
    305. amVoiceAllocate - voiceType must be AM_STREAM_VOICE, AM_MIDI_VOICE or AM_ONESHOT_VOICE
    306. amVoiceAllocate - TOTAL CACAPHONY&@*&@*&^@$ all voices are in use
    307. _amVoiceDefaultSystemCallbackProc - voice channel is out of range
    308. _amVoiceDefaultSystemCallbackProc - can't send driver command
    309. _amVoiceGetType - voiceChannel is out of range
    310. acPrintf - format is NULL
    312. syG2 Ver 1.01.02 Build:Mar 03 1999 14:58:36
    313. acG2FifoCheck - Warning: fifoType is out of range, FIFO mask set to read/write
    314. acG2Fill - target is NULL
    315. acG2Fill - sizeInBytes must be >= 4
    316. acG2Fill - sizeInBytes must be divisable by 4
    317. acG2Fill - sizeInLongs is 0 (this should never happen)
    318. acG2Read - target or source is NULL
    319. acG2Read - sizeInBytes must be >= 4
    320. acG2Read - sizeInBytes must divisible by 4
    321. acG2Read - source must divisible by 4
    322. acG2Read - source address is not in sound memory
    323. acG2ReadLong - address is NULL
    324. acG2ReadLong - value is NULL
    325. acG2ReadLong - address is not in sound memory
    326. _acUtilMemCpy - target or source is NULL
    327. _acUtilMemCpy - sizeInBytes must be >= 32
    328. _acUtilMemCpy - sizeInBytes must divisible by 32
    329. acG2Write - target address is not in sound memory
    330. acDmaInstallAlternateTransferManager - DMA handler already installed
    331. acDmaInit - DMA handler not installed
    332. acDmaShutdown - DMA handler not installed
    333. acDmaMemCpy - DMA handler not installed
    334. acDmaIsBusy - DMA handler not installed
    335. acDmaSuspend - DMA handler not installed
    336. acDmaResume - DMA handler not installed
    I don't know if there's a fancy pants error handler that can be triggered, or some hidden debug screen, but yeah. The fact we have March 1999 build dates all but confirms to me this Dreamcast port was built on the source of something else.

    Another factor that might be confusing cheat sites is the existence of NFL Blitz 2001, which supposedly shares some codes. I've lost enough brain cells already today - I'll not be covering that one any time soon.
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  9. Bobblen


    Haha, your dedication to researching obsolete sports games is unmatched! Midway really do rinse the codes don't they?
  10. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

    no reverse gear Wiki Sysop
    Northumberland, UK
    steamboat wiki
    Had a quick look this morning to see if it's truly the internet at fault:

    it kinda is. While some of these printed codes don't work either, contemporary lists generally don't claim N64/PS1 codes are compatible with the Dreamcast (I was also able to take the above list of missing codes down from 34 to 31 - progress!).

    There's a Dreamcast-specific strategy guide which I would hope gives some clues and a multi-platform BradyGames one. Neither have been scanned because nobody cares.
  11. Bobblen


    Working my way through them (because it's a nice little anti stress puzzle)

    1 1 1 up is 'clear tournament mode (2 player agreement), apparently not the same thing as 1 1 1 down which is already on the wiki.

    4 4 4 left - grand champion tournament override

    2 2 1 left - fast play

    I will edit this post if I find any more.

    FINAL EDIT - that's all I came up with just churning through them. It was only semi-automated so it's not impossible that I missed something, but I think that's it.
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  12. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

    no reverse gear Wiki Sysop
    Northumberland, UK
    steamboat wiki
    Today on "Dreamcast American football games ported from the N64 with features removed", NFL Quarterback Club 2000/Hidden content.

    The latest development builds of Redream will run some Windows CE software, although it's a bit of a buggy experience. NFL QB Club 2000 works fine though, if by "fine" you mean "fine at not being very good". Put the computer up against itself and the players run into each other (as in, they collide, but running animations continue).

