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Spoiler-free Sonic Mania discussion thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Overlord, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. JaredAFX


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    Honestly I'm a little surprised that people are canceling their CEs because they already know what's in the box. Personally I am more excited knowing what I'm getting now. I ordered the CE for the stuff, not the surprise of finding what's inside. To each their own--it's certainly interesting to see other points of view, it's just not the way I work.
  2. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I mean, we knew what was in the box wheb we all pre ordered it. Wasn't that why you got the box in the 1st place?
  3. Cooljerk


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    Man, I still got the CE coming, and the LE Vinyl, and I'm getting an autographed manual as well. And I have a Sega Genesis box already made for mania. I think all the shit releasing around mania is still rad as hell.

    Looks like I'll be triple dipping Mania now. I'll pick up the PS4 version at launch, then I have the PC Version coming via the CE. And when I get a switch, I'll definitely buy it there, too. Hopefully a physical version exists by then.

    EDIT: I have a chronus max that I can use to map my Saturn USB pad to a PS4 pad with, so I'm still good with my controller options.
  4. MontiP


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    Glad to see that the positivity of this thread is gradually picking up again (or maybe it's just me )
  5. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    A delay being announced so close to the release date screams of a nasty bug that cropped up the last moment rather than "optimization" to me. Said bug being related to a faulty DRM implementation is also very likely to be one of the last things to be worked on close to release, especially for a game like this where such a thing is hardly relevant to the core game and would likely be last on a To-Do list. (And if it's a 3rd party solution, you'd normally expect it to work without much trouble)

    The compensation itself for the Steam preorders is VERY poor to say the least. Something like a future Mania OST download or the Sonic CD remaster would've been much better choices.

    I'll be picking up the PS4 version instead at launch so I'm not too bothered by it, but it's not a good look how this was handled so far IMO.
  6. Well, today was a Sonic related roller coaster of emotions. Woke up today to the news of Mania PC being delayed. I was pretty sad and disappointed, but at the same time, I'm really glad the team cares about the PC port and doesn't just release a broken mess. Since PC is the only gaming platform I have, I'm really glad they're making sure it's a good port! Still, even after the initial shock had gone away, I was still kinda sad that I would have to wait for 2 more weeks.

    On a brighter note, I got really lucky and turns out my brother is going to let me borrow his Switch! So I'll be able to play it on Tuesday after all. <3

    Still, I'm sad I can't play on PC yet, and sad for the others who don't have any other options. :( But, at least we'll get a very good port in the end! <3

    I said this before I discovered I could borrow a Switch: It definitely looks like it'll be worth the wait, even for two more weeks. Sonic Mania looks truly incredible. It's going to be something really special. I just know it.
  7. Josh


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  8. MontiP


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    That awkward moment when you are the only person who doesn't own Sonic 1 on PC...
  9. Flygon


    Weren't Pentium 4s close enough to toasters for you guys? :v:
  10. Covarr


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    I didn't even think to connect that to this when I read it. I just figured it was you following your usual pattern, one post showing off a bit of how the game works and then another showing an example of how it can go horribly wrong.
  11. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I got it past month on Steam summer sales (1,12€ at 75% discount), so it was a close call for me. If only they let us choose the rom we wanted...
  12. MontiP


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    But hey, at least you can install ROM hacks through the Workshop (if that's a good thing anyways).
  13. Ryuki


    *Waits 23 years for sequel to S3&K*
    *Bitches about Games that are released far too early having bugs and generally being shit*
    *Sings praise for all involved when Mania is announced*
    *Mania PC release delayed a further 14 days*
    *Doesn't understand the difference between releasing on Console and PC*
    *Cancels pre-order*
    *Bemoans Mania team for wanting to give the game we've been waiting nearly a quarter of a decade for to stand a chance and not get shit on for being glitchy messes*
    *Has never worked in a development environment*

    Check mark against all of the above? Proceed to next pointer:
    *Is a cunt*

    The new cycle folks! :specialed:/>/>

    I'm sure the team behind this decision absolutely couldn't wait to drop this bombshell on all who ordered on PC. I'll bet they're sipping their melted Sonic ice pops out of a wine glass; joyous over the outrage that has resulted from this delay.

    Bullshit aside..
    Shit happens. The game will be released on PC in two weeks. If you absolutely can't wait then grow a money tree and buy a PS4 XB1 or switch and get Mania on your choice. Otherwise it's been 23 fucking years and people are cancelling pre-orders and asking for refunds based on a fortnight. Holiday plans be damned and fuck anybody that thinks they're entitled to judge a team or game based on what can't have been an easy decision to make after all that Mania has done right.

