Steve Snake (KEGA Fusion) working on Polymega Sega Emulator

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  1. Yep, as said by Modern Vintage Gamer on his latest video on the Polymega, it seems they contacted none other than Steve Snake to come back and work on the SEGA systems emulation on the Polymega!

    He hasnt been working on Sega emulation since Fusion 6.61, so to get him back is pretty cool. What could this mean for the future of Sega emulation??
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    Not sure I'd want to buy a special box with Kega Fusion in it, but it's definitely good to see it out of retirement. It's not top of its game as far as accuracy goes anymore, but it still gets high marks for performance and ease of use (as well as that CVBS filter).

    If more emulators were like Kega Fusion I'd be exceedingly happy. Although my copy of 3.64 has caused a couple of blue screens of death on this PC - might want to make that not a thing.

    I have doubts about this stab at Sega Saturn emulation. Given we've yet to see this after 25 years of efforts, I can't imagine it'll be running 1000+ games flawlessly, particularly if this is regarded as a "bonus" feature.