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Temporal Shift: Flow of Eternity

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    Temporal Shift: Flow of Eternity
    Temporal Shift is an RPG inspired by Chrono Trigger. It stars Cythan Algato, a wizard from the kingdom of Aelgaidia, who is searching for an ancient and powerful sword known as the Dreamblade, which is the only weapon capable of defeating Nightmare, the God of Darkness and Fear, who seeks to destroy the world. Cythan travels through time, making friends and foes, as he discovers the history of his family, and learns the secret of the Dreamblade.

    The game is made in RPG Maker VX Ace, and currently does not play similarly to Chrono Trigger, as I don't have scripts for that yet. However, making it play similarly to Chrono Trigger is a definite goal that I have, and I will hopefully be able to implement all the scripts necessary to capture the Chrono Trigger feel at some point.

    Every time you level up, you gain 8 Skill Points which you can spend at a crystal in the Mystic Forest (might be moved to a menu at a later point if possible) to increase your stats. The Skill Points system isn't 100% complete, so there's likely going to be issues that you may find. Don't worry, I'll try to get them fixed ASAP.

    Arrow Keys: Movement
    Z: Action (Attack/confirm)
    X: Open menu/cancel
    Shift: Run



    Redeeming Skill Points:


    Download Link

    Please note that this is not a finished game, and there are a LOT of placeholder songs and artwork.