Team Sonic Racing (Sumo Digital/May 21st 2019)

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  1. Dark Sonic

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    Yea I guess technically Zavok is one of the few villains of the week who isn't dead. They didn't have any good options.

    The modern series really needs some more villains that hang around. The Classic universe now has like, 12 usable enemies (Eggman, Metal Sonic, the 5 Hard Boiled Heavies, Metal Knuckles, Tails Doll, Fang, Bark, and Bean) while the modern series has 8 usable enemies (Eggman, Metal Sonic, and the Deadly six, but out of those 6 only Zavok and Zazz are ever used)
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    I've been trying to curb my criticism of TSR lately simply because its a spin-off but Zavok still feels bottom of the barrel even though the barrel is maybe an inch deep.
  3. Frostav


    That dude who worked on Colors and Lost World will not, and I really mean N O T let his shitty ideas go. I know that forcing stuff you want to be popular is common in all media franchises at times, but Sonic Team feels like the only developer that won't stop years upon years after everyone has made it clear no one wants these forced villains (and wisps for that matter).
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    I'm not a fan of Zavok and his crew, but since they needed a character who is both a strong guy and a villain, he makes sense. It helps that they already have a model for him.
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    Zavok is whatever. Roster is super-whatever (except for Big, of course).

    At least they didn't gun for Infinite on Team Eggman, I guess.
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    At least Infinite is kinda hot without the mask.
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    It's a shame that the Sonic R reference in the logo for TSR is turning out to be purely superficial.

    Would've been cool to see Metal Sonic, Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles all in a team.
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    They're so evil their shadows point in different directions.

    My expectation is that it's a Sumo Digital decision - that seemed to be the case with All-Stars Racing (Transformed) and it falls into line with their past choices.

    Those being to implement characters in a slightly awkward way that doesn't really reflect the established lore. There were a few in Transformed that said or did things that didn't really "feel" right - as if the team had had a very quick glance at the back catalogue rather than absorbing key details.

    (although in fairness, the same could be said for much of the audience)

    It's odd to reference Lost World though, as by producing Sonic Forces in the way that they did, they're effectively acknowledging that the Lost World style of play didn't really work. Though I guess Forces didn't work either. None of this noise works stop putting Sonic in a car*.

    *although I've actually grown to appreciate Sonic in his not-Ferrari Ferrari in Sonic Drift. As it is both a symbol of "being fast" and is red, its a reasonable replacement for Sonic's red shoes, which are probably the most iconic part of his being (or at least it was in 1993 - before the Sonic & Knuckles logo got you appreciating his bonce). Also two-tone colour is a lot more interesting on the eye. Likewise Tails in British Racing Green - it's just so much better than ORANGE MOBILE.
  9. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I'm really wishing Fang, Bark and Bean had been reintroduced in Heroes now.
    Literally nobody likes bootleg Bowser. Or even the Wisps, for that matter.
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    Thing is, I actually did like the Wisps when they first appeared in Colours, but it's their appearance in every game after that's left me wishing they were never invented. If they were reserved for a dedicated Colours 2 then I don't think anyone would really have as much reason to hate them as much as they do now. If they only ever appeared again in a Colours sequel my reaction would be "oh my god! these guys again!" instead of the typical sigh and "oh god... not, these guys again..." that comes with them being shoehorned into other games.

    Zavok on the other hand... I don't think anyone ever liked him in the first place lol.
  11. Dark Sonic

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    Yea I'm kinda with you there. They were neat in Colors, they made sense in Generations, then Lost World came around and it was a little confusing that they were back. I didn't hate how they were used in Forces, as Sonic didn't use them only the avatar did and they did so with a weapon that was faster paced than the Wisp's execution in Colors and Lost World. I also don't hate them in this game I guess. They're power ups for cars. Makes sense. Idk what other items would they use, you got a couple shields maybe, speed shoes, invincibility, but a lot of these things don't really apply to Modern games at this point.