    :v:/>/> Now to return to my rock, see you all for the festivities on the 15th <3 :v:/>/>

    EDIT: You're allowed to be disappointed; on saying that.. Nobody will be more disappointed regarding this delay than the development team.
  14. Effexor


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    I got home from work last night to find out that the game's leaked. "Oh," I thought to myself, "I guess I'll just do what I did for Persona 5 again. It's only a few days and I have plenty of stuff to catch up on."
    Then I got an email from Amazon saying my PC CE will be arriving on the 15th. "Sweet, I'll be playing that shit when I get home on Tuesday" I say to myself.
    At work today, I get a notification saying "PC version of Mania delayed until the 29th" and all I get as compensation is my sixth copy of Sonic 1. Not even the Taxman version.

    G-guess I'm double dipping on a Taxman Sonic game again... :ohdear:
  15. LukyHRE


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    I will probably listen to the OST on Spotify, but this could have been a better compensation.
  16. Sappharad


    Agree with both comments. Optimization would imply that the game performs poorly, which seems extremely unlikely considering how low the system requirements are. They could have 'fixed' that without a delay by raising the minimum requirements until a patch. There are plenty of other reasons they could have given that would have been easier to swallow. (Examples: Steam integration was broken causing achievements not to work. They accidentally shipped a debug build without encrypted files. The game only saves if you quit via menu, if you exit via Alt-F4 your save file gets wiped.) I suppose it's possible that the problem was so trivial that they're embarrassed to acknowledge it because it would create more negative press than what they actually said.

    Since I'm also getting it on PS4 and Switch, the PC delay doesn't affect me either but one of my co-workers who isn't a console gamer was excited for it and now he has to wait an extra two weeks. That amount of time also seems pretty generous. I wonder if they'd be able to push it forward if the problem was solved sooner? Typically when we have to deal with an emergency bug fix at work, it's usually possible to do it inside of 2 business days. Obviously this isn't exactly a directly comparable situation since I work on business software, but usually bugs if a bug takes more than 2 days to fix then it was done completely wrong in the first place.

    I wonder if there's a way to use SteamSpy to correlate what percentage of users who pre-ordered Sonic Mania also already own Sonic 1. The only people I know who would want it already have it too.
  17. RikohZX


    I didn't have Sonic 1 on Steam, but then I didn't.. really need it on Steam either.


    As someone who saw the leaks and left them feeling a bit ambivalent, I figured "Oh well, I can address my feelings when I finally play the game. Plus a lot of things that didn't leak yet."

    But then this happened. And now I am livid, as I am moving this week and intentionally sold my Xbone and Wii U until after the move so I had less stuff to pack and could upgrade to a PS4Pro/XBX or Switch in a few months.

    Worse yet, I was given 2 weeks off to move, and the moving truck was going to get our stuff to the new place August 14th. I was going to have a full weekend to both unpack AND play Mania before working full time again.

    Nope, not for me.

    Fuck this. I was already a bit miffed about some things I saw (though the game does look good, let me say), but this is too much. If this game has non-steam DRM, that is literal cancer and I will very likely cancel my PC preorder because of this if true (I will buy the game on another format, but not sure which yet or when). If this was delayed for anti-piracy reasons, fuck that too (worse yet if this is to encourage double dipping Rockstar GTAV style, and I say that when I was considering double dipping!). I get it, but it's still bullshit. The PC market is too important to do this too.

    Not giving any specifics, and dare I say I've seen enough that I might even say you should avoid the leaks, but man, this just bums me out too much.
  19. RikohZX


    Perhaps I was a bit too angry and blinded by looking for some reason or excuse to be angry, but I don't think anyone will deny that this has soured a lot of folks. I normally don't try to pre-order games unless I know I'm gonna like what I was going to get into (which has burned me a couple times in recent years anyway with games like Metal Gear Solid V, where reviewers got put into controlled environments and a limited 40 hours to formulate their reviews, which kept people like me from realizing how repetitive and drawn-out the game was going to get), but I don't want to abandon my PC pre-order. This is actually even encouraging me to double-dip despite the fact that, by all means, I really shouldn't and it's irrational to even consider doing it since it screwed me and many people over on a game we're going to have to aggressively evade spoilers on - much easier said than done. It's a really paradoxical effect that's messing with me.

    I feel like Taxman and Stealth are probably stressed as all hell and none too happy about this themselves, but that's only an assumption which is rude to make.
  20. SpaceyBat


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    If anyone here is thinking about watching a playthrough so they don't have to avoid spoilers for two weeks, this looks like the stream to watch. Special guests from the team are showing up too it seems.
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