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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Overlord, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Lilly


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    If this DRM fiasco and launch bugs get sorted soon, I'll be a happy camper.

    Not expecting much in regards to controller support, since the APIs are set in stone, and direct-input has been an uphill battle for the longest time now anyway. (Still sorta salty about it, but I'll get over it now that I have Joy2Key setup again.)

    I peaked in the other thread, to see if the DRM discussion was there as well, and promptly shared the Twitter links there with friends on Discord. Hopefully enough people will give their opinions on the matter. Already gave several paragraphs of mine, as politely as possible of course. :v:

    However, given how universally vocal this fandom is, I don't think whether SEGA gets an earfull of it will be a problem. It's just a matter of whether or not they'll listen, and let Taxman and friends remove it from the game.
  2. Willie


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    Wait, what the fuck? This DRM doesn't allow people to play offline? What the fuck was SEGA thinking? Why would they do this? Did they wanted to botch the PC version's launch on purpose? I'm infuriated. I can't believe I cannot play this game on my laptop without an internet connection. I'm extremely mad at Sega right now. I knew nothing about this type of DRM until now.
  3. No shit, they didn't say anything about it prior to release, nor is it mentioned anywhere on the Steam page. They KNEW this would piss people off.
  4. Cooljerk


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    Pretty shitty because steam games that require an internet connection are supposed to indicate that under requirements. Example:


    Check any other always-online game and they upfront mention they require a broadband connection. mania does not. I'd actually argue that this constitutes false advertisement.
  5. Willie


    Each day the world turns Laugh 'til it all burns Member
    I knew absolutely nothing about Denuvo so I didn't even realize what problems it could create. I can't believe they implemented this.
  6. Response from Sega:

  7. Willie


    Each day the world turns Laugh 'til it all burns Member
    I recommend messaging notable gaming websites about the DRM shitshow. I just emailed Destructoid with a few links. This needs massive attention because this is inexcusable.
  8. Laura


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    Yeah, Mania's amazing but this is ridiculous. We need to seriously protest it.
  9. Willie


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    I'll never pre-order another Sega game unless they promise to never pull this type of shit EVER again. They ruined my trust.
  10. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    It sucks, it's not even Taxman and co's fault. It's Sega of Europe dicking around for some reason. Seriously, why?
  11. Willie


    Each day the world turns Laugh 'til it all burns Member
    I can't imagine how awful this must be for the Sonic Mania team to have their amazing game be forced to have such awful DRM. It must be demoralizing to have the PC version's launch botched for no good reason.
  12. On zone 4

    Absolutley loving it so far - great work!!

    Loads of nice suprises keep making me smile. Worth the wait and avoiding all the spoilers

    I'm 11 again. But with more S K I L L S
  13. DigitalDuck


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    Didn't realise they were offering that sort of service.
  14. Over the last few hours I've watched the Steam rating drop slowly from 87% positive to 79%. Now the whole "summary" page is covered in Denuvo complaints. There's always something enjoyable about watching a trainwreck in motion, isn't there? Nice fucking job SEGA.
  15. LukyHRE


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    I partly enjoy it, but partly I am saddened. This was supposed to be THE Sonic game. I mean, it still is, but this whole debacle ruins it a bit. It's sad.

    Can't wait to go home to play this. Fuck the workdays, tonight's no sleep night!
  16. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    Thumbs down on review due to Denuvo. Will change my opinion when it gets removed.
  17. Blastfrog


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    Oh, great. I had a dedicated offline machine set up just for this game, now I'm gonna have to sacrifice my wired connection on my main machine whenever I wanna play it.

    Dammit SEGA! I knew something was up. I almost want to boycott it for this, but since this Sonic Mania we're talking about, that's hard for me to still say.

    Really hoping that it'll work 1:1 pixels native in 320x240. If it doesn't manage that, I hope it can be addressed in an update.
  18. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I wish you could upvote the game and downvote the publisher...
  19. Wow, I think that's harsh. Seeing as we all know that Destructiod love a chance to bash Sonic, what you just done could really bash down the positive attention Mania has had so far.

    I would have notified Sega about it first, imo.

    I really can't remeber the last time my laptop was offline, so its really not a big deal for me - But I can see how it is a problem for some of you, but the last thing I'd do is contact the scum with a chance it could ruin the sales that classic so desperatly needs.

    My opinion anyway.
  20. Laura


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    Well, the funny thing is that I'm going to Uni in a few weeks and they usually block access to Steam unintentionally due to unopen ports. So even if I tolerated always online DRM, I still wouldn't be able to play it on PC.

    So guess what, I've refunded the game and SEGA has just lost out on money :v:
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