    Anyway the cheats lie:

    About half aren't recognised on Dreamcast. I couldn't get the alien stadiums and minefields to work, just boring "make things slightly fatter" cheats.

    Unfortunately this isn't a game that stores its codes on the disc in plain text - it's too busy padding data with ACCLAIM ACCLAIM ACCLAIM


    It seems to have stories to tell though.

    Some Quarterback Club games have landmine modes with actual explosions. This is the second time I've been let down by a Sega version skimping on this - the Saturn version of NFL Quarterback Club '97 lacks them too!
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    Black Squirrel

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    steamboat wiki
    Okay something people might actually care about: Sega Rally 2/Hidden content. How wrong is the internet this time?

    kinda wrong. Though I can understand why.

    Like Sonic Adventure, Blue Stinger and Virtua Fighter 3tb, Sega Rally 2's Japanese launch pre-dates the Dremcast console arriving in the West, and during its trip overseas, the game was refined and improved. Problem is, I'm not sure many people could tell you how - it ran sub-60FPS in Japan, and it still runs sub-60FPS in the West. It's still very much a wibbly wobbly port of the game, but there are some changes!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Look some blue psuedo-scanlines on the title screen to mask the colour banding. 10/10 GOTY.

    It also seems they lost the Ford license. A couple of cars were swapped, and at some point we'll have to cross-reference the PC version(s) and sort out all this noise.

    Another difference is that the "unlock all cars" and "unlock every year of the 10 year mode" codes are different between the Japanese and overseas versions. I'd hazard a guess the gaming media started collecting and printing cheat codes before the Western versions were released, and nobody bothered to verify they still worked. At any point during the last 24 years.

    Sega Rally 2 also has a couple of "kind of crap" modes:

    [​IMG] -> [​IMG]

    Here's how it works: by default, Sega Rally 2 has an uncapped frame rate that tries to hit 60FPS, but buckles whenever anything slightly interesting is on screen. There is a code that removes most of the scenery to try and hit the target more often, but while it does net you better performance... it still can't stick at 60. And now you're left with levels that arguably look worse than the first game on Sega Saturn.

    Less well known is the 30FPS mode, which caps the frame rate at 30FPS. Great if you want consistency, but now it runs at half the frame rate in areas where it could manage 60 before. And there aren't any improvements in other areas as far as I can make out.

    Another feature - holding the L trigger while selecting a car uses an alternative livery... sometimes. Only some cars seem to have one - there'll be a reason, but I'm not sure what it is.

    It also does some curious things if you give yourself specific names. If you call yourself "SEX", it'll be turned into "SRC". "XXX" becames "AMB". I don't know if the new names mean something, or indeed the full extent of this "censorship".

    obviously I went looking for sex but just found Windows API functions instead. Story of my life.
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  15. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    Filling in more blanks - according to the box, there are 32 players in IMG International Tour Tennis. It's not wrong.

    ... but the list continues~

    16 possibly unused players. How do we know they're players? Because you can force the game to let you play as them with Action Replay code "FF6DE9:00XX" (where XX is the player ID). All the normal ones lie in the range 00-1F, but if I set it to 20...

    Now I get "Kyle Miner". He's not a real tennis player as far as I can see, nor is he a member of the development team. He's just some guy.

    They all have (fairly mundane) biographies too. Can you unlock them legitimately? The internet doesn't know.


    once upon a time this game lacked an official license and was going by the name "EA Sports Tennis". Most of the previews are dull shots of courts, but there is one of note:"ea+sports+tennis"

    (bottom left)

    These are all EA Sports Tennis players, before they were replaced with actual tennis players!

    Incidentally that preview also uses the name "S.Orr" which doesn't appear in this list. However, it's almost certainly "Scott Orr", the producer from EA. So maybe these portraits use developer likenesses, if not their actual names.
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    An oddity: Sno-Cross Championship Racing/Hidden content

    There's some codes that change the artwork for a couple of tracks. GameFAQs calls them CARTOON TRACK and SUMMER TRACK (and gets one of the codes wrong) - a little misleading because they're not new tracks, just reskins of existing ones. Also there are other tracks in this game - do they have reskins too??

