SUPERSONIC by H.W.A. featuring Sonic the Hedgehog

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    A little while back I was browsing eBay for random Sonic Paraphernalia at low prices and happened upon a seller selling the "SUPERSONIC" vinyl for a few bucks. I was drunk, so I bought it. Since then I've been sitting on it for a while and now finally have a record player thanks to a kind birthday present, so I've ripped it in a higher quality than the existing version that's floating around, as well as the instrumental version.

    Admittedly the quality could be higher, but until I get a nicer record player and learn how to miraculously repair vinyl, this is what we've got. The download has MP3's at 320kbps and higher quality scans of the vinyl and the slip case.

    YouTube → Vocal Version
    YouTube → Instrumental Version
    Download → LINK

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    Always great to have more music preservation/discoveries in the Sonic community! Thanks for this!
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    Cool stuff, thanks for digitizing and sharing it!
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    This single is also available in Tape format, CD, CD maxi and 2 different vynil version (7" and 12"). There a few scan of the single CD and the Tape:


    And here the CD rip in file .Wav for guarantee the original quality
    Download → LINK