Spinball needs more recognition

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    Despite its flaws, I have some fondness for Spinball. I think mainly because despite owning it for a while, I only completed it after I'd finished Sonic 3 and Knuckles in late 94. Sort of like a "Okay, I've done that, now for the ultimate challenge" kind of deal for me. I remember arguing with someone on a forum years and years ago who had stated that "The reason no-one likes the HARDEST Sonic game ever is because it has SatAM characters in it", which is a load of shite if you ask me. It's just a bit of a difficulty jump if you arrive at it after playing the mainline MD games especially with the different physics, sod all with some sprites that show up as easter eggs.

    As mentioned in the posts above though, I did always wonder what in hell was going on with Robotnik's art style in the game (And I thought his S3K spriteset was off-model....) As previously mentioned its entirely possible they went for a in-between design so it could be released in Western and Japanese territories without having to make graphical changes or storing two sets of graphics on the cart, like what was planned for SegaSonic's English release. Bear in mind though we're still a year away from the AoStH Robotnik being the "standard" depiction for him in the West, infact, the 8-bit version depicts the AoStH version for the final boss, but the SatAM incarnation for the stage title card:


    I mentioned shortly after Mania's release I would have liked to have seen a Veg-O-Fortress stage in the game to represent the "pinball" trope - with the zone simply being a standard "get to the goal" deal incorporating two Spinball stages per-act (obviously expanded into a "proper" classic Sonic level). The special stage rings could have been hidden away behind the switches and puzzles.
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    ...23-24 years of playing this game...and I somehow just learned this. Wow.
  3. Yeah, it does look a bit like the Satam Robotnik's robo-arm. Interesting! The yellow parts on his shoulders look to be like something from some old concept art, although I can't put my finger on what or where. It just looks familiar.

    I had this image floating around on my PC for a while, not sure where I got it from. I've seen other images where it was from a magazine where the image was in the book's crease, and I think this one was a better image of it, either that or it was cleaned up. I don't know what version is on the wiki (I couldn't find any, but I also just skimmed it), but feel free to upload this image elsewhere.

    And yeah, I totally thought that of the Buzz Bomers too. I really like those designs.
  4. Spinball was one of the first Sonic games I got excited about coming out, because it was around the time I started reading video game magazines. I had a Game Gear but no Genesis yet, so I got Sonic Chaos right away, but I was jealous of people who got to play Spinball when it came out (the Game Gear version didn't come out until later), and I didn't even know anyone who had a Sega CD.

    Looking back, I have to say Sonic Chaos always was a much better game, and Sonic CD was, in my opinion, the best of the 1993 releases by far. Unfortunately for the Sega CD, there weren't many other great reasons to get that console, but fortunately for Sonic fans, the game got a ton of re-releases.

    To be honest, Sonic Spinball was engaging enough for me to play all the way through to the end, despite struggling so hard in the Showdown level. But after playing it through at least three times, I rarely feel like I have the patience and energy to go through it again. Most of the other 2-D platformers have a lot more replay value to me.