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Team Sonic Racing (Sumo Digital/May 21st 2019)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by 360, May 25, 2018.

  1. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I'm with you in this train of thoughts, but I also agree with people complaining about AI characters causing defeats to their team out of their dumbness. Some players, like probably me if I ever play this, can hinder their team as well just because we don't git gud enough. I think there are different kinds of unfairness here, so people prefers the one they already know and are used to.
  2. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    There's got to be some sort of concession built in to the game to benefit players that would be hindered by dumb AI, whether in single player or multi player. If not, it's an enormous design oversight that will bring the entire experience right down.
  3. Rlan


    I'm conserned about the team stuff as well, but also hope it's not required in a lot of modes. It would make characters absolutely mandatory so you can't just play the character you want. I don't recall of Transformed cared or not about duplicate characters online. If it's like "ah shit, someone chose Sonic, now I have to play as Tails or Knuckles" that's be a real pain.

    I guess it depends on if you're actually required to be part of the designated team or not. Story wise, sure - Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, but can you have a team of Sonic, Omega and Omega online?

    Also kind of ruins 4 player split screen modes, since either 3 people are on a team and one is on their own team with two CPU, or everyone is on a team with 2 CPU players each? It just gets confusing.
  4. 360


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    Amy and Big too:

    From the Sonic 27th anniversary Japan live stream. The only real news seemingly with no other big announcements. On a more positive note the Chao look adorable. Guess this also means Chao might be back in future Sonic games too. They won that poll Sega had a while back by a landslide and they're now in this game out of the blue.

    So I'd say the Chao Garden coming back in the near future might be quite probable now given their inclusion here.
  5. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    One character who was undoubtedly going to be in, one character who was likely but ultimately uncertain and one (four) curveball character(s). Not bad.

    Anyone else feel like the vehicle design in this game compared to the past two entries is bland and weak?
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    may a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest, my precious cupcake rabbit ;_;

    Amy was all but confirmed but Big is really surprising, does anybody actually like him ? Beside the memes, I mean.
  7. Willie


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    Tails is my favorite Sonic character and Knuckles was my most used character in Transformed, but I'm totally maining the chaos in the new game.

    How is Big surprising? He was playable in the first Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. I assumed any Sonic character from that game would return.
  8. Plorpus


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    I do
  9. Pengi


    I was expecting Amy and Big to be carried over from Sonic Heroes' Team Rose, but thought Cream might get replaced by Sticks or Blaze. A group of Chao racers is a nice, unexpected choice. It feels like a call-back to the Chao Walkers in Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) and the ChuChu racers in the original All-Stars Racing. Cream is one of my least favourite core Sonic characters, so I don't see her absence as much of a loss. (And for all we know, she could still be in the game.)

    This does kind of drive home how 5 trios just isn't enough to cover all the mainstays of the Sonic series, or to get fans hyped with some deeper cuts (G-merl, Marine, Metal Knuckles, Captain Whisker etc).

    So with two trios left, Team Chaotix is very likely. At the very least Vector is going to be in it, since he's a natural "Power" type character - which is exactly what earned him into the Sonic Free Riders and Mario & Sonic Olympics rosters sans Espio and Charmy. In that case, Blaze, Silver and Vector is a possibility as a team. And then for the final trio, surely an Eggman team? Eggman, Metal Sonic, maybe Zavok? Unless they approach Eggman as an overpowered boss-only character.

    Or maybe the final three characters won't strictly be a team who feature into the game's story, just three individual bonus characters? We know there's an option to mix-and-match characters outside of the story mode.

    I really want Blaze to make the cut. For the sake of variety, it's worth having a girl character who isn't a cutesy little kid or a femme fatale. For the same reason, if they want to offer Tangle as DLC, she'd be just as welcome!
  10. Jason


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    In a game that's being criticized for having characters talking non-stop, they made one of the characters Omochao.

  11. Pengi


    The All-Stars Racing games had the option to shut up the announcer. I liked the announcer in the last games, but I hope to god that there's a way to shut everyone up in this game.
  12. DigitalDuck


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    Big is a genuinely liked character. People only hated the fishing gameplay in Adventure, everyone loves the cameos in Adventure 2 etc.

    Amy was no surprise. Big was unexpected but not too much of a surprise. A team of Chao is a real curveball.

    Given that Team Chaotix is likely a full team, I'm wondering about the fifth team. It'd make sense to have a Team Eggman, but then that'd mean no Silver or Blaze and they're popular characters.
  13. big smile

    big smile

    How can they have a team of Chao, Amy and Big but no Cream? Wouldn't it have made more sense to have Cream with a team of Chao.

    Clearly something happened after Sonic Advance 3 and Team Jubilee came to an end.
  14. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I'm ok with this. Cream is a kinda useless character anyways, and it makes the Chao people happy.
  15. Willie


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    Maybe they'll add a 4th character to each team as DLC, turning the roster of 15 characters into 20? Has there been a game where Cream played a giant role since Sonic Advance 3? She seems to have been fairly irrelevant for over a decade now.
  16. I'm actually really happy Big is there. His gameplay was shit in Sonic Adventure 1, but the character itself is good and kinda funny in my opinion. I wonder if we'll have a remix of Lazy Days in this game.

    I also won't be mad if he'll be in the next main Sonic game.
  17. Sid Starkiller

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    Hoping we can mix and match our team rosters. I want Shadow/Sonic/Chao!
  18. Beltway


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    >Team Sonic Racing is based on teams of three

    >Chao is piloted by four chao

    >Any character with Chao on their team would be a group of six

    Inclusion of Chao breaks the balance of the game, 1/10

    >Big is playable


    ...okay, 3.5/10
  19. rata


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    Good that I'm not the only one, hmmm... creeped about the froggy-mobile.

    I would thought that Amy would have a more rounded and cutish car, but yeah, in overall they (the cars) don't have much personality.
  20. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Cream could go along Blaze and Silver on a different team ,as I don't think anything from Boom will come out of it, even if Sticks could be a great option and quite a unique one since she's not in the "main" modern games. Marine would be more fitting than cream in that team, but less likely as she's never been playable and had no impact on any other place than the game she's in; otherwise, even Elise could be on Silver's team. By the way, remember Cream and Blaze have met, so there's another reason to use her as an extra character for that team.
    Oh, and, if there's a car of chao, I want a car for Flicky and the rest of the gang.