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Team Sonic Racing (Sumo Digital/May 21st 2019)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by 360, May 25, 2018.

  1. Laughingcow


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    I'd say Team Classic Sonic will either be DLC or a skin for modern Sonic. I base this on what happened with Sonic Dash.

    Not a fan of kart racers in general but consensus is that Sumo Digital doesn't suck as devs so the game should turn out good.
  2. NoNameAtAll


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    Well, I'm a bit bitter considering how amazing ASRT was. This feels like a massive downgrade in every sense of the word.

    ASRT actually got me into Shinobi thanks to Joe Musashi, the music, the track...things like that. It was wonderful.

    This feels uninspired much like everything else SEGA has tried to do with Sonic since Forces. I'd even say Lost World was fine because at least they were trying something sort of different. Did it work perfectly? No. But still.

    To me, Mania and Mania Plus are the bright spot in a dim tunnel...which is fine to an extent. The work that was done there was incredible. But 3D Sonic needs help. Big time.

    That said, I trust Sumo to make a solid game. I only hope SEGA doesn't strongarm them too much with certain design decisions.
  3. Pengi


    I'm not a fan of him, but I think Zavok is one of the more likely characters, due to "Power" being one of the three character classes. I'd say Vector, Big, Zavok and Omega are all likely candidates. Omega maybe less so, since he'd probably look really awkward in a car.

    I don't think Classic Sonic will be in the core game. I could see him as a pre-order bonus or something. Or a DLC pack with other Classic Series characters. Fang and Heavy Rider would be the best fits, since they're already associated with vehicles in the platformers. Classic Sonic would be cool if his car was the Cyclone from Sonic Drift. Classic Amy has either her Breeze car from Sonic Drift, or her car from Sonic R (I'd opt for the latter, given the logo).

    Honestly though, if I were in charge, I'd put Tangle in the game, even if just as DLC. Strike while the iron is hot. She's a Tyson "Sonic Mania" Hesse designed character, that's gotta count for something right? And the series is lacking in non-cutesy girl characters. If Sticks can make it into Mario & Sonic Olympics and Sonic Runners, then there's room for Tangle in this kind of game.
  4. XCubed


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    “Team Sonic” Racing. What is this? Sonic Heroes DLC?

    The “R” nostalgia pandering has reached a new low. I think after Mania Plus I'll be stepping off the train.
  5. Sgt Jack V

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    Am I the only one who thinks it should be called Sonic Team Racing? It rolls off the tongue better that way.
  6. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    No a lot of people do. But possibly two of the reasons they didn't call that was 1. "Sonic Team" is usually reserved for the developer name, where as they typically refer to teams as "Team *BLANK* (Team Sonic, Team Dark, etc) and 2. Because it'd sound a lot like Crash Team Racing.
  7. DigitalDuck


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    Well, I'm probably going to like the game because it's a Sumo-made racer.

    Disappointed in the mis-marketing - the 'R' would suggest a link to Sonic R, but no such link exists. Disappointed with the small number of characters - both Sonic & All-Stars Racing games had more characters than this, it feels like a regression.

    We know there are three character types, so the "15 playable characters" are probably split into 5 teams of three, but what if there's a different Team Adventure story for each of the five teams? Hopefully the teams won't be locked outside of Team Adventure, and that standard races (without teams) are available too.

    We know of at least five characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Egg Pawn. We've also seen a mystery character. So I'll call the character roster now (and get it completely wrong):

    • Team Sonic - Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
      confirmed in boxart
    • Team Dark - Shadow, Rouge, Omega
      Shadow confirmed in screenshots and trailer; Rouge and Omega are routinely teamed with him, and the trio had a group shot during the ending cutscene of Sonic Forces
    • Team Chaotix - Espio, Charmy, Vector
      a frequently-seen team, also recently having a group shot during the ending cutscene of Sonic Forces
    • Team Rose - Amy, Silver, (Blaze/Sticks/mystery character)
      Cream and Big unfortunately aren't seen anymore, but Amy and Silver are often shown together, being paired together in Sonic '06 and again shown together in Sonic Forces; the third character is a little in the air though
    • Team Eggman - Egg Pawn, (Metal Sonic/Infinite/mystery character), Eggman
      of course Eggman's going to be in this, we've seen Egg Pawn, and we'll probably see Metal Sonic too but we also might not because Metal Sonic sells too well as DLC
    • DLC: Team Classic - Sonic, Mighty, Ray
      half wishful-thinking, but also likely due to SEGA presumably wanting to promote Mania too - and this is the DLC most likely to sell.

