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Team Sonic Racing (Sumo Digital/May 21st 2019)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by 360, May 25, 2018.

  1. Plorpus


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    At first I was thinking “why the fuck are they still pushing Zavok? Does ANYBODY like Zavok?” But then I realized: No, nobody does, but he's the only unique villain character with a model they can use. I mean, who else would they pick that wouldn't require more development time to implement (aside from Eggman Nega, who had a model in the Olympics games but is essentially a recolor)?

    There's Infinite, but I'm pretty sure they said they started development a few years ago, so I'm not sure how much access they would have had to the Forces dev team's assets, and Infinite was dead plot-wise anyway.
  2. Gestalt


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    What bugs me is that we're most likely not to see how they teamed up. I mean, are they friends now? Hopefully story mode will shed some light on this.

    Now that we know the 15 characters I believe I have a better understanding of what Team Sonic Racing is all about: driving and fighting. That's what makes it interesting. A shame that some of my favourite characters are missing. There's no excuse for that.

    Ok, this made me laugh:
    [​IMG] :specialed:/>
  3. Sir_mihael


    Alright. I'll give one word of praise for Zavok. His Japanese voice actor is the great Jouji Nakata, who also voices dudes like Sol Badguy, Alucard (Hellsing) and has been in the gig since the 80's. Quite a legend.

    Of course, this has no bearing on Zavok as a character, but it's literally the only reason I don't outright shake my head everytime he appears.
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    Same here, he's dubbed in French by Benoit Allemane, who's been in the industry for decades. He voiced Yen Sid in Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts, Kain in Soul Reaver, Grougaloragran in Wakfu, and many more.
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    Yeah, I actually kinda like french zavok. Maybe it's nostalgia for Benoit's voice, I dunno. But I hope he's back for Team Sonic Racing, he made Zavok sound legitimately badass.
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    Sonic Forces Death Egg robots being brought back for TSR


    Also, Hashtags from Tumblr:

    #team sonic racing#sonic#sonic the hedgehog#explosions#big lasers#snow and ice and stuff#hash tags hash tags hash tags#ok that's probably enough to hide this from showing up#now for a secret message#we have a new music track arriving next thursday#and it's not from TSR...#and it's an extended remix of a track you've heard before...#but this is a brand new mix!#and it has a couple names involved we think you'll like..#and that's all for this SECRET HASHTAG MESSAGE#have a good friday everyone!#up over and gone!

    An extended remix which is not TSR. Maybe a track from Mania?
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    Concept art this late in development? And oh boy, more music... I know it gets the fans hard and all, but where is the core content of the game, or is it just so unchanged from previous footage that there's literally nothing to show?
  8. LukyHRE


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    RE: Hashtags. It's an extended remix of a classic game boss theme, made by Tee.

  9. Jason


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    It's why there's no hype. What gameplay we've seen wasn't too stellar. You'd think they could at least get a good run of Planet Wisp recorded to prove it's fun. Any gameplay footage is under lock and key, and we're 4 months away from the release date. Things must still be rough, which is disconcerting.
  10. 360


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    Hmm. Interesting. Standalone music track being released unrelated to TSR? So surely it must be intended for a future game then? As Sega don't tend to produce music unless there's a Sonic game project related to it. If they are doing that it'd be the first time they've done so. Dare I say this could be our first indication of the game to follow Mania? Could be reaching but one can dream.
  11. Well judging from the job listings at Sumo Newcastle, who are at the very least helping, if not leading development on this, they're still recruiting Animators, Artists and Programmers.
    No idea if it's for this game or a future project, but things aren't looking great if it is for this.

    edit: this is also Sumo Newcastle's first project that they've been involved in since opening. I really hope that they can hold a candle to the racers made by the Sheffield division.
  12. Linkabel


    Since he mentioned that it was a boss theme from a classic game I want to say it's going to be the song for Big Arms from Sonic 3.

    Maybe to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game? Makes more sense than a new game.

    (Or maybe a remaster?)
  13. Beltway


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    lol ugh

    if TSR was going to reserve a zone/three stages for sonic forces, then they might as well had thrown in infinite onto the roster

    at least with that in mind, his inclusion would certainly make more sense than having zavok there

    People have pointed out that a remix of Big Arm plays in Mania Adventures Episode 5, during the fight against Metal Sonic.

    There's a pretty good chance that's what the remix is.
  14. Pengi


    It's Sumo Nottingham making the game.

    This doesn't appear to be what's happening (Sonic Forces didn't have an ice level). Several of TSRs "Zones" appear to take bits and pieces from across the series. So for the desert zone, we've seen one area that looks like SA2's desert levels, another that looks like SA1's Sand Hill, one will have music from S&K's Sandopolis...

    So far, I think the Death Egg Robot is the only element we've seen that's derived from Sonic Forces.

    As for Infinite, the way he was presented in Sonic Forces and the way he sort of mysteriously vanished (due to vague/poor writing), would merit a suitably dramatic return.

    But that's just because they're giving Team Sonic Racing some form of a story. If they started adding bonus, non-story characters, that would work.
  15. Overlord


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    I'd quite happily take a clean version of that track, yeah =P
  16. Jay T.

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    Can't say I have a major issue with Zavok being involved, since there's barely any Power type antagonists to choose from other than another robot from Eggman. Plus I kind of, sort of like his design, even though it is pretty out of place. I wouldn't have been too against the idea of Infinite being involved, but his fate is still pretty up in the air, but leaning on that he's not around anymore. I was thinking that if Infinite was playable, maybe a couple of his mercenary friends should team up with him, but I'm pretty sure it's heavily implied Shadow killed them (Kind of sucks if that's true, imo, but c'est la vie). Probably wouldn't work anyway, but it's just a thought.
  17. Aaron dropping music tracks on social media is probably the smartest marketing move considering even the worst Sonic games have great soundtracks. It does feel like a subtle admission of defeat though.
  18. Boxer Hockey

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    They posted tracks for Mania and Forces during the lead-up for those, so I don't think that's a factor. It's just an economical way to keep content flowing.
  19. I stand corrected. I was looking at the blurb for the wrong studio.
  20. we saw music tracks for Mania and Forces alongside other content like gameplay videos and trailers, but ever since the delay we've only been seeing music after they had dropped a few gameplay videos and demo'd it at conventions and events. It feels like they're really holding back now, even the concept art the other day, like why not show a screenshot from the actual stage? I'm not complaining about the music, I'm glad we're getting something especially when its as good as the music has been, just pointing out how strange the development/marketing of this game has been.