    Actually I like that they're using Wisps because if the alternative is what they did with the All Stars games then pass. "Yea Baseball Glove and RC Car from my favorite Sega games(TM)!" Like what the hell were those items?

    But yea Zavok. Didn't like him then, like him less now. I liked his boss theme enough though.
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    I'm honestly more tired of seeing Metal Sonic than Zavok. I wish they would use Mecha Sonic again, IMO he's always been better than Metal. Or hell, what would have been even better is seeing Metal Knuckles return! But neither Metal Knux or Mecha is probably ever going to return... :\
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    It doesn't help with the Deadly Six that they're all so generic; whether it's Evil, Old, Fat, Crazy, Emo, or Girl. (I'm sure they also have other names.)
  14. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    It is funny how Metal Sonic went from like nonexistent to 4th main character in the past 10 years. I guess they just consider those other Sonic robots to just be robots rather than characters.
  15. Laughingcow


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    I just wonder why they don't go with Neo Metal Sonic considering the continuity split. Or at least have it as Metal's ascended state.

    BTW, they could have just gone with an Artificial Chaos as their power driver. Let's them use chaos without breaking continuity (like they give a shit).
  16. Pengi


    It has vertical white stripes on the sides, so that was definitely the intention. They were probably thinking along the same lines when they introduced the Tornado in Sonic 2.

    It's just more interesting visually when the colors of the vehicle contrast with the driver, rather than blending together. It feels all a bit too trite when the vehicles are modeled after their driver, Batmobile style. You get a bit more insight into Sonic as a character when he's the kind of guy who's into vintage bi-planes and red sports cars, instead of just "this car is blue and spiky because Sonic is blue and spiky". It's cool that Blaze's car looks classy and regal, but does it need cat ears? And of course Vector would drive a tacky pimped out muscle car, but does it need to look like a crocodile?

    Come to think of it, isn't this game supposed to have a vehicle customisation feature? I wonder when they'll show that off.
  17. snubn0zemunkey!


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    My guess is that since it's a team based game, they probably wanted vehicles that are easier to recognise as belonging to your team-mate during a race. Like, you're in a race and you see this big spiky blue car and you immediately think "oh that must be Sonic and he's on my team".

    I definitely agree though that it's better when vehicle designs are different from the character. It's the reason why Crash's kart is blue in CTR. The blue compliments his orange.
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    Game still seems quite rote and uninspired, sadly. Tee Lopes on the soundtrack is the only glimmer of light here. What mystifies me is that All-Stars Racing Transformed supposedly sold millions, even on the Wii U, so you really would have thought a proper successor would have been speedily green-lit. Instead we're going Sonic-only with Sega's legacy stripped out of the game and everyone's not as hyped because of it. I mean I wish Sega all the best with this and hope it reviews well - but it's yet another game (after Forces) that I can just easily skip in the hopes of something better coming along.

    Sumo will undoubtedly produce a decent and solid game here but it's just so colourless and uninspired relative to their past work. Still hoping for the best though.
  19. Frozen


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    I really want to see a Sonic racing game ispired to OutRun, where you can choice the different routes and visit different places from sonic series (how about a fan-made game or a MOD for outrun 2006?)

    p.s. Isn't Infinite better than zavok?
  20. Linkabel


    To me what doesn't click with the Deadly Six is their designs. I think the Sonic cast has always had generic personalities but it's their designs that makes them interesting.

    For example, the Hard Boiled Heavies have generic personalities too. Heavy King just screams I want to betray Eggman cause I'm better, Heavy Rider is the thrill-seeker one, Heavy magician is the tricky one etc etc. but their designs just work and look like Sonic characters (and Sega employee that's reading this I want to see more of them please, pass this along) and to me that makes them more interesting.

    But the Deadly Six, at least to me, just don't look right next to the cast. They are not bad by any means, but they don't look like Sonic/Sega characters.

    I almost wished they looked more like they came out of Sonic/Nights into Dreams than Nintendo or whatever they were going for if that makes sense.