    My wishlist would include 100% more Big, Classic Amy, Fang, Bean, Bark, and Motobug but they're much less likely.

    Speaking of the mystery character:

  8. CollectiveWater


    So "Mania Adventures" part 3 just hit, and there was no tease or anything related to "Team Sonic Racing" in it. Which isn't surprising since it's directly related to and all about "Plus," but does that mean we really aren't going to see actual gameplay footage of "Team Sonic Racing" until E3? That would be weird considering a ton of games press saw and played "Team Sonic Racing" at Judges Week recently, and it sounds like the embargo for them to give their impressions of it is up sometime next week.

    Gonna wait until there's footage of it in-action before giving my thoughts. The one thing I do feel comfortable saying before seeing footage of it in-action: seems like a bad move to make it Sonic only and not still have the broader Sega characters/universes, especially when the tracks from the broader world of Sega was the best part of the first two games.

    Still looking forward to seeing footage of it in-action and will reserve full thoughts until then.
  9. ICEknight


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    To be honest, I'd rather have fully separate universes/timelines/whatever from now on and have a separate all-Classic Sonic R 2 instead.
  10. big smile

    big smile

    ^ Same here. If they are going to do the two dimensions thing, then I'd rather they keep the Classic world separate. Especially as Mania has made Classic Sonic awesome again, so I don't want him polluted by Modern Sonic! :v:
  11. synchronizer


    It's just car-racing. That's a disappointment. Imagine a Sonic Unlesshed-style racing game...
  12. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    "Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed" was a title designed by committee.

    If nothing else, "Team Sonic Racing" suggests the committee got a bit smaller.
  13. Plorpus


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    It wasn't even Sega All-Stars, just All-Stars. Such a disaster of a title
  14. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    The best part was I got mixed up with the actual title and one of the titles I thought it should have had. Although I still think "Sega Racing Transformed" would have been more sensible (and it would have saved me trips to wikipedia to find out who Danica Patrick and Yogscast were).

    At least with a single franchise we can have some sensible boundaries. There was a lot of stupid stuff in Transformed that annoyed me because I'm exceedingly sad and know too much about the source material* - keeping it to a relatively easy franchise to research means I can only be ticked off by characters jumping around when they should be holding on to the wheel of their high powered vehicle. I don't like Sonic in cars and the modern 3D look is ironically looking dated at this point, but it's probably still the closest thing to a normal Sonic racing game since Sonic R. More in-universe than Riders and its hoverboards.

    *There's a line where Gilius Thunderhead casually says "are you in league with Death Adder" when somebody else succeeds, as a sort of jokey reference to the series. Now, Golden Axe doesn't wear the serious badge very well with its purple dinosaur things, but Gilius is meant to be the sole survivor of a massacre inflicted by Death Adder. His brother literally died in his arms. It's like... right there in the title sequence.
  15. Zephyr


    This is literally all I want.
  16. Adamis


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    Lammy and "Fafnir"

    Rouge and Omega confirmed !
  17. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Rouge was definitely going to be in, but Omega is never quite a certainty even in spin-offs. I'm really glad he's there though. While Shadow isn't my favourite character at all, for some reason I just adore Rouge and Omega. Nice to see them both show up.
  18. Jason


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    Looks like Transformed's trick system is still in. Liked that a lot.

    I can't help but feel that it appears more tame than Transformed. Not sure if that's good or bad yet. Maybe more fleshed out gameplay will give it more oomph.
  19. DigitalDuck


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    Yeah, this is exactly as I expected. It's ASR3 but only with Sonic characters.

    I have to say, Wisps are a good choice as powerups. Some of the previous items in the series were kinda generic, but Wisps are versatile enough that they could fulfill all the different roles required of items, e.g.

    Laser - linear attack (green shell)
    Drill - targeted attack (red shell)
    Spike - short-range radial attack (horn)
    Rocket - leader attack (blue shell)
    Cube - static attack (banana)
    Hover - catch-up item (Bullet Bill)
    Frenzy - invincibility (star)
    Burst - speed up (mushroom)

    It's a good choice and keeps the powerups consistent with each other. I like it.

    Bold characters confirmed. Let's see if this continues. :v: