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Splats - Ring Hunter

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Mega Sparkmaster, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. Mega Sparkmaster

    Mega Sparkmaster

    In the early 90's, after having been unused in the first Sonic the Hedgehog, the badnik Splats embarks on a journey to reach the next big Sonic game: Sonic the Hedgehog 3. However, to enter the game, Splats must collect a LOT of rings. In his quest to find them, he must travel through the worlds of competition mode. As these are still in development, the levels are always different every time he returns to them. Can he get the most amount of rings possible?

    As the story tells, Splats - Ring Hunter's levels are completely random in zones, terrain and object placements. The objective of the game is to get rings under a time limit while avoiding a bumper that rolls through the stage. The game is entirely score-based and endless, and runs in the same engine as my previous fangame, Sonic Acrobatic. Just as that game, the executable needs all of the files in the folder to run.

    As well as new features (like a jumping momentum mechanic), the reset button returns from Sonic Acrobatic to avoid crashes caused by bugs.

    Update 1: changed bumper spawn points to make the game less frustrating.
    Update 2: improved animations.
    Update 3: added spikes.
    Update 4: fixed a bug related to infinite ring spawning.
    Update 5: added a pause button (P).
    Update 6: changed the aspect ratio to widescreen (it appears inside a 4:3 window at first, so it needs to be adjusted manually unless it's in fullscreen mode).
    Update 7: implemented stereo music using split mono tracks.
    Update 8: fixed scrolling by adding a missing column of blocks to the terrain generator.
    Update 9: improved screen border.
    Update 10: added sounds to the intro presentation.
    Update 11: fixed ring collisions.
    Update 12: fixed ring spawning.

    Screenshot1.png Screenshot2.png Screenshot3.png Screenshot4.png Screenshot5.png Screenshot6.png
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  2. Mega Sparkmaster

    Mega Sparkmaster

    New version update: there are problems with the file uploading, so you will have to wait since the current version is now unavailable.

    (EDIT): now available again!
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