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Spoiler-free Sonic Mania discussion thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Overlord, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    By all means yes, it's obviously a newer build. However, it might have changes that are not present in the console versions yet just because of how substantially harder (and expensive) it can be to push an update on those platforms compared to Steam. The first versions of a console game have to go through a heavy process of certification with a much older build after all.

    There's also the possibility of other stuff being broken as well as a result of that. :v:
  2. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    Hey guys, you know how the classics base their 1-Up and Invincibility themes on the Title theme, but Mania uses the Sonic 3 version for the former?

    I've just realized that...

    The Sonic Advance 1-Up jingle would have actually fit in Sonic Mania! 0_o
  3. Beltway


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  4. ICEknight


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    They'll be sold out within minutes and reappear on eBay at stratospheric prices, sounds like good business.
  5. 360


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    Yeah a Sonic Mania physical release is one of the franchises' biggest missed opportunities given Sonic Mania's digital sales are reportedly quite excellent (number 1 in the UK, number 1 on Switch etc.). It would have likely have sold extremely well. Sega were overly careful and too cautious - like they don't have their finger on the pulse at all. There's that interview with Sonic Team/Iizuka where he's literally like "we don't know how Sonic Mania will be received" which he said in the midst of glowing previews from outlets that were previously super negative about Sonic and the game was surrounded by overwhelming hype, buzz and love and adoration - before the damn game had even been released.

    Hopefully the digital sales are so supremely, amazingly strong - that they consider a (even limited) physical release down the line. Better late than never I guess.
  6. Flygon


    Hell, checking the Australian eShop charts, it is still #1.

    This's in the face of other high profile titles that've routinely kept the top 5-10 spots routinely. I'm actually semi-seriously wondering if Mania will actually find itself being a perpetual top seller for the foreseeable future in the eShop. It's up there with Minecraft, Splatoon 2, and Mario Kart 8.

    It's incredible!
  7. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Ya I'm curious what we're talking in sales. Either way Taxman and co you have something to be proud of
  8. LordOfSquad


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    I'd definitely double-down on the PC version if mods ever become a thing. Mania begetting Mania, and what-have-you.
  9. Sooooo...whose gonna be the first to mod that Classic Sonic Statue in the Collector's Edition to play actual Genesis games? The case seems big enough to shove the guts of a real Genesis into it!

    Could also mod it into a Raspberry Pi Emulation System...but then again it is a collectible statue...
  10. nineko


    I am the Holy Cat Tech Member
    I gave up hope on a physical release, I even closed the online petition I created some time ago. It looks like I won't be playing this masterpiece after all.
  11. Bartman3010


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    I wonder if they'll consider just putting out a PDF of the introduction manual to download for people out there. Let people print them or have them in a format that can be downloaded. We also should probably look into a giveaway on Sonic Retro for those introduction manuals....
  12. Lilly


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    Maybe the Steam version will include a digital copy of the manual? It's easy to miss, but Steam does have a manual PDF for every game I've tried it on. (Not sure if it's a requirement or not.) That would at least allow some people to print their own physical copies.

    I take it the Switch version isn't a physical game card after all? Ouch.

    One would hope all these raving reviews for Mania result in a physical release, limited or otherwise; money talks, etc. Seeing as Mania wasn't a monumental risk in the slightest sense, SEGA's missing an opportunity here.
  13. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    The Switch version cartridge is the most expensive media of the 3 current gen consoles, so the price of the digital release would skyrocket.
  14. Linkabel


    I'm pretty sure that they're going to sell the manuals now after that survey. Hopefully they make enough for the people that really want them though.
  15. Okamikurainya


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    Back in MY day, manuals came with the game for free! :colbert:
    Or at least part of the packaged deal... Or awkwardly photocopied and rented from Blockbusters...

    But actually buying the manual separately? That's crazy talk! :specialed:
  16. Jason


    *Results not lab tested. Member
    If they sell the manuals, they should be free or just cost of shipping for those who bought the Collector's Edition. Link them to the accounts used to redeem the codes or something. If they can't do that, it should come with a clamshell Genesis case.
  17. Lilly


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    I think I vaguely remember Blockbuster doing that. Having not bought or rented anything at Blockbuster in over a decade has my memory fuzzy.

    Realistically, it would only increase the price of the physical collector's box that is the existing Switch version. Why that wasn't the case still confuses me. What's the point of a premium-priced collector's box for a video game if all it has is a printed redeem code of said game?

    While I'm very selective of what games I want physical these days, (GBA/DS carts, etc.) that made me instantly not care for the CE box for any platform. It wouldn't have been that much more expensive to press Mania's contents onto a CD, put it in a cute little case, and let Steam do the activation/copy-protection thing.

    As already said before, SEGA's decision here is an odd one. I guess most of you wanting physical carts will hold out hope that this changes as Mania's success snowballs. If every other popular indie game can get a physical release, I don't see why Mania wouldn't eventually. Has anybody considered at least asking Limited Run or Fan Gamer about it for a PS4 physical version?
  18. Creature SH

    Creature SH

    A physical release absolutely seems like a no-brainer, but this is still the same company that thought that Generations didn't need DLC.
  19. Sonikko


    Bird Member
    The wait is definitely killing me. I tried my best to avoid spoilers but I failed.
    I even used a spoilers filter on Chrome, it blocks anything with Mania, Sonic and stuff remotely similar, but some Youtube thumbnails slipped by anyway, spoilery videos with weird titles like "It's not even a spoiler.".
    Anyway, now I know what every stage in the game is, huge details on the plot, and I've seen half of the opening in avatars and signatures.
    I really wish they didn't delay it this much, I would've gone in totally blind on the 15th and I would've had a completely different experience. This really sucks.
  20. I'm not nearly as excited for the 29th as I was for the 15th, before the delay. Since the 15th, I haven't avoided spoilers at all... I just couldn't see myself running away from everything Sonic for 2 weeks, so I decided to do the exact opposite and watch as much Mania stuff as I felt like. This was a way to intentionally tone down my excitement so that the wait until the 29th wouldn't be so excruciating. It worked, but the release experience is undoubtedly botched for me. I was relatively unspoiled for the 15th, so this delay really sucked.
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