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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Mar 24, 2022.

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    @shilz @BlackHole I’d highly recommend reading the 2022 IDW annual due to the status quo changes it introduces for Blaze and Silver. For starters, Blaze has seemingly defeated all the pirates on her world now, with the story going some way with dealing with what that means for her.

    Meanwhile, Silver is back from the future and he doesn’t really know why. He’s positioned as not being able to adjust to the peaceful future he’s helped create. That does sound a little distressing, but he’s able to have a heart to heart with Espio about it (which I’m just now realising may be tribute to Rivals 2). The thing about this that I think is really clever is that it allows Silver to stay in the present without ruining the good future that was achieved after the Metal Virus. That good future will seem to always be there because Silver seems to have decided to stay in the past, so he’ll always be around to make that good future.
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    Oh jeez... having never played that game. I mean that is down to direction. Introducing a new actor often means trying to mimic what the previous actor did... and as much as I loved Travis's voice, he was playing a comedic version of Knuckles a lot of the time.

    I am much happier with the more serious direction, Sonic Movie 2 proved you could make that character likeable and funny without him being silly. Forces was just weird... but I feel that came from them fixing what Lost Worlds did. Like Lost World has him acting tough and then a coconut falls on his head... god what was that game haha.
  3. Knuckles has been so directionless as a character so I'm not surprised his voice acting has reflected that.
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    Yeah, this was pointed out on Discord. As I said on there, shows how much I ended up playing that game :V