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The BLUNT (Completely Biased) REVIEW with DjEAR

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Huepow00, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Huepow00


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    I've decided to review OCRemix's 4 Sonic the Hedgehog remix albums while being as honest, fair, un-biased, and caring of feelings as I possibly can.

    More information, including the full track-by-track review and other fun information can be found at the project's website:

    If you find offensive language or swear words not to your liking, I'd suggest not reading the review - as It's fairly raw. I invite you to leave feedback and thoughts in the comments below!

  2. Dissent


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    Went straight to the chase:

    Yep. Entire opinion invalidated for not knowing the difference between electronic dance music genres :v:
  3. Chibisteven


    You have never heard of a song with the bass panned off to the side? Well I have. It takes guts to make such a mix. Like panning the drums (like kick or snare) off to the side. Although most mixing engineers these days leave it in the center. There is countless mix styles out there. Temporal Duality is the worst overall when it comes to vocals and that is quite obivous.
  4. Yusuke


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    So it's "DJ Ear lords over everyone by being an elitist prick" hour? Neato. Figured I'd make a comment in a similar style as the reviews, it's only fair. It's constructive in places but then it's back to just self indulgence.

    (It seemed as though you were being mean just for the sake of it in a lot of those, then again I guess that was the goal though.)
  5. GeneHF


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    And this is why no one listens to people who try to discredit OC Remix, even if their toxic community is the natural spawn of some of their horrible mixes.

    Try again with less stick up the ass.
  6. Falk


    It doesn't take guts, you just don't get nearly as much mileage out of your dBFS by panning bass frequencies. Mainly because bass tends to end up being omnidirectional to the ears anyway, meaning if it's coming out of one channel you're essentially ending up with lower-perceived-volume bass frequencies while cramming the shit out of one channel while underutilizing the other. Many professional mix engineers know this at least subconsciously. It's not simply just an artistic direction resulting from wanting to be that one special snowflake. There's a practical reason.

    Remember when I said you should stop posting about the music industry? Yeah.
  7. Jayextee


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    Didn't fawn orgasmically over This Is Madness, opinion rendered invalid. I know about the music industry, as I own somewhere in the realm of three-to-four CDs and may have owned a cassette once.
  8. Felik


    I could never understand why would anyone waste their time to review a song. Leaving aside the fact that everyone has their own opinion on things and you practically can't objectively judge anything that's a product of people's fantasy and creativity, music tracks are 3-5 minutes long and you can just, you know, listen to them and make up your own opinion. You can just fast forward a track to the middle of it to get general idea of it. It's not like it's a movie which you gotta sit through for 2 hours or a game which you have to buy, install and play at least for a while.
    Music track has no bass, SO WHAT? That's the way original creator intended it to be like cuz he likes how it sounds that way. You can either like or dislike music.

    And don't start the "but I am not a pirate so I by music CDs or off itunes so I can't know if it's any worth before purchasing it" argument. 99% of the time you don't even know of track's existence until you listened to it somewhere (radio, TV, internet)
  9. amphobius


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    It's one thing if it's subjectively bad. I found the post-hardcore version of Sonic Boom pretty bad since the mixing is poor, the guitar tracking is frankly awful (there's even phasing from the guy hitting the wrong note whilst layering with the correct note, ffs) and I don't like the vocals. Out of the three things I said, only one of them is objectively bad; the guitar tracking, and a lot of people liked it since it sounds like modern post-hardcore and metalcore bands like Bullet, As I Lay Dying, etc. I don't mind post-hardcore, I'm just not a fan of it. I brought this up with the artist on Twitter - he was happy with my criticism and despite after me insulting him at first, I retracted that later and gave some proper meaningful criticism, including my problems with the mixing and guitar tracking. I wished him luck on his future endeavours and left it at that.

    Putting the bass down the side is objectively bad, however. With modern stereo music something straight down the middle has more power in it than putting it to the side. Bass takes up the low end of the audible frequency spectrum and as falk said, you get more from your money by having it down the middle. The only things that DO put bass down the side are orchestral symphonies and that's because of history - digital orchestral music changes what direction most things are panned to get more out of each instrument and their frequency ranges.

    As for the review, I never liked Hedgehog Heaven, myself, nor did I listen to the S1 remix album (I don't want to, either), and the Sonic Boom remix I mentioned was the only one I've listened to from the SCD album. Regarding the Project Chaos stuff, though, I loved it then and I still love it now. Probably the best album OCR have ever put out and ever will put out - even if some of the artists who featured on it don't think their work on it was their best as I found out from Twitter.