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Summer of Sonic 2011!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Nova, May 6, 2011.

  1. Nova


    <div align='center'>[​IMG]</div>
    <div align='center'>Summer of Sonic 2011 Official Website,
    Summer of Sonic on Facebook,
    Summer of Sonic on Twitter</div>

    <div align='center'>When: 25th June 2011
    Where: <a href=",+Bidborough+St,+Camden,+London+WC1H+9AU,+UK&sll=51.529077,-0.125379&sspn=0.010799,0.027874&gl=uk&ie=UTF8&hq=camden+centre&hnear=United+Kingdom&z=16&iwloc=A&ll=51.529077,-0.125379" target="_blank">Camden Centre, London, UK</a> (Click for Google Maps)</div>

    So, like the few years before it, here I am again to get the UK side of the site excited for Summer of Sonic 2011. I was hoping to get a possible listing of all the Retro members going and maybe get some arrangements sorted on the day so we can all hang out again. I've had a lot of fun the last two years and while I'll probably be fluttering about between groups of people trying to get to everyone I want to see, I aim to spend the majority of my day, once again, with the Retro crowd.

    Reservations have run out but don't worry if you didn't get one. According to the organizers, there will be plenty of room for people arriving on the day who are more local or who just couldn't get a reservation in time, so it's not a total loss. It's still worth turning up on the day and getting yourself queued up early!

    This year, the events around the convention are a bit more clear cut and we have a better picture of what to expect.

    Friday June 24th: Sonic's pre-SoS 20th Anniversary Party (Click to be taken to the Facebook Event page)
    Thanks to <a href="!/rio_ben" target="_blank">Rio_Ben</a> and <a href="!/jennytablina" target="_blank">JennyTablina</a>, a pre-SoS party is in the works. I'm expecting antics similar to the after party, though this comes with a minimum spend of £12.50 and an entry fee of £7, due to the venue. Ben has assured all potential attendees that any profit made from the event will be going to charity, too. Whether you can afford to slap down basically £20 to show up and get hammered with myself and several other Retro-goers is up to you but I encourage it! :)
    Where is it: It's at the Jetlag Sports Bar & Restaurant in Marylebone! Hope to see you there!

    Saturday, June 25th: Summer of Sonic 2011: THE AFTER PARTY (Click to be taken to the Facebook Event page)
    After the after party last year, I wholeheartedly expect ALL OF YOU to turn up to this. Last year, we had an absolute blast in our little corner of awesome and I don't see why this year should be any different. There will be drinking, there will be discussing and there will be a lot of laughs, too. If you missed out last year, try and make it to the party this year as it's unbelievably good fun. Until you break the joystick on a Galaga table. :v:
    PROTIP: If you want to make the most out of the after party, I highly suggest booking yourself a hotel or finding a friend that will let you crash at theirs. It goes on quite late and will often cause excessive drunkenness. Not to mention that this year, I've heard reports of karaoke competitions. Whether they're involving Sonic songs or not, we'll have to wait and see.
    Where is it: It's at <a href="" target="_blank">The Kingpin Suite (Basement of Bloomsbury Lanes), Bedford Way</a>. If you're having trouble using this map or you're not 100% sure, just hang around with us on the day, we'll be heading there right after the convention finishes!

    Sunday, June 26th: Nova's post-SoS Retro UK Barcade Run!
    So, after visiting the Namco Station very briefly the day after SoS last year, I've decided I want to make this day more official. With a higher number of people staying in London overnight this year, it seems a good idea to actually see if we can get a Retro reunion the next day to head on over to The Trocadero and Namco. A day full of games, light snacking and drinking is in order and I promise it'll be a nice, relaxing change of pace to the previous few days, to prepare you for your journey home and to nurse your possible hangovers from the after party. ;)
    Where is it: I'm not sure where we'll be meeting up yet, or when. I'll update this thread in a few days when I've decided on a decent start point. Knowing people's locations will be very helpful, too.

