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Spinball needs more recognition

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by AppleSauce, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. AppleSauce


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    The art style is definitely something that sets Spinball apart from the mainstream games. Just like the music. Toxic Caves is my jam.
  2. AppleSauce


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    That being said, I could try to remake Spinball with the Sonic 2 engine... Yeah! Sonic Spinball 2!
  3. ICEknight


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    Can you pay, though? You're asking for quite a job.
  4. Sid Starkiller

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    If that's your approach, I personally think Sonic 2 Spinball sounds better. Spinball 2 sounds too sequel-y.
  5. Travelsonic


    I always wondered what it'd be like if they had just used the Sonic 2 engine for Spinbal - in terms of the physics, how the game handles, etc.
  6. Lostgame


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    The issue is that it was STI of America who coded it, and; for some reason I'm not entirely sure of, used C instead of 68k ASM as the codebase.

    I'm imagining it was a situation where they either didn't have access to the code for S1/S2 or the team just knew C much better - this game was produced in a rush for the Christmas season when it was clear Sonic 3 wasn't going to hit that deadline, IIRC, so maybe we just kinda got what we got.

    A couple more months of refinement probably could've fixed a lot of the issues that made it handle so poorly and clear up a bit of the choppiness, IMHO. IIRC there was also a scrapped level that didn't get very far into development?

    That being said - if you do appreciate Spinball at all (I do, despite my criticisms) - what's actually worth a look and IMHO technically very impressive is the Game Gear port. The stages are virtually identical, the gameplay is virtually the same, and the graphics are incredibly impressive for the system.
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  7. AppleSauce


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    Yeah, I was going for something sequel-y. But if you insist... Sonic 2 Spinball it is.
  8. AppleSauce


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    Read the edit, bro.
  9. Beltway


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    I've played it only a few times, and I've admittedly never got the first level more than once in those few times. As people have said, the chunky physics/movement dampen the execution quite a bit. But I think the concept of making an actual Sonic pinball game with platforming segments (something like an odd antithesis of the mainline games, where they are platforming games with pinball physics) is actually pretty sound, and something that I feel could definitely be revisited in a future game.

    If nothing else, I think something like Spinball could actually work really well as a new Bonus Stage format for a future Genesis Sonic platformer, where you have a small selection of unique pinball stages where they both serve as minigames and offbeat platforming stages. So players can try their hand at getting powerups/building their score, while being wrapped up in a different type of platforming experience not seen in the main campaign. But I think you could even develop it further into its own subgame of sorts. Expand on the exploration elements of the stages; with the maps being more labyrinthe or sandbox in structure, and players discovering special items and secrets if they choose to journey further into the maps. Something akin to The Great Cave Offensive in Kirby Super Star (Ultra).
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  10. StephenUK


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    I would love to know your reasoning behind this. I mean, were it not for IDA, I wouldn't have disassemblies of Quackshot and Streets of Rage 2 sat on my laptop right now, reverse engineered to the point of being hackable to a pretty large scale. Also, I'm pretty sure most of the disassemblies we use for the classic Sonic games these days were started using IDA, so on that basis your logic is flawed from the off.
  11. TheOcelot


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    I'm probably in the minority in that I like Spinball. It's got it's issues. Sonic's sprite doesn't look as good compared to Sonic 1/2, the physics are a lot to be desired and the spin-dash sound is ear-rape. I appreciate Spinball can be frustrating, progression is based a lot on luck and the level design requires a lot of patience and repetition. Also doesn't have much replay value. However, I do think Sonic's gameplay works quite well on a pinball format.

    I like the bonus stages, especially the two which include some of the characters from SatAM, but the chance of winning the bonus stage is completely down to luck. If the ball falls down between the center of the flippers there's nothing you can do-you will always fail which isn't fair.

    I've played this game a lot of the years, so I've gotten pretty good at it...well, as good as you can get with a game where a lot of luck is involved. I quite like the level design, and that the goal is to reach the top of the stage and beat the boss and that it rewards you with a higher score depending how quickly you beat the level. Also, it's kind of neat that some of the level art from Sonic 2 stages; Hidden Palace and Genocide/Cyber City made it into Spinball. Toxic Cave and The Machine are my favourite levels.

    Of course there are some very frustrating sections in some of the levels. For example; the sequence in Lava Powerhouse where you have to jump on top of the chicken badniks and try to gain the momentum which forces Sonic straight upwards into the tubes can be infuriating to get right. Oh and Showdown is quite the difficulty spike. Really like the Eggman boss fight but yeah it can be very frustrating.

    I think there being four levels feels like a good length. If you get a good run and luck is on your side then it is possible to beat Spinball in just over 30 minutes, so it can actually feel pretty short compared the numerical games.

    Pretty cool that SEGA have included Spinball in a lot of Sonic collections. I'd be down for a new mobile release or a new Sonic Spinball styled game.
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  12. Don't want to be too much of a Debbie downer but Spinball just epitomizes what I didn't like about the US's approach to Sonic in the 90s...

    I remember being excited to play it Christmas morning, but then being disappointed when I was presented with an ugly & noisy 'dark' representation of the Sonic world.
  13. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Heh, I've always found awfully it ironic that they went with that dark SatAM style for Spinball of all games. You'd expect a pinball-themed Sonic game inspired by CNZ to use a more whimsical carnival/casino-esque style.
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  14. Laura


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    Sonic Spinball is one of those games I've played for five minutes out of curiosity's sake and always close out because I get so bored.
  15. FollOw


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    I'm just sitting here waiting for Overlord to come in and end this.
  16. Rudie Radio Waves

    Rudie Radio Waves

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    Yeah, it's very "Genesis", if that makes any sense. Very grimy and dark. That said I do like the music!

    It's not that bad though, Showdown aside. I'd love to see a proper continuation or remake.
  17. RetroJordan91


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    Showdown... need I say more? Lol
  18. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Hey, that's only 1 level out of 4, aka 75%, aka a solid C.
  19. rata


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    Well in my home we always kept a hate-love-hate-hate relationship with this game, especially because of how frequently it's massive amount of bugs fucks you up. But that also gave it a special charm for us.

    Music is very nice, ESPECIALLY SHOWDOWN.
  20. XCubed


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    I remember when I got Sonic Spinball and was deeply disappointed that it wasn’t Sonic 3. I was only 7 so I didn’t know what was going on until I saw the McDonalds toys. That’s how I saw Knuckles for the first time.... which was super confusing.

    I have no I’ll will toward the game. I was quite proud of myself how I eventually made it to Showdown years later.

    It seems that no one appreciates the fact that this is SatAM: The Game (pinball edition).

    I was overjoyed when Howard Drossin’s fuckup with the title screen music was made public. The revised official theme doesn’t even sound like it uses the same instrumentation as the rest of the game.