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The Current Sonic timeline

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mastered Realm, Jan 1, 2019.

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    My personal headcanon is that Fang's/Nack's was fake, since it's totally in character for him to do something sketchy like that.
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    What I'm reading here is not even the original trilogy has a bit of consistency. Btw, Sonic CD could also be a cause of temporal distortion that separates 8-bit titles from the 16-bit ones, this distortion being the time alterations that allowed chaos emeralds to allow time travel and the use of chaos control (which seemed to be some kind of time warp).

    Now, as I see the chaos emeralds question in the classic trilogy...

    1) Echidna civilization goes to hell. Chaos Emeralds (Super) remain at Angel Island in the form of those powerless grey rocks, their sparks of power being the regular Chaos Emeralds that now inhabit West Side Island.

    2) History repeats itself on a lesser extent this time, giving an end to the ancient civilization of West Side Island. Most Chaos Emeralds are cast out of the island again, while a lonely one stays and causes the illusions that shroud said island, and the remaining six getting caught on the special dimension to which South Island is a portal, this landmass becoming their longterm home until the games happen.

    3) Sonic 1 happens. When Sonic releases the emeralds to the sky with a pure heart wish or something like that, freed emeralds return back with their sister in West Side Island. Somehow, Sonic's good vibes gave their harmony back to the Chaos Emeralds.

    4) Sonic 2 happens. Nothing special to say, just that it's easier for everyone to spot the chaos signal now they know the real emeralds.

    5) S3&K happens. When the cores of the super emeralds return to their home and Sonic loses them, emeralds choose to hide in the special stage dimension again since they have found a home there before. Their rocky super bodies vanish when Sonic and Tails approach the island to avoid repeating the sins of the past, but recovering the little jewels again and taking them to the altar give the big ones a reason to reappear and invite the hero to restore them and fulfill the prophecy.

    6) S3&K still happens. The island is still in peril and Knuckles has never befriended the emeralds, so they repeat their cycle of separation and hiding, but stay near during his story. At the end of this, however, the Master Emerald is exhausted because of how much power everyone's hyper forms took away, and the super emeralds sacrifice their enhanced power to restore their master, thus leaving their rocky husks behind again and staying as the less powered and regular sized chaos emeralds for whatever comes next.

    One note: the Master Emerald was always there, but wasn't noticed as an independent thing since it has enough own power to cause radars to think the seven chaos emeralds were around (no one new about it, after all). It wouldn't vanish like the others because it was "the pillar" of Angel Island and had somehow to stay there to avoid bigger issues. Oh, and it could have beee the eighth emerald of sonic the fighters, unless it was the phantom ruby casting an illusion upon itself.

    Another possible explanation is people call "Chaos Emeralds" to all kinds of power jewels, and each set is in fact a different thing with slightly different powers, just think time stones look identical to chaos emeralds.
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    The way I saw the Chaos Emerald thing is that they don't rest on the islands, but rather there are entry points into the Special Stages which do. Legend corruption results in several islands where they rest instead of several islands where you can get to their realm.
  4. My headcanon for the Sonic timeline is:

    1. Sonic 1 (16-Bit)
    2. Sonic CD
    3. Sonic 2 (16-Bit)
    4. Sonic 3
    5. Sonic & Knuckles
    6. Sonic Adventure
    7. Sonic Adventure 2

    And that's it. Everything else was just a bad dream. :V
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    You wanted to say:

