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Team Sonic Racing (Sumo Digital/May 21st 2019)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by 360, May 25, 2018.

  1. The last team is Team Monster Sponsered Racers - Valentino Rossi, Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block.
  2. I think I'm probably the only person that actually liked Big's SA1 gameplay :specialed:
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    As far as fishing goes, the gameplay was fairly solid. The issue was this was a main campaign thing and not say some unlockable mini-game.
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    Slice of life visual novel, coming soon...?
  5. Blue Blood

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    They should have made this clearer sooner, although the team system will no-doubt be mandatory in the story mode. They also need to better elaborate on the ranking system. The demo so far indicates that even if you come first individually, your AI teammates can utterly compromise final standings through no fault of your own. That's really not fine for a core feature of the game. In multiplayer mode (when you can communicate with your teammates might I add) it's not a problem. But for single player, that's a terrible mechanic. I sincerely hope they've not been dumb enough to let such a bad idea slip through without some reasonable compensation for it. It's something that every preview and impression I've seen has raised concerns about, but SEGA and Sumo have yet to provide any clarification, which leads me to expect that they know it's a mechanic that people will have a problem with and they don't have a solution.

    I'm sure the team gameplay will be enjoyable in its own way and under the right circumstances, but I'm far from convinced that it's a suitable concept for the game to be built around.
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    Well from every video I've seen that happen (including the one on the front page) it absolutely is the fault of the player - nobody seems to want to actually share powerups, even when they're in first.

    Of course your teammates are going to do badly when you're breaking out of the pack and then not helping them to do the same.
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    My friend Knuttunk has translated yesterday's Famitsu article on the game.
  8. Any chance of quoting it? It doesn't seem to let you view it without creating a Tumblr account because of "Safe mode" or something.
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    I made a Tumblr account so you don't have to!
  10. Thanks! And good job getting past the nauseating background (seriously what's up with that).

    Pretty standard stuff so far, though I do like the idea of mixing up team members whichever way you want for some modes, at least. Finally I can have the Sonic & Big adventure I've always dreamed of.
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    I wonder if the reason the cars look so blank and same-y is because they all share similar customizable parts and Sega has only shown the default cars. That being the case, I'm interested to see how extensively we can trick them out.
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    At EGX 2018, Sumo Digital will be holding a developers session about Team Sonic Racing. which will actually be live or watch later on the EGX Youtube account on the 21st of September at 3PM BST

    So we should have a "deeper" look into the game from the devs.
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    Good to know dude. Thanks for posting that and giving us a heads up. Team Sonic Racing is Sega's big Sonic game for holiday 2018 so I can see why marketing and promo would be ramping up as we approach the twilight of the year. There was a new Ice-themed track shown off at the Comic-Con panel which wasn't posted here so check out the link if you'd like to see it. It looks like a remake of Cool Edge from Sonic Unleashed (some have speculated it could be Ice Cap but to be honest I doubt it). It's only a brief glimpse (several seconds of footage) but it looks cool enough. Ultimately I'd rather Sumo Digital have been commissioned to make another All-Stars game and this does seem like a disappointing step-down from that - but Sumo are excellent at racers so the game theoretically should turn out quite excellent given the talent behind it. Might be best to wait on reviews with this one though hopefully Sumo will produce something decent here.

    EDIT: Updated the thread title to reflect the most recent news. Thought it was wise to give the entirety of Retro the heads up.
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    Yeah you are right there dude. If you remember when Mania was surprise-announced with the first Studiopolis footage the crowd went legit crazy. Now that was genuine excitement. This will still probably be a solid game with Sumo behind it - but it has quite possibly the least amount of hype for a major Sonic game in forever. Sega really should have just green-lit All-Stars 3.
  16. I'm looking forward to this, but I hope we get more characters.
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    I don't recall Boom getting all much hype either :v:
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    Brand new trailer showing the new ice track called Ice Mountain in a little more depth and clearer quality than previously
    It seems the Ice Mountain has some construction site on the stage as well so it's seems to be an original ice stage rather reusing an older stage. (Nothing to do with Sonic Advance it seems)

    I really hope Sumo Digital includes the option to mute voices again because all of those lines seem really annoying to me.
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    Ah yeah you beat me to the punch. Was just about to post this after seeing the new trailer on ResetERA. The game's looking proficient and good I guess - though still feeling somewhat lukewarm towards the game overall. Hopefully Sumo will deliver a decent racer here. It's the big Sonic game for this year after all. I'll probably wait for reviews on this one. It looks competent but not exactly thrilling.
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    The more that I see from this game, the more that it seems to be 'average' to me. Positives are that it looks competent on a technical level, and gameplay visually is smooth...

    ... On the other hand though, the gameplay mechanics themselves seem to lack 'oomph' for lack of a better descriptor, and I disagree with some of the aesthetic decisions.

    Why use Planet Wisp's design as a base for a racetrack, but then slap a generic grey tarmac along some of it? Where are Planet Wisps bold red/orange metal panels, and why aren't they part of the racetrack? Why isn't Planet Wisp's purple goop also seemingly absent? I also heavily disagree with the decision to not use remixes of Planet Wisp's music tracks, unless that Crush 40 music was placeholder for the time being. I would have loved to hear a great pumpin' piano variant of Planet Wisp music (Remixed by Richard Jacques preferably.), but sadly it seems that will not be the case?

    I'm still annoyed at SEGA for apparently not learning any critical press lessons from Sonic Forces - using Sonic R's "R" ever since the first tease of Team Sonic Racing is an aggravating marketing misstep if it bares no relevance to the game other than a shallow "Hey look guys, '90s Sonic racer logo reference!"

    Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to see this game out in case it ends up being a great hit, I just need to see something that would compel me to really play it. What they've shown so far looks confident technically, but lacking in gameplay appeal.

    It doesn't help either that Sumo Digital's previous Sonic game was Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed; in my opinion Team Sonic Racing has some significant shoes to fill as a result.