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Special Stages

Discussion in 'Project: Sonic Retro (Archive)' started by Zorayas, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Not where I want to be.
    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    That's what I was implying :P.
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    A small concept, but since the characters all handle differently we should let them have different special stages... I personally like the 3D Sonic 2/3d/Chaotix type stage for Sonic.
  3. I like the idea of a race but I pictured something a little different. I picture a race against a botnik or metal sonic but in the play style like sonic 3 multi player racing.

    So I imagined the screen spit in 2 with npc on the bottom and player on the top and they just raced in a map that is 3 times bigger then one ones used in sonic 3. At the end you can have the emerald there.

    Making a totally new special stage sounds pretty hard.

    muteki had a pretty good idea with the bosses being stronger.
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    There definitely should be evidence that Robotnik was there before, although I'm kind of skeptical about actually racing with him.
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    Why not? Robotnik has made it pretty clear that he can hold his own in a race against Sonic.

    Skip to 3:18
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    If you don't want to use his unrealistic speed from in-level sequences, give him a powersuit or something. He could definitely build one.
  7. Firion


    Hmm. I simply have one quick question. If the Special Stages are going to be Outrun based (Emerald Special Stages, I'm not sure if the ringpost bonus rounds are in or not :( ), is there going to be a certain sprite set for the characters when they are running along? Or are we going to do a mixture of the types?

    Just my opinion, but I imagined a cross between the Sonic 2/3 three dimensional sprites with the animations and such of the Sonic CD special stage sprites. Simply put, we can use the 2/3 Sonic sprites as a baseline, and gradually alter them to our artstyle that Chimpo and the others have designed.

    As for the special stages themselves, I believe there was an idea about the Big Ring showing up before the Minibosses. That would actually work quite nicely, as the minibosses could be set up as a 'Act 1.5' when you exit. (I cant find the link, but I KNOW someone said something similar to there being a warp gate or something that shot Sonic out of the special stage into the Boss Arena).

    Anyway, that's just my opinion. As always, keep up the good work guys!