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The community turns 20 years old this year

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cooljerk, Jan 3, 2017.

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    Can't believe it either. I used to tell that story about being on insidetheweb's GoldenEye 007 boards where I met Pelord; the community was centered around Ænema's board (Eon_Blue at OCReMix these days; his board was The Goldeneye Archive Files). The story was something about introducing Pelord to the Simon Wai Sonic 2 Beta website, which was serendipitous as he preserved the site during some kind of interstitial period...

    Can't even remember the details anymore. I'm still happy to see SubDrag working on GE007 stuff (updating even just a few days ago!). His name was one of many I saw on those ITW boards back in 1998/1999, when we were still debating the existence of a GE007 beta, desperately searching for Oddjob/Mayday and the All Bonds code from EGM, and forever waiting for a moon jump/Y-coord Gameshark code to surface...

    If any of those old faces ever see this -- DaScoob, West, Wreck, Æ, SubDrag, E-man, Bad_Boyz, BUDSMOKAZ, the members of the AAB3:16?, Rob (who legitimately beat Egyptian with 007 Mode maxed out) -- ØØ2 says hello.

    By the way, did anyone ever track down DreamTR's Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon prototype? I didn't have the $450 to buy it 11 years ago, and whoever snagged it hasn't dumped it...
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    The next audtion
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    I've been a 'lurker' here for quite a long time, perhaps close to 5 years, but I didn't sign up until earlier today. Boy, I wish I had signed up back then! Perhaps one day, I too shall be an 'Oldbie'
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    I've only been a member since 2009,I only signed up on here Retro when I actually had stuff to post, been lurking since Area 51 and few other Sonic boards using the Sega Saturn Netlink lol
    Anyone here remember #Sega on IRC?
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    This needs more context. why would he be soo upset at an old concept like that?

  6. Because if the Mega Man Legends 3 snafu taught us anything, it's that Japanese game developers hate the idea of the public getting their unworthy mitts on anything beta-related about their games or having any say in the game's development. Outsiders are never supposed to see anything but the finished product, and should have no input on any of the games' features.
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    Long time has passed. I cant even remember much of when I joined.

    I had applied here and on SSRG, and a certain admin liked my post on SSRG and liked me, and let me into Retro.

    Hung out in the IRC and was even apart of that "Sonic 4" project that went no where.

    Fun times.

    Now a days, I just occasionally lurk to see what's up. I should get back into the IRC for old times sake.
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    I lurked around in Sonic Cult back in 2005 or so. Didn't actually start discussing prototype Sonic stuff until I joined this place.
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    I'm well aware this post is bumping a thread that hasn't seen activity in a few months, but I was keeping this post until this specific date. Why is that might you ask? Well if you look at the join date on the profile part of this post, you'll notice that today is the tenth anniversary of this account being created, and this is pretty much the tenth anniversary of myself being a member of this community, although it may have started a few weeks before that, I can't give an exact date as previous websites and forums have closed down or suffered server issues that required a restart from scratch. Regardless, I count the Retro join date as where I started, even if I didn't start posting until a few months later as I failed the test and got to do it a few months later.

    The first year was a rough ride for me, because I hadn't got used to how this whole community operated and as a result I kept on doing some rather stupid stuff that put me in the bad books of a lot of people, and it got to a point where I was accused of hacking the IRC server which led to a ban on a good amount of places (that was later reversed when it was found out to be an impostor), and also I was accused of stealing stuff from Megamix from an old hack of mine that wasn't exactly the truth, it was rather an accident that there were some similarities, but it wasn't a complete ripoff, unlike other people who legit stole content. Regardless a good load of people wanted me gone and they used that as a good excuse.

    Anyway late 2007 / start of 2008 I went back on the IRC channel and a former admin gave me the chance to take the test again and do another trial period, which went flawlessly, giving me this yellow member tag that I've had since then. I've done various things during my time in the community, including nearly 2,200 edits to the wiki (which became a regular thing for me until I lost interest), becoming part of the Sonic Hacking Contest team which later resulted in becoming the main person in charge, being involved in various things such as SAGE, the SSRG, and a whole load of other things I can't remember. I also contributed to various hacks such as Sonic Boom, Sonic 1 Lunacy, Sonic ERaZor, and so much more. In fact, here's a whole load of contributions I made according to my wiki page that really needs a good update, I haven't done anything with it for a few years:
    You DON'T want to know what Sonic and Friends is.

    Ten years later, I'm still around, just not that much active any more. As much as I admit that there are many things I would have liked to have done in these ten years that I didn't get to do, or many things I that I would have liked to have been involved with but could not for various reasons, I am grateful for the opportunity I've had with being in this community as well as all the people I've met on here. Certainly, there have been aspirations that I never got to reach. Certainly, I admit that I wasted a good load of time on stuff I wish I hadn't. Certainly, there have been periods of time where I was disgruntled at certain parts of this community for various reasons (fortunately most things have improved now). Certainly, there have been times where I have been caught up in messes that were completely regretful and I wish I hadn't, but not everyone is perfect, it's happened to a lot of people. Not everyone gets everything handed to them on a silver platter. Some people get it lucky, others simply don't. Unfortunately there are those out there who don't see eye to eye on me, and I wish I could do something about that, but a lot of people could easily say that about themselves.

    Here's to another ten years...who really knows though. Then again, there are still people in this community who have been involved since the late 90s. I actually had a laptop in 2003, I just really didn't have an internet connection though, otherwise I likely would have been around before 2007. Not that I didn't know about certain sites before that year though.