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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Overlord, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Fenrir


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    Yeah, no. No they are not. That could not be farther from the truth in an environment like Steam and the Sonic fanbase.

    And yes, you're right, things do happen that are outside of your control. Which is why you take the time to fix them rather than rushing it out.
  2. RibShark


    I still don't see why they can't add the current "unoptimised" version as a beta branch on the 15th, give the code to join it on something like Aaron's twitter with a disclaimer. That way the people getting the games are the largest fans of the games, they know it's not quite finished, and they won't be able to add reviews to Steam until it officially comes out on the 29th.
  3. Laura


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    Honestly, they should release it early access.
  4. 360


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    Place me firmly in the camp of people that are super pissed off at this and rightfully so.

    You all know of my financial position. I can't afford a current gen console right now and my laptop (that greatly surpasses Mania's system requirements) is the only option I have. I'm sure there are millions of fans in the same boat. This is a shitty, terrible fucking move. Delaying the game when we're like, 72 hours from release? What the fuck? I just knew this was going to be something negative. You could tell by the strange timing, mystery behind it and the ominous tone. I thought to myself "there's no fucking way there's a delay" just because we're so close to release, and lo and behold, Sega shatters my expectations and delays this two fucking weeks.

    How the fuck am I supposed supposed to evade spoilers for the rest of the fucking month? It's going to be impossible. I do have a potential cash injection coming in soon (it's why I helped out Nitemare recently, creator of Sonic XG) but that could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks away. And it honestly feels like I have to literally go out and get a used Xbox One or PS4 now in order to play this on time. Talk about killing all the goodwill and hype behind the game.

    I'm happy for everyone that has secondary options here, but some of us don't. This fucking sucks. :(

    EDIT: The date has changed on Steam. Now says August 29. Christ this sucks. More worried about evading spoilers for so long than anything else.
  5. I just checked RAC prices. As badly as I want Mania on Tuesday, it'd be an awful decision to pay 230% the price of a PS4.
  6. Blastfrog


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    Speaking of DRM, I have every intention of buying the game legit, but I want to run it on a dedicated machine that does not have internet connectivity. I hope it can be easily cracked.
  7. FollOw


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    Tuesday cant get here fast enough....
  8. Fenrir


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    If DRM is the issue, blame Steam, not Sega or the Mania Team.
  9. steveswede


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    Honesty I feel sorry for you guys that are PC only. If Mania 2 happens this delay on short notice must never happen again.
  10. Dissent


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    Chill out everyone, Taxman is talking about this: https://www.wired.com/story/malware-dna-hack/
  11. MastaSys


    If the only DRM here is Steam of course.
  12. redhotsonic


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    United Kingdom
    I wish we got the Sonic Mania manual as compensation instead of Sonic 1 who most of us already own multiple times/ways.
  13. Lilly


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    I know the situation here is different from other games that are delayed, but now still isn't a good time to be upset about it. I think these complaints could set a dangerous precedent for future releases.

    This fanbase is almost unanimously eternally mad at Sonic Team for never delaying and using that time to improve their games before release. Why this sudden change in principle? :psyduck:
  14. Zenor


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    Well, if ain't there a lot of negativity going around.

    It's not unfounded, though - No matter how good of an reason you might have to justify the delay, or how big the problem is and how many people it affects, people will either see a delay to their specific platform of choice as a direct attack to them or just a shitty move in general. You're going to receive a lot of flak, and it's going to hurt. That is also coupled with the fact that by the time the PC version releases, there'll be lots of gameplay videos going around, and so people will be less eager to jump on it the day it releases if they haven't already preordered. I hope it can weather the storm, though.
  15. So joined the twitch feed, before I could do anything the first thing someone put in the comments box was the stage order. Why? For what purpose? Fuming!

    But more on topic, I honestly feel so bad for anyone effected by the delay with no alternative options. On the whole I agree that it's better to delay than release an unfinished or unplayable product (especially for a franchise like Sonic whose critics swing from comments like "platforming at its finest" to "sonic was never good in the first place" in an instant), but it's still sucks.
  16. Stink Terios

    Stink Terios

    Hopefully a hero will leak the game.
  17. Sean Evans

    Sean Evans

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    Couple of reasons:

    1. The game was leaked no more than a couple of hours ago due to code shenanigans. So people have to tread on eggshells if they want to remain unspoiled (of course that only really applies to anyone here and not the spoiler heavy thread).

    2. People were dead set on that date to be the release of the game. Many people set plans just to play this version of the game, and they may not have free time otherwise. This is...kind of silly, but for people who were REALLY looking forward to this, it's disappointing.

    3. Other versions of the game are getting released on time. While I'm not in the camp of, "If I suffer, we ALL suffer", it is pretty shitty that the version a lot of people bought because they had the means to is the one they have to wait even longer to play.

    4. Their "apology" was Sonic fucking 1. The steam version of Sonic 1. The hell!?!? Shouldn't most people who bought the game HAVE that?

    I'm not as pissed as everyone else...but I am pretty upset. I essentially double dipped just to play the game on it's intended release date. Course, I was planning on doing that anyway...so...
  18. LukyHRE


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    Bitching and complaining about my country -.-'
    Also, I CRINGE when I read something the likes of "PC users, remember this will only make the game better!". Fuck you, this will ONLY make the game on par with the console version, which is releasing two weeks earlier.

    Jesus, let us be mad.
  19. Ravenfreak


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    Oh man this sucks for all who ordered it on PC. :\ I'm happy that I own a ps4 and Xbox one.
  20. LowSeasCaroz


    Hessia, Germany
    Desperately trying to make a Turrican clone
    My only option at the moment is PC. Don't have a Switch yet.

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