Tails misses a plane glitch on Wing Fortress Zone.

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  1. This glitch has bugged me years. I had to reset my game so much thanks to this glitch. I could not find that glitch on youtube but that's how it usually was. When you beat Eggman on Wing Fortress and you went down the hole and ran untill you stopped near the edge. Then when Sonic came up, Tails usually jumps on it and goes after Eggman right? Well, sometimes Tails does jump the same way and everything seems to go normal but when Tails is about to land on a plane, he suddenly gets shifted to the right side and falls off the plane and dies. After you die and try doing it again does not remove the glitch. If it already happened, it will forever untill you reset your game or lose all your lifes. This place has scared me sooo much whenever I arrived there. I remember I prayed or hoped it won't happen. Back then I did not know level select existed and I doubt I had internet too. If I did, I did not know that much English to find correct things. To me it meant that if it happened, I had to do all game all over again.

    Has anyone else had this glitch too? Anyone knows what causes this to happen? Could this fuck it up if I spindash too much before I arrive on the edge? I see if I can make it happen again so I can do a video and show you. I also think maybe it only happened with a pirate cart.
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    Could this be one of the glitches that were found and subsequentially fixed while making Sonic 2 Heroes?

    I remember there being some problems with certain characters in that scene.
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    Never had it happen in 17 years. Maybe it was due to it being a pirate? I know sometimes odd things can happen if you run there and push Sonic to the boundary being Super Sonic/other characters, but if you're playing normally it's fine.
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    Oh, damn. This happened to me when I was young. Not very often because I usually wouldn't play with Tails alone too much. Mine was a completly legitimate copy of the game, the one that comes with Tectoy's SEGA Mega Drive III (Genesis Model 2). Other weird things would happen as well, such as Sonic not stopping on the ledge, or Super Sonic missing the jump on the plane (falling way ahead of the plane's wing), or Sonic missing the jump to grab the ship, and making the screen loop vertically forever.
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    Only ever had it happen when playing on an emulator. But I have to acknowledge that before emulator became the exclusive way for me to play any of the games, I rarely used the play as Tails feature in Sonic 2.

    I don't think it has anything to do with piracy. I'd be more inclined to think it's just one of those hard to explain weird bugs. I know demo play could be jacked up by pressing the buttons in certain ways, so maybe that has something to do with it possibly. I don't know, it's just a wild guess really.
  6. I try to play the Sonic 2 to see if this happends again. I think MAYBE it was caused when I was Super Sonic as Sonic only and then I fooled around as Super and jumped and tried to be fast everywhere or in other words "inpatient" and then maybe when I fucked around in the game, the Tails mode got some Super Sonic things on and that's why Tails jumped off the plane.

    I also remembered a 2nd cool glitch when I played S2. In Oil Ocean act 2 when you reach that place where these machines bump you into the pattern ball. There is a machine what has a wall next to it and between the machine and a wall is a small hole. When I got Sonic stuck there, then it flew quickly up in the air and when I got hurt and it flew into the patterned ball, he did not go through the ball but flew out of it. Then I had a high jump activated and I could jump and run quite fast. It was only disabled when something bounched you away with high speed that you went off the screen, then you went back to normal. Everybody can do it, no need for debug.

    Endri, I'm glad that someone else have had this glitch too. I thought I'm the only one with it because I could not find info about it in Sonic retro nor other places. Sadly I do not know did it happened with debug or not. I have to go through a game as Super Sonic and try to do something and see could it trigger Tails gameplay. I know when I was young I did fool around with debug but I did it rarely. I mostly played this game through normally.
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    I've had it before in the past as well, and on HW with a legit cart to boot. I remember to this day I'm always slightly nervous as to whether I'll land on the plane properly or go sailing off into the unknown =P
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    This is starting to sound like a PAL-related timing bug...
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    The same thing happened to me on my first Tails-only run, and it was on my legit copy also, so it isn't PAL-exclusive. It really put me off from doing any more runs with Tails.
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    I don't think I've had it happen to me unless I was trying to mess with the game (like jumping into the pit after getting that final hit on eggman in Sonic 1), but I always get those extra 1-ups just in case.