    The "cartoon track" is bothering me though:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This seems a lot of work for a throwaway cheat code in a snowmobile racing game. My gut instinct is the assets come from another project - any ideas what it might be?
  17. Black Squirrel

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    4x4 Evolution is the worst one I've seen in a while. Not a single thing the internet is parroting seems to actually work, either because the codes aren't explained properly, or they're being lifted from other versions without sufficient testing.

    Though I will concede that this development build of Redream might be at fault. Dreamcast games should be able to cope with controllers being changed when the system is turned on, but if you just have a keyboard in port D, 4x4 Evo gets confused. This means it's either not adhering to the mandated software guidelines, or the emulator isn't coping (or both).

    Lists also talk of "hidden roads" and money but I'm not sure if this counts, as it's a feature of the map. I'm reminded of Sonic R - there are tokens scattered around each course, but while you won't see if you follow the racing line, it's a feature of the game. But maybe that does count as "hidden content" and we've been treating it wrong, idk.
  18. It's really tough to say for that Sno-Cross Championship Racing; I'm looking at other games by Unique Development Studios from around the same time and I don't recognize any of them.

    Regarding the "hidden content" discussion, that's a tough one; in the Sonic R example the tokens unlock additional characters so they are technically hidden content. At the same time, expanding our coverage to include things like that opens us up to GameFAQs-level "Beat the game to unlock this feature" entries on our pages, which... don't really feel all that "hidden" to me. The "hidden roads" in particular doesn't feel like it's hidden content, any more than shortcuts in other racing games? On that note, should we be documenting major shortcuts in racing games? It's more work for us to fill out, and it feels like scope-creep to me but I don't want to be the one making that judgment call.
  19. Bobblen


    I put in the unlockables for Sonic R PC a while back and someone removed them again so I guess that's policy. It makes sense I guess, it's not really hidden if it just happens by playing the game.
  20. Black Squirrel

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    Today on "they didn't test the codes"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There was a gap we hadn't filled - the Dreamcast version of The Typing of the Dead. The myriad of PC versions are going to need an expert, but there are mysteries with the Dreamcast version(s) as well.

    There was a ten month gap between the Japanese and US releases of this game... and I can't for the life of me work out why. The text is translated into English, and you type real English words (as opposed to romanised Japanese), but they've not added any new modes or settings as far as I can see. They moved the intro around and the copyright details were changed, but's only in side-by-sides that I noticed the title screen got a bit lighter. It doesn't strike me as having five times as much content.

    ... but that's what the dumps say! 195.4MB in Japan vs. just shy of 1GB for the US, which is unlike any Dreamcast game out there. They haven't introduced hoards of audio and video (it's still very much PROTECT THE LIFECYCLE), and even the compressed CHD versions have an 800MB divide - weird, man.

    One of the alternations made during its voyage over the Pacific was the cheat codes. The internet doesn't seem to be aware of this, and I've unearthed a bunch of codes that apparently nobody knew about... but because I don't know this game very well, I'm not sure what they all do. Why, for example, does each translation have three codes for the "VS CPU" mode? Only "TESSAIS" highlights the options menu to hint that free play is now available - the rest just kick you back to the main menu without explanation.

    What I do know is that GameFAQs and friends are wrong:

    "KIKMAHP", "DKRORCR" and "STKZJGH" are not recognised by either version of the game, which means they either came from a different system, or are made up. The PC listings seem to give clues for what the Dreamcast codes might do... but it assumes GameFAQs isn't wrong about those too, and I can't be bothered to put together a virtual machine ot test the theory. And of course there are multiple PC versions, and a later port to the PS2 as The Typing of the Dead: Zombie Panic (which seems kind-of the same but probably isn't). And who knows, maybe there are mysterious prototypes and an unfinished PAL release muddying the waters (though this seems unlikely).
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