Suggestion: Code::Blocks tool replace both notepad and build.bat in al

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Should a codeblocks project be added to disassemblies?

  1. Yes, and depreciate build.bat

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  2. Yes, but keep build.bat in case the end user doesnt want to use it, though it is best if he or she d

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  3. No, we do not want integrated development environments

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  1. kram1024


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    Part of the new Team Revamped; Kraminator Special Series disassemblies; Sonic 3 Sound Driver porting guides; KENS 1.5; smps studio; various non-sonic related things
    I have been talking with tweaker and he (again) ask me to post this topic here before moving forward with any new ideas. I was simply wanting to make a s#.cbp file depreciate build.bat because code::blocks can be given instructions on how to build s#built.bin and provides an IDE sort of like esreal's asm edit tool, but it can use C/C++ code as well! if you were all wondering what this Code::Blocks thing is, <a href="" target="_blank">Code::Blocks</a>. Yes it is meant for c++ but a custom build step and an asm syntax highlighter can make it very powerful with sonic disassemblies. I will add screenshots of this sort of thing on this post soon.

    idea proposed: codeblocks projects for all svn disassembies and a codeblocks:sonic retro edition tweaked fully for rom hacking with editor addons, ida pro like disassembler and all major 68k, z80, and sh2 assemblers, as well as full syntax hilighting support for all languages involved with the scene. Just to let you know, this does not take any of the work out of sonic hacking, it just gives an IDE interface to it and nothing more.

    If you like or dislike the idea, please vote.
  2. Dude


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    You could be potentially stepping on a sleeping giant, alot of turbonerds are sonic4passionate over their IDE's. In b4 Programmer's Notepad and MSVS.
  3. Cinossu


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    Everyone has their own environment they like to work in, and most if not all have modified disassemblies for their own needs. I happen to use TextPad, with a multitude of macros and tools set up per game, as well as hack-specific syntax highlights along with the m68k one that's available.

    While this might be a nice thing to release alongside, I wouldn't say replace the original with it.
  4. GT Koopa

    GT Koopa

    Elgin, IL
    Flicky Turncoat DX, T.L.W.S. Vs M.G.W.
    I use Notepad++ for asm hackings. Don't know if it has a 68K highlights available somewhere but I do wish it did.
  5. Overlord


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    When I RARELY do dabbling it's always with notepad2 - everyone has their own dev environment, and pushing one over others in the SVN is imo an utter nono.
  6. Dr. Kylstein

    Dr. Kylstein

    What about using a makefile? Make was designed for the sort of thing that build.bat does. The only caveat would be requiring Windows users to install MinGW (or the Mac equivalent for Mac users?), but there might be a way around that.
  7. FraGag


    Tech Member
    I'm currently working on a cross-platform IDE (called Megadev) with tools for editing and building hacks, with the possibility of having emulators built-in (ideally with debugging features). Don't expect a release before at least a year though.

    As for using Code::Blocks, I guess it makes sense. You can include a .cbp file to the svn immediately. If you want to map the Run action to an emulator, you might want to make the emulator path a global variable. At some point, I think I considered using Code::Blocks as a base to build plug-ins on for Sonic hacking utilities, but then I started my own IDE that has absolutely nothing by default; everything will be in plug-ins.

    I wouldn't deprecate build.bat; it's very simple and doesn't require any additional setup to use. Pointing new hackers to vanilla Code::Blocks would be disorienting because it doesn't look made for hacking. Maintaining a fork of Code::Blocks would require a lot of resources, especially with the additional tools you suggested (I know what I'm talking about: I've been working on a 68k assembler for two years already — TWO YEARS! — and I just started implementing the actual assembling a couple of months ago).
  8. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy

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    Doom 32X
    I voted Yes-keep, Yes, and Gens/GS. Seems reasonable to me.
  9. Super Egg

    Super Egg

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    Sonic 2 beta 3 hoax
    I personally use Notepad. Plain and simple. But if I ever want to double check on sub names or make sure my incbin is correct, I use Esrael Neto Assembler Editor. It is multifunctional and comes in handy for a quick check. I used it to fix my the Sonic 2 Beta dis, and it works pretty well. And isn't this code block program essentially the same thing? I mean, it might have extended capabilities, but why reinvent the wheel and modify the original?
  10. Dracula


    I'm watching you!
    Converting NES Mappers to MMC5
    I use EditPlus for my Sonic Hacks and some large files.
  11. Hivebrain


    53.4N, 1.5W
    I don't mind this as long as it doesn't intrude on the existing build.bat system.
  12. Varion Icaria

    Varion Icaria

    He's waiting.... Tech Member
    S4: Cybernetic Outbreak
    Pretty interesting ideas. I Vote have this and build.bat, As well as Sonic Retro Fork, and Kega Fusion due to the main Accuracy of the emulator.
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