  6. No. Sonic Mania was a good dream, but still just a dream.
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    Yeah, caused by the Phantom Ruby. >=D
  8. When he escaped the Phantom Ruby's world, he woke up and found out that the Sonic Franchise died with the Dreamcast. Everything else was just an illusion! :specialed:
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    Plot wise, I don't count Dreamcast games, even if I liked them. Perhaps I should consider SA1, but never SA2. And I do count my interpretation of Mania, which doesn't include Forces, Sonic's good ending leads directly to encore mode. :V
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    The problem with Plus is that it leads into some alarming issues regarding Robotnik's sanity. If we consider Mania's plot to go something like this:
    • Sonic & Tails go to Angel Island, intro unfolds, teleported to GHZ, events play out.
    • Knuckles is also at Angel Island and somehow witnesses the Phantom Ruby being stolen a second time. Either way, Knuckles's story begins shortly after Sonic's begins.
    Both Sonic and Knuckles fight Robotnik independently. It seems a little questionable for Robotnik to use each boss twice for Sonic & Knuckles, but it is still quite possible. Sonic & Knuckles each battle the final boss, then Super Sonic fights that one boss from 3D Blast and Heavy King. Everything goes back to normal and Little Planet disappears until the next nostalgia tour. That all pretty much works, pretty basic, but it's okay.

    That is until we throw in Plus. Robotnik is betrayed by the HBH for the second time, he uses all his same bosses again for the third time, and his reuses his entire plan again. I know "plot doesn't matter" but it should at least make some sort of sense! Was it even that clear that Robotnik was betrayed in the first place, let alone twice? If there's some obscure detail that I missed, please do tell, but this is what I put together after playing the game.
  11. That's why I was initially hesitant to include Plus in the timeline. It could be a re-do of Mania entirely though, as-in the events of Mania & Forces were reset after the conclusion of Forces. Then Mania (Plus) begins anew. Sonic may have déjà vu, but for Eggman it is all unfolding for the first time.

    Doesn't really handwave Eggman re-using defeated bosses for Knuckles. Perhaps Knux just arrived on the scene too quickly after Sonic had passed through, so Eggman scrambled to repair the bosses.
  12. I just treat Mania as officially licensed fan fiction and pretend that it's not canon, along with Forces, 4, and Generations.
    And everything else that came after the Dreamcast (especially the post-2010 stuff). :V
  13. I feel that, @CynicalSonicGuy. It certainly makes sense to given the genesis of Mania, and Forces bit off more than it really delivered on. Generations is pretty easy to write off as well, given it was a fan-service project.

    All that said, I just enjoy the mental gymnastics. Especially since I often learn something new each time I check out the manuals and the wonderful wiki. Or I relearn things I had forgotten...

    Oh yeah, and regarding capping the timeline with SA2... I can only agree on the grounds of quality.
  14. That's fair. From a story/lore standpoint, ending the series with S3K or SA1 would've been fine, too, as those were basically the last games made by the original Sonic Team staff.

    The main reason I say SA2 is simply because that was the last swan song of the series before Sega went 3rd party, even if it was basically Maekawa's fan fiction with government conspiracy sci-fi action movie schlock with shounen anime elements mixed in, but I have a soft spot for the game, and it's craziness, so I give it a pass. It was a pretty successful game, too, even if it got mixed reception among fans and critics and isn't considered as good as its predecessor.

    Point is, Sonic's reputation started going down the gutter around 2005/2006, and we all know why, and the series has never fully recovered since. In its current state, I feel it's mostly surviving from merchandise sales and ironic memes, and it feels as if the games are more or less treated as an afterthought. That's what this video game icon has been reduced too. It's sad, really. Maybe if the series died off early, it could at least be remembered with some shred of respect, and not "HURR DURR GOTTA GO FAST, HAHA I'M SO IRONIC HURR SONIC WAS NEVER GOOD".

    I apologize for my rambling, I just wish things had been different.
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    This looks fun, i'd like to give this a shot. It makes sense to me to not include any DIMPS titles:

    Something to note - As far as i know Classic Sonic and Modern sonic are both supposed to be 'Sonic' , so splitting the timeline in multiple directions doesn't make sense to me. It makes more sense that the games appear more than once in the list.

