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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by LOst, Mar 3, 2005.

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  1. LOst


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    I have been here for over 5 years now. From the first start of this board. I have been knowing a lot of you, and I have been everything you can ever be at this board:
    -From newbie to respected member.
    -From respected member to moderator.
    -From moderator to administrator.
    -From administrator to "supposed" board hacker.
    -From "supposed" board hacker to ignored member.
    -From ignored member to I have no fucking idea what I am now.

    I am not a child anymore. I grew up in the Sonic Community with hope for the future. I have fought for the Sonic Community. I have both lost and won for the Sonic Community. Now the final days are here.

    2005 will be something new, but we will lost something big. The hope for finding a beta is now close to null. We will get all the answers from the Sonic main game designer. We will also get new Sonic games from within the Sonic Community. But we will now forever lost Sega ;_;

    Today, a mail came to us from one of the Japanese-American Sega people about the pre-production games of Sonic. The betas that we have hoped for, for so long. With great sadness we read what they say:

    This is simply a way for them to say that we are not of their interests. We, fans of Sonic are not important to them.

    So, I ask the last of you here, that will still be left in the Sonic Community to join forces! To show Sega that we can manage to do this without them. They maybe created the Genesis, and Sonic. But they have no power against us. We know more than them. We know that we can beat them. Beat them in a fair way. This is not a war since they have already given up.

    In 2005, a few changes will be made to the Sonic Community in general. People will get to interact in the Sonic games themselves. We are not breaking any copyright rules, and we will not use any registered trademarks without permission.

    Are you going to help? Or are you going to give up? It's your choice. I have choosen my future already. Now it is up to you.
  2. Sonic Hachelle-Bee

    Sonic Hachelle-Bee

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    I'm here LOst, and I'm going to stay. No one can bring me out of the Sonic Community.

    And that's a shame. We have so much things in our mind that can bring Sonic and Sega to the first place again...

    Yep. But I always wanted to work with them, not beside them. Unfortunately...

    Sure. They can't decipher my mind and the way I see the whole Sonic story from start to the end (Emeralds Power: do you remember? :) ). I know every Sonic game near to perfect (except the new 3D ones), so perfectly that I can draw their maps instantly and completely on a sheet of paper, without too much mistakes. I can remember every single music, every level name of every old Sonic game. And that's only my pathetic case: there is a great amount of knowledge about Sonic and a great amount of creativity into this Community. Can someone at Sega know all of that? They can't even remember the developpment of Sonic 2.

    I hope we are going on the same way for the future.

    I think I have said all. YES, sure, if there is something I can do to help.

    EDIT: Damn parenthesis and English grammar!
  3. LocalH


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    I've always felt that the only way we'd ever get a proto straight from Sega, was if one was to get extremely close friends with Naka.

    Also, if I ever win the lottery, I'll contribute a fair amount of money, in the hopes that it might loosen Sega up a bit (say, $500,000 or so). But only if I win the lottery, which isn't that likely :/
  4. I'm so new in all this thing. I only got to know the "community" by the end of 2004. But here I am now, full of pride for myself and for the whole scene. I can even say that Sonic changed my life. From a shy boy who hardly went outdoors to someone who is up to every kind of hang out. I had to play it. I just had to do it and nothing could stop me but a Sonic 1 cart for the Master System was so exepensive that I just saw myself in the need of going out to my friend's house to play it. I know, it sounds ridiculous nowadays, but at that time it really helped me so much.

    When I first played Sonic 1 on a Mega Drive back in 1992, it was in my cousin's, (who is more a brother than everything else to me) house, and we stood awake all night long, amazed and having good times.

    When I got my Mega Drive, and it came with a Sonic 2 cart, it was just like a dream come true. Then Sonic 3K... I still remember the good old fights against Mario and Nintendo fanboys (they're both good but hey, I think everyone had these "hail sonic, die mario" times).

    Holy crap. I don't give a fuck for what SEGA thinks. They've already screwed it all up as if it never really mattered. I have a lot of anger for that. I see a shrink because of that (ok this is not true hahaha). But I do feel we're being betrayed. They just cannot do this to us man. We spent a lot o money with their stuff and now they just don't give a damn.

    I'm a bit emotional in this post, I know. But I'm just a freakin' addicted to all kind of Sonic related stuff. I just hate to see how SEGA is going downhill because of their own stupidity.

    All I can say now is: I'm here for whatever is needed from me.

    Sonic is not a trend. It's a religion.

  5. .hack//zero


    Working on a vulkan game engine for fun. Learning Ray-Tracing.
    I'm in.

    That's going a little to far.
  6. Kles


    I don't know where to start. I must thank you for what you did a few nights back though, that was so cool of you. Maybe I can actually learn ASM and start doing things.
  7. Galvatron



    What exactly is it you have in mind, LOst?
  8. LocalH


    roxoring your soxors Tech Member
    wouldn't you like to know
    Guitar Hero II Deluxe
    Really, when you think about it, we're lucky as fuck to have the proto we do now. I reference the total number of Mario game prototype versions (not counting release candidates identical to final) that have leaked up to now.
  9. Trigahd


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    Yeah, I am in. I may not be much help either, but we cant just be pushed aside because of who we are. We must strike back to show who we are! This is going to be our year, the year of the great Sonic Community.
  10. Zeck


    Yes I will help, but I will eventually leave, at an older age and I am 13 now and so when I get a bit older of course I am going to leave, but until I am staying strong with the Sonic community.
  11. Elusive


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    Yes, we can do this. We are able to beat Sega at their own game already, looking at some of the fantastic ROM edits available and in production.

