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Tails in Sonic 2 (8-bit) *!Release!*

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Hackwrench, May 18, 2020.

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    Omigosh, what?!?

    I mean, ugh, I have issues with Sonic 2 SMS, I absolutely cannot stand the boss of UGZ, even playing the SMS version with the larger screen than the GG version that I grew up with gives me no love.

    I can *do* it, I just don’t get joy out of it. Everything after that is pretty much a-okay.

    This is massively impressive, and will cause me to do a replay.

    Before the internet, I had always wondered what I was missing on how to play as Tails.

    I painstakingly got all the Chaos Emeralds on the GG version, thinking; maybe this is it...of course, no. :P

    Tails has always been my favourite. This is amazing.
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  3. Sonic Hachelle-Bee

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    I love your hack. Sonic 2 (GG) is the first game I ever played. Playing the game as Tails is incredible. Congratulations!
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    I have to say I'm impressed by this. We don't see enough 8-bit hacks and this is the character hack that always needed to happen.

    I like you even altered the cutscenes according to the role reversal.
  5. Hackwrench


    An honor to hear that from you. I've played so many of your hacks.
    You know, I remember being on a message board years ago (early 2000's) where this was being discussed and remember someone saying "This would be an easy hack as Tails' palette is loaded in every single level." I waited, figuring that hack would come within a few years or so. I never thought that I'd be the one to do it, and that it would be in 2020.
    I have to thank RavenFreak and Glitch for pointing me to the disassembly. Without them, the cutscenes would be unaltered, the life icon wouldn't be reworked, and the hang glider would Sonic's white glider until Tails starts to use it.

    What's next for me? I'm looking at Sonic 1 SMS. I found MaSS1VE which is supposed to be able to do some editing, but I can't even get that program to launch. If I have to go in hard mode.. well, it wouldn't be the first time.
    And for the YouTube channel, I'm going to be showing off some exploits and easter eggs that I managed to find, that to my knowledge are not widely known if at all. Quite a few of them are in Sonic games.
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    This is great! I love it.

    Here's one for you: in underground zone act 3, wait for the timer to get to 9 minutes (or set $D29A if you can't be bothered to wait), then jump off the ledge and hold down+2 while Robotnik lifts you up. If you time it perfectly, when Robotnik lets go you can immediately hold right, jump over the boss and go straight to the animal capsule at the end.

    This only works if the timer is >9 minutes so it's useless for speedruns :(
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  8. Bobblen


    Realise I'm bumping a thread from two years ago, but I was playing your hack this morning (there's something absolutely charming about finally playing as Tails after all these years) and it occurred to me that you'd mentioned Sonic 1 and the lack of editor way back when it was released.

    Over on smspower, there's a terrific new editor created by Maxim that has support for new sprites. Not trying to sway you here, everyone's free time is their own, but if you were plugging away in secret with a hex editor, then this might make life easier!

    View topic - STH1EDWV - Sonic the Hedgehog editor - Forums - SMS Power!

    Great job on the hack, I love the little touches like swapping over the characters in the intro and the sprites used when you look up and down riding a mine cart. It's very well done.

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  9. Hackwrench


    Thanks! And you're the first person to mention the mine cart sprites. When I did the hack, I made a rule for myself to use as many original sprites from the original game as possible. Both looking up and down in the mine cart are from the cut animation of Tails crying.
    Here's another little thing that I did. The reason that his fill in sprites are redrawn 16 bit sprites is because they're used on the title cards. In Sky High zone, the reason Tails looses his tails when he gets on a hang glider is because they're missing on the title card as well. Alternately, in Sonic 2 and 3 (16-bit) when Tails balances on a ledge, his tails are missing. But the Gimmick Mountain title card has one of these sprites with his tails included. So when I redrew those sprites, I included them.

    And thanks for the link to the Sonic 1 editor. I checked it out a bit and I haven't found anything in it yet to change the sprites. Which is fine.... (I've had the sprites done for a while now)
    sonic the hedgehog - Tails3.png
    Swapped with a tile editor. Sprites were the easy part. The difficult part is the large art used in the game. (No custom title screen)
    As for plugging away in secret... yeah.. you got me!
  10. Bobblen


    Ha! That's awesome. I'll hold my hands up and admit I have no idea how to use the sprite replacement capability, just that I read on the forum post that it was possible (and the author posted a few screenshots using it). You can certainly view the title screen and ending credits screens in the editor, but quite how one imports new tiles in is beyond me!

    All I've done with it so far is create a little hack which moves the emeralds and extra lives into new hiding places (and modifies a bit of terrain to support this), I haven't tried anything smarter than that yet. Good luck with the hack