    1. Sonic 1
      • Sonic's first debut, the Chaos Emeralds don't really have any explained power
      • Mobius becomes a thing.
      • Sonic defeats eggman.
    2. Sonic CD
      • Sonic learns the spindash, albeit a basic one. His quest to stop Eggman through time and take the Time Stones from him gives the stones some actual power.
      • Little planet becomes a thing.
    3. Sonic 2
      • Sonic meets Tails, they both team up to stop Eggman from using the chaos emeralds.
      • Sonic learns a better spindash. Learns how to harness power from stones
      • The power enables him to survive in space. Destroys the death egg, Tails saves sonic on the Tornado.
    4. Sonic 3&K
      • Upon beating eggman, Sonic & Tails land on Angel Island.
      • Meet Knuckles
      • Destroy the 2nd death egg while it was being constructed, and 3rd death egg after it launches from Lava Reef.
      • Defeats eggman in space once again.
    5. Sonic Generations - Young sonic
      • Sonic from the current timeline (Classic Sonic) is brought into the future.
      • Sonic can't speak at this time, or light dash.
      • Classic sonic must revisit all previous areas from his timeline (At this point, Sonic has visited all previous 'classic' levels for this to happen)
      • He also visits 'future' levels from his adult/older self.
      • Future Sonic and Current Sonic defeat eggman, Sonic returns to the present.
    6. Sonic Mania
      • Sonic returns to Angel island to find the Egg-robos 'Hard Boiled Heavies' digging up the phantom ruby.
      • Sonic must revisit previous areas he's gone through once again to defeat Eggman and get the ruby. (At this point, Sonic has visited all previous areas that appear in this game, so it makes sense to me)
    7. Sonic Forces - Young Sonic
      • Sonic has once again been taken to the future, by the ruby at the end of Sonic Mania. I'd imagine that Eggman during this time in the present has collected the 7 chaos emeralds without Sonic being around. When Sonic is finally taken back to his current timeline after forces, he's probably then taken to earth instead of mobius - Cue some lore from Sonic X episode 1 for this to happen.
    8. - Sonic X fills the gap between 'Classic' Sonic and 'Modern' Sonic, overlaps with the two games a little.
    9. Sonic Adventure 1
    10. Sonic Adventure 2
    11. Sonic Heroes
    12. Sonic 06 - Has to happen to introduce Blaze / Silver :/
    13. Sonic Unleashed
    14. Sonic Colors
    15. Sonic Generations Again - As Older Sonic
    16. Sonic Lost World - Has to happen because of Zavok :/
    17. Sonic Forces - Again As Older Sonic
    18. - Future Sonic Titles ? -
    19. Sonic 06 - The end of the timeline where the world is pretty much destroyed. At the end of several games Silver has said that his future was saved, however whenever Silver returns in the series, it's because his future has become bad again, so imo this future is in flux but generally favors destruction.

    Games I believe have been removed from the timeline / Sonic Team pretend don't exist, or are spin-off titles.
    • Sonic Wii games
    • Game Gear / Master System Sonics
    • Sonic Spinball, Shuffle, Pinball Party etc.
    • Sonic Chronicles
    • Sonic R, Kart racers
    • Any DS titles, Dimps titles, pocket adventure, etc.
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    there isn't a timeline
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    Seriously, whenever there's time travel there's a chance that somewhere someone is interfering with the time line.

    If that's true then...
    Every game (except Sonic 4 ep. 1 + 2) has its own time line? :psyduck:
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    Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are connected too. Not super connected or anything, but they clearly take place in the same universe.
    edit:Throw in Shadow and Battle too, while we're at it. The Adventure games really had some kind of ongoing lore behind it, shame they abandoned this idea since 06.
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    Hm, something tells me that in order to find an answer we have to dive into mathematical territory.

    Minimum amount of time needed to play through everything equals minimum length of time (line).
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    Does that include glitches? Not to mention if we consider an 'in-universe' perspective, Sonic still needs to pause, figure out where he's going and go from there. You can't tell me he didn't miss a shortcut since the longer path was in view, but he didn't know it, for instance.