    So that about sums up the events for the few days and what's planned. I'm really, really excited about this year's event as 2010 was so amazing and possibly the best day of my life. As I've said to several other doubters before, Summer of Sonic is far different than you probably expect. It makes you realize that despite how everyone in this community acts online, in reality they're just like you. Maybe they don't share the same views as you on the subject, but every single person in attendance has so much in common that you can't help but enjoy yourself. I've been to every event so far and they just keep getting better and better, so I couldn't recommend it anymore than I already have.

    In terms of Retro attendees, I'm guessing the usual lot will be attending but if you wouldn't mind posting to clarify so I could get a basic list of who to expect, that'd be great. ;)

    Thanks guys, and hope to see you there! :thumbsup:

    Sonic Retro SoS 2011 Expected Attendance Sheet ('Maybe' replies marked with italics)
    • Nova
    • Nik
    • JennyTablina
    • Psy & Carly
    • Max Firestorm
    • Overlord
    • Cinossu
    • Slingers
    • Frozen Nitrogen
    • Jen
    • Orenge
    • Stiv
    • HelenBaby
    • Blanche

    (Note #1: It may be worth it for all attendees to have my number in case of lateness, getting lost, etc, etc. It'll also be handy for the Sunday so we can find each other easily! Drop me a text with who you are and I'll get you saved to my phonebook - 07919076161 is my number.)
  2. PsychoSk8r


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    I'm going. =P
  3. Spanner


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    Just before anyone asks, I won't be going. It's too distant and I haven't won the lottery yet. Maybe in like, 20 years time or something I'll come down, but even then I can't promise anything. For those who are going however, have fun! Every year SoS has got better and better, this year shall be no exception. Maybe if you're all lucky, the air conditioning will work, since this year's event will be the longest ever Summer of Sonic. =P
  4. Azookara


    yup Member
    It's that time of year again! start sulking at the fact that I will never have enough money to go to the UK and attend this. Screw America, man.
  5. Nova


    If you can ensure yourself some cheap lodgings in London, it surely shouldn't be too costly? :P
  6. Max Firestorm

    Max Firestorm

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    Heading there with Psy and his missus... And hopefully mine too =3
  7. Lanzer


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    I know SSMB has a raging hardon for this event but I didn't think anyone here cared for it. good to know!
  8. Overlord


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    I'm in. Did you expect otherwise? =P

    I'm currently in the process of trying to get the Friday and Monday either side of the event off work, so my attendance at the Friday thing will depend on whether that goes through or not. Still need to sort hotel shiz out, though.
  9. GeneHF


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    Won't be going naturally, but if a Retroite wants to get me a little trinket or do some viral marketing on the signs for the website, that'd be wonderful. :eng101:
  10. Spanner


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    If you're lucky Overlord will write on the posters again. =P
  11. ArchangelUK


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    What makes you think he'll need to?

    *Busy designing something for Retro...*
  12. Overlord


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    Oh gods, what have I started XD
  13. Blanche Hodapp

    Blanche Hodapp

    *urp* Eternal Queen
    That happens to be one of my weekends on, so I dunno right now
  14. MykonosFan


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    Pretty much. =/ I'll make it to one of these someday.
  15. NiktheGreek


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    Yeah, I'm going. Will try to keep in touch as much as possible, but between my new job and moving, internet access is currently a luxury.
  16. Agobue


    I should be able to go now, I now can drive and have a license. I just need to find a place with cheap all day parking and a cheap hotel to lodge at.
  17. A friend of mine has been bugging me to go to SoS for a while; ended up regretting not going last year as I missed out on Crush 40. Still unsure as to whether I should go, it's on the other end of the country for me.
  18. You should be happy its on your continent.

    I would have to book a flight across the ocean to go.

    It would be worth the trip, but still it costs a ton and I would have to make plans, move stuff around...
  19. Frozen Nitrogen

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    I was thinking I hadn't heard anything about this so far this year.
    In retrospect, that will be because I haven't visited SSMB for, like, 8 months.

    But yes, I expect I'll be there again. ^___^
  20. Blanche Hodapp

    Blanche Hodapp

    *urp* Eternal Queen