Tee Lopes/Jun Senoue Remixes (was: Splash Hill Medley)

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  1. I hope SEGA maybe bring Tomoya Ohtani or Kenich Tokoi to do some songs with Tee Lope as well.
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    I don't think that a single person out there said "I bet that the last one will be Under Ground Zone from Sonic 2 8-bit". It's another banger though, and I think we could have all guessed that. Getting some Hot Shelter/Final Egg vibes from Jun's guitar here.

    It's a shame that these remixes have come to an end! I thoroughly enjoyed all four of them, and the Mania Adventures remixes that they did a while ago.
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  3. Almost every comment on that video is "SoNiC 2 8-bIt ReMaKe" or something similar.
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    I’m really enjoying these tracks. They may not be perfect (drums are a wee bit repetitive for my taste) but nevertheless fun to listen to.

    This combo hasn’t reached its final form yet. :)
  5. Ain't it always that way?
  6. Blue Blood

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    When the Station Square remix came about, people were legitimately taking it as a hint that an SA1 remake was in the pipeline. Now people are mocking of all that rampant SA1 remake speculation.
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    It is after all the track of S2 8-bit that everyone will know.... maybe one of two or three tracks they've ever heard of the game as well =P Really liked it.
  8. This, also worth noting that Sonic 2 was the bestselling of the 8-bit lot, around 2 million copies if I recall.
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    Kinda wish they'd release these in a lossless format (hell, I'd take 320kbps).
  10. I really hope they will release these special remix on Spotfiy eventually.
  11. If the Sonic Mania Adventures extended tracks are anything to go by, the next time Jun releases an album these remixes will go on there.
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    I would rather have high quality downloads vs streaming :V.

    This really makes me want a Jun Senoue x Tee Lopes collab remix album now and I would throw all my money at that if they did that. Some of these remixes have been simply incredible and it's quite disappointing they've finished doing them now.
  13. I dunno, I guess I'm in the minority but I'm really not feeling these tracks
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    Underground Zone was rearranged for Gems Collection too. Someone at Sega apparently has a thing for it.

  15. I know this thread is dead but, the remixes have been uploaded to Spotify.
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  16. And apparently, it is just "(Vol. 1)"...

    I guess we're getting more remix later.
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    It’s on Apple Music too!