Team Sonic Racing (Sumo Digital/May 21st 2019)

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    So uh. I hate to be the guy who cares about anything to do with "Sonic Lore", but do we get a reason for Zavok being in the game? Like did Eggman skype him back to life from the Lost Hex or is it a fool's errand to care at this point? :v: Not sure how much weight the story mode will hold (if any) in this
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    Talking about his English voice. His English voice actor is Bryce Papenbrook. Silver's Japanese voice actor is still Daisuke Ono. AFAIK, Japanese voice actors rarely change unless something serious has happened to them that prevents them from working.
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    Gotta say, the story so far has been good. Characterization has been fine as well.
    Sonic and Shadow are stuck in a dick measuring contest, more or less forgetting about stopping Robotnik. Everyone but Big is paranoid about the Tanuki. Robotnik is clearly doing something evil. Silver is such a dork that he doesn't know how to trash talk but has precog that something bad is going to happen. As for Blaze well the screenshot says it all.

    So far, I haven't run into any memes, self-aware references, or any of that Sonic Colors crap. Clearly they took those criticisms to heart.
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    Ah, okay. That makes more sense. Still though, Jotaro's VA? I'd better hear a "Yare yare" somewhere in there. :v
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    Sounds more like they couldn't get Ken Pontac and Warren Graff in time to pen to write the script (since TSR and Forces were in production at the same time at one point, they were probably contracted for the latter). They're the main reason the mainline games (or at least, their Western translations) have had that style of writing since Colors and onwards.

    Although that "Who's your daddy, Shadow?" quip from Tails still sounds much like something they would write...
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    Been playing it for a little while now, pretty fun game.
    The team oriented gameplay is pretty simple, but it makes you play differently from something like Mario Kart, it's really one of the most uniques kart racer around in my opinion.
    It's just a shame Sega didn't give them the budget to fill this game with a bunch of characters and tracks, there really isn't enough of either in game.
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    I don't know how much ten seconds of actual game footage will win over people who aren't already fans.

    [sub][sub]I'm also curious why Blue Bonnet and Imperial were able to be displayed so prominently but Hershey had to be taped over.[/sub][/sub]
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    Iizuka-san as the cashier at the end, Nice.

    Really love these ads they do. Nice seeing "Finger Gunz" at the end.
  9. Couple of questions:
    1: Do the mod drops favor characters you've played more? I just got 13 parts, 9 of which were for Sonic.
    2: If I transfer an Item Box that's type-exclusive to a teammate, do they get that item, or does it turn into an item for their type?
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    The teammate would get the item as is. They can use the exclusive items that don't belong to them they just cant get them themselves
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    I've been playing the game online with friends and it's really solid. It's a lot better than expected, and it feels like its own racer rather than a budget version of ASRT. As to be expected, the soundtrack is phenomenal.

    If anyone's interested, Fanatical is selling the game on PC for 18% off. They're a reputable retailer, so no stolen keys or anything.
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    Im playing the game online and am getting destroyed lol. I feel bad for my team.

    It's fub though.
  13. Dark Sonic

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    I'm very curious what this game would have been like had it not been delayed. Even now it doesn't seem perfect but it does seem fun.
  14. Switched to Shadow and got all his normal parts almost immediately. Don't have more than 4 for anyone else beside Sonic. So pretty sure I was right about the drop rates.
  15. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    I can kind of understand the thinking behind having to press the left face button to start a mission with cutscenes, but I still don't think it belongs (or the buttons should be switched) as most people by now are used to using the right or bottom face button, depending on the console, to confirm on a menu. Twice now I've finished a grand prix mission just to have to go find the cutscenes I missed on YouTube, because the story isn't default in the story mode.

    That aside, I'm having a great time. I'm still not completely sure what the rules are for the daredevil races, but I've managed to at least get one star in the ones I've had to do so far. Am I supposed to alternate the colors or what? The game isn't very clear.
  16. For Daredevil, red is worth more, so only go for yellow if for some reason red isn't an option.
  17. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    Thanks! I'm about to do ond now actually.

    I also gotta say, the story isn't anything amazing, of course, but I'm finding a good bit of the dialogue pretty entertaining.
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    The game is a hoot. It's not as bombastic as Transformed, nor as nostalgic, but it feels like a solid package. Its lack of variety is the big drawback. Too bad there are no plans for DLC, which I would actually welcome for a budget title. Transformed didn't get any modding as far as I know, so I don't know if this will either. Shame.
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    There's no plans for DLC? Damn, and this game is really gonna end up needing it in a few months, too.

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    Maybe a new type of PRing?