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The Fervor of Original Characters | Fat the Kookaburra | A Collaborative OC From the Mania Team

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    Hello folks of Sonic Retro! After the great reception I received from my article on Satoshi Okano I have finally finished writing my second article now. This time it is on a certain Original Character, OC for short.

    Back in 2017 when Sonic Mania was just released in August of that year somebody drew a fan character related to Eggman when they saw the Flying Battery zone spider boss. Eggman is supposed to be upside down but they interpreted it as someone else entirely. She was given many different names but ended up becoming commonly known as Eggette. Much was made of this character including fanart, sprites, etc.

    Much adoration was directed towards Eggette but instead I want to tell about an OC that was made just a few days before Mania was released and it actually came from Twitter threads involving some of the Mania team members.

    I would love to introduce to you all to Fat the Kookaburra!

    Now usually some might think of Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley (also known as Taxman and Stealth) whenever the people behind Mania are mentioned but this story has nothing to do with either of them as they will have no involvement whatsoever in it.

    Rather it will involve Brad Flick, Hunter Bridges, Lola Shiraishi and Paul Veer. All people who were a part of the Mania team but aren’t brought up as often or are as well known.

    It all began from Twitter posts by Brad Flick who was counting down the days close to Mania’s release. With those posts Brad also included a picture of a kookaburra bird. From there a few people would make up their own fanart of a kookaburra Sonic character. It would all culminate into a sprite that was created by Paul Veer, one of the pixel artists for Mania.

    Some of the things you will learn from this article:
    -A general brief intro on Original Characters and how some palette glitches from the classic games spawned characters that were made for both the Archie and IDW comics

    -Information about what a kookaburra is including many miscellaneous things related to them.

    -A slew of many multiple Twitter threads including the one that lead all the way up to the sprite made by Paul Veer, one of the pixel artists for Sonic Mania. Along the way you will also see fanart of the kookaburra in different interpretations.

    -Brief background information behind some of the aforementioned Sonic Mania team members who were a part of those threads.

    -What vaporwave is as a music genre & visual medium and how the AESTHETIC of it may have been added into Sonic Mania with the special stages in particular as the Mania team knows about vaporwave. Along with that was a mode that got cut for Mania Plus which also seemed to have been related with vaporwave

    While I did write about Eggette in the article it was only for just one section. I actually separated much more additional stuff about Eggette in another article that will be a companion piece to this kookaburra article. I even mentioned two other fan characters that stemmed from Eggman in that one. Check it out as well here:

    I hope you will enjoy these articles. It’s a story that I loved to write about on an OC I got to know and love and one that you may possibly get to love as well. This is a story I’ve been eager to tell you all and one that I don’t want to get lost in the sands of internet time.

    This article is a little bit more jokey than the Satoshi Okano article as it is more cut loose. You can see the article on Okano here:
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