    We, the true fans, are able to match and beat Sonic Team's skills. *warm fuzzy feeling*

    Yes, I'm optimistic about the community. However, I feel that this is a cycle: am I the only one reminded of Quick Man/Ketsuban's 'Rant on the state of the community' topic? February/March is the time when people get edgy about any community, it's the promise of a New Year wearing off. Lest we become too optimistic, we have to remember how far we've come before we start asking for changes within the community, new-blood ROM editing people, more dedication to the community, and so on.

    Look how far we've come; we have countless magazine scans, and concept art, and interviews of Sonic Team employees of what Sonic the Hedgehog could have been. We have many known prototypes in our posession (Crackers, Sonic 2, LocalH's Sonic 3(still unconfirmed), the Sonic CD prototypes, and so on and so forth.

    However, we still have no clear-cut aim. That's what always has been lacking in the Sonic community - there's that much stuff we have, we can't handle it. When was the last time someone looked at Sonic Labyrinth? Or Sonic Drift? Or Sonic Pocket Adventure? Yes, I support you LOst, from what I've experienced in my time as a member you're an OK guy. Thing is, what are you suggesting? That we storm Sega HQ? Promote our ROM edits? Give Naka Chinese burns until he hands the mythical prototypes over? The way I see it, we've got the collective will, we just have no way to establish a true rapport with Sega. The only way I can see this happening is by getting a high-ranking member of the community into an influential position in Sega of Japan/America, and how likely is that? Pach doesn't count, he was a tester.

    Excuse my flippancy, I'm just typing what I'm feeling here.

    \/ And I think some people are a little too enthusiastic, heh
  12. Syren


    Teesside, UK
    If I can do anything to help, I will. If you want me, my contact details are in my profile. I'll do anything you ask me, espeically if it's sexual favours.

    ...I am taking this seriously, despite the pun.
  13. hunterex2000


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    Damn it, if Sega are gonna try to push us away, then we'll have to push at them harder. Although I'm new to the Sonic Community with regards to posting on forums, I've been interested in this whole thing for years.

    I, for one, will do anything to increase our knowledge. Sega seem to be forgetting the one thing that sells games... The public. Without people like us, nobody would buy their damn games, and they'd go bankrupt. And I do not want to see any of Sega's legendary characters sold to another company. Hell, if Sega sold Sonic to Travellers' Tales, we'd all be in the shit... :blink:

    Power to the Sonic Community!!!
  14. Dude


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    Ever think that sega just couldb't be arsed to give out 12+ year old dev shit? Seriously. They're more likely to release tools for something new, but not to release an old game. that's BS. ALL game companies don't give a shit about their old products, and hesitate to bring them from the dead unless :
    1) they can milk money from it
    2) They have to protect it (like renewing a copyright or some other law)
  15. magraimon


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    I for one will do anything I can to keep our sonic alive.
    Despite sonic team's experimentation with new types of sonic,
    our sonic will survive through us, the most devoted of fans.
    Through new designs of levels, art and sound,
    through theories of how the games were developed, to what encoding they use,
    even down to recreating the games in a superior format, we are beginning to realise
    our potential as a community as opposed to a group.

    This year should be the one where we stop searching for answers, and start developing
    new ones ourselves, in the forms of better and improved versions of our favoured games, even going as far to rival sonic teams current releases, in terms of fun.

    It is sad concerning Sega's lack of fan support, especially when compared to bungie's
    fan support, and when they were under more pressure to create a popular game (halo2 springs to mind).

    If you didnt already know, bungie fixed a bug in the original, that allowed for machinima
    creators to make webcomics/movies using the engine, but spent time actually producing
    a sort of work around, so machinimas could continue with the new engine. They didnt have to
    and it cost them time, but nobody would complain about the game being late for this reason.

    Why can't Sega be as devoted ? They are well established enough not to have to rely on a publisher setting deadlines they cant meet, or worry about older software betas
    being probed for information.
  16. Dude


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    Southbridge, MA
    Random VR/AR trash
    Sega isn't a fandev friendly company. Most dev companies aren. Id, Epic, and Bungie are exceptions to the rule. Now, if you wanna change this there's only one way to do it, and that is to :

    1) have someone well versed in the community get hired by sega or any dev team really.
    2) have them get good friends with sonicteam or any sega rep
    3) slowly suggest your ideas on being mroe friendly to fandevs.
    4) keep trying on that vein.
  17. I don't know how much I could help, except make a petition over some of the other sites I'm on. But be sure, I'll help in any way I can. Hey, one of us here's gotta strike it rich, right? :P

    Nytloc Penumbral Lightkeeper, at your service.
  18. Aurochs


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    Don't forget Creative Assembly, the creators of the Total War series. The Civilization series has also been very mod-friendly since its inception.
  19. ComPro


    Just hangin' around. Member
    I'm in! Whatever it takes!

    It seems as if Sega has forgotten their Sonic roots. This, however, is where we step in. We will keep Sonic alive with or without Sega's support. :cool:
  20. Lostgame


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    Toronto, ON
    The O.I.C.
    No doubt in my mind that that's true. I mean, half the people on this forums know more than Sonic Team about Sonic... it's kinda sad, really.

    Oh, by the way, I'm in, if vc++ Programming Skills can be of assistance.
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