Tee Lopes/Jun Senoue Remixes (was: Splash Hill Medley)

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  1. Since once again the "New Topic" button seems to be terrifying to other users for some reason I'm rescuing another topic that would have been buried in the Supreme Topic of Other Knowledge where it doesn't really belong.

    This is actually a pretty neat mix of Splash Hill, and it sounds much better than what was in Sonic 4! I like it and can't wait to hear the next remix.

    As an aside, do you all think a single post for the remixes would be better or a new topic with each release? I'm leaning slightly towards the latter myself, but I'm interested in feedback before committing to the decision.
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    I'd go with a single post for all remixes personally. The discussion is never too crazy about them, but it does tend to clog up the Supreme Topic of Other Knowledge a bit.

    Also, I said it on the other topic but I might as well say it here: remix sounds nice, yo.
  3. Rika Chou

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    Is that running animation the same as in Sonic 4? Looks better than I remember.
  4. MH MD

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    That's from episode 2
  5. This remix is great. It's great that they are making these remixes.
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    I've always liked act 3's tune
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    It's epic, it's loud, it's... Splash Hill Zone? Never liked this song but this really puts me in a good mood.

    Great, now I wanna play Sonic 4: Episode 2
  8. I love this rendition and am now left hoping to hear more music from Sonic 4 recieve this treatment.
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    This sounds great! Miles better than what we got in-game.

    Although, not to sound ungrateful of this remix, but: Out of all Sonic 4 Zones, Splash Hill Zone typically gets the most spotlight in terms of official covers, remixes and performances, and I'd like some other Sonic 4 Zones to receive this kind of treatment for a change. I'd love to hear Tee Lopes give a Mad Gear Zone or Sky Fortress Zone medley similar remixing to what he did for Flying Battery Zone in Sonic Mania. :)
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    They recognize that Sonic 4 existed, however are we still going with Sonic The Fighters as episode III? The Death Egg Mk. II/Little Planet has no resolution otherwise, even with Mania in the mix.

    Great remix I never knew I needed btw, especially those transitions.
  11. After much consideration, and allowing my ears ample time to heal after each listen, I'd really like Tee and Jun to tackle Oil Desert or Sylvania Castle. Those medleys could really shine.

    Though ultimately all of 4's tunes could probably shine with a new kit, as with all the handheld soundtracks barring that godawful Jacques one.
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    Or you talking about Sonic Chronicles? 'cause I don't think Jacques did that one, no?
  13. He did music for it, but I'm not actually sure how much of his is in the game. I hope not much, given how awful the music is.
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    This sounds really nice. Long before his involvement with Sega, the first thing I'd heard by Tee Lopes was a remix of Splash Hill, so it's cool to see this going full circle.
  15. Sir_mihael


    I'm gonna use this one chance to say the forbidden opnion that I would never express anywhere else.

    I actually like Episode 2 (and Episode Metal) and think it's a good entry, and showed Dimps could go in the right direction with enough feedback. I feel like the majority of Sonic 4 hate comes from Episode 1 rather than the sum of all it's parts, and a hypothetical Episode 3 would have been pretty good.

    Back on topic, this remix rocks my socks.
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    This came out of nowhere. Not that I'm complaining though, sounds great. Glad they seem to be getting Tee on board for more Sonic songs lately even if it is just remixes, the dude is amazing at what he does and it's clear SEGA (or at least SoA) has faith in him to make good music, even if it just means making these remixes.

    Hope this leads to him working on more mainline Sonic stuff. I'd be curious to see him do a full-on Modern Sonic soundtrack, or at least a few tracks just to hear how it'd sound.

    Wow, I'm no longer the sole person that liked Episode 2 anymore!

    Granted, my opinion on it has somewhat dwindled over the years, I still think it's a pretty fair game that is a lot better in almost every aspect to what Episode 1 tried to do and it's pretty fun to blaze through sometimes. Not amazing, but not awful either.
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    Ya I thought Episode 2 was fine. If Episode 1 was more like 2 i think Sonic 4 would have been remembered more fondly, but instead we're left with an unfinished story (although if you retcon Sonic the Fighters as Episode 3 it kinda works?)
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    I think everyone knows that Episode II was a step up from one.

    That's at least why I'm miffed that they canned Episode III. The third one would most likely have been the last one too.
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    Episode 2 took the game from bad to below average. The physics were still deeply fucked and the music still had some terrible instrumentation.
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    Oh absolutely, Episode 2 is still just okay and nothing more. It's not really "good" but it's not as bad as 1 was, so I can enjoy it for that in some regard, and I'm glad it at least tried to salvage something out of Sonic 4. Sonic 4 was doomed from the start, but Episode 2 was almost like a "hey, we tried" game. Doesn't fix the fact that it was a mess all around, but it feels like they wanted to do at least something slightly competent with the game that wasn't just a total overhaul.

    Whether that worked or not is mostly up to interpretation, though. :V