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soniNeko, my hack of Sonic 1

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by nineko, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. nineko


    I am the Holy Cat Tech Member
    NOTE ADDED ON NOVEMBER 24th, 2008: The first post in this thread is highly outdated, as it refers to version 0.9 of my hack. Check page 12 for the latest news.
    The original post follows, below the line, for preservation purposes, though.


    As you maybe know I've been working on a hack, soniNeko.
    It is nothing special, but it's still unique in its own way: its soundtrack is entirely made of songs converted with xm3smps, this means 30 brand new songs, coming from several other video games.

    I never officially released the first version of my hack, but I think that now is the time.
    As of today, January 29th 2008, soniNeko has a version number of 0.9, and it features:
    • New zone names (ESE)
    • New level select (ESE):
    • New palettes for most of the zones (SonED):
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • The Nick Arcade ending sign:
    • Some ASM work, mainly thanks to Puto, but there are also some unique features done by myself: for example, I fixed the "breathe while you are invincible" music bug in LZ, which will now play the invincibility music rather the regular song
    I know that most of you are tired to play the regular Sonic 1 layouts, and this explains the version number of 0.9: with version 1.0 I plan to have completely new layouts, and only by then I'll consider my hack "complete" (of course there will always be the chance for further revisions). Hopefully 1.0 will be ready in time for the Hacking Contest.

    tl;dr, HERE is the download link for soniNeko 0.9

    Please, give me as much feedback as possible about the soundtrack.
    And, if you like it, think that this is what xm3smps can do ;)

    Oh, one last thing, to have some more fun. I won't post the tracklist for a couple of days, let's see how many songs you can identify :)
    Yes, I know that some of them are listed on the wiki, but there are still 12 tracks without a name (and some of the older ones now have a different ID). I ask Oerg, Soti, Puto, and whoever had a soniNeko beta not post the titles, of course :P
    I will release the complete tracklist with song IDs and titles in a few days.

    Have fun!

    edit: changed description, version 1.1 released
    edit2: changed description, added note in the first post, version 1.1.1 released, hack cancelled
  2. Varion Icaria

    Varion Icaria

    He's waiting.... Tech Member
    S4: Cybernetic Outbreak
    Awesome Job for your first hack, Keep up the Good work.
  3. Tweaker


    Sometimes the choice in music style is questionable, but this is awesome for the most part. Music is very well done.
  4. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    First impressions (have only played act one so far):


    On to the actual game:
    Though track one is pretty cool. I just wasn't expecting you to increase Sonic's top speed by so much.
  5. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    Hmm, pretty cool. This is what I've been able to recognize (or not):

    81: Balloon Kid
    82: Awesome Super Mario 64 underwater

    85: Something from Banjo-Kazzoie, perhaps? It sounds like taken from this game, just great.

    87: Bubble Bobble

    89: I know I've listened to this music thousands of times and now I can't remember where's it from. Some Capcom arcade? Sounds great, too.
    8A: Flintstones
    8B: OutRun

    8D: Gradius Advance. Sounds a little better than the GBA version, but I feel it could be improved a little with some other instruments...

    8F: F-Zero. Sounds just like the original, wow...
    90: [Part of] Guile's level
    91: No idea, but it sounds like it could belong to a scene demo. Quite nice.
    92: Bubble Bobble invincibility/bonus

    94: Heh, pretty cool. Moonlight Shadow.
    95: Can't remember... But it reminds me of Momotaro Thunderbolt for the GB.

    97: Another one from F-Zero, which also sounds almost just like the original. Great stuff.

    9B: Starts like Double Dragon, but no idea, really.
    9C: Another one I've heard million times, and I can even remember what the original instruments sounded like, but can't remember what game it's from.
    9D: Rainbow Road SNES
    9E: F-Zero too, isn't it?

    PS: By the way, I thought the title Sonineko would imply something like this:
  6. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    9C is PC S3K -- Ice Cap.

    Also, if you're using this as a plug for XM3SMPS and such, could I make a suggestion that you add some support for TFM instruments and songs? All these tracks have the same voices and it gets old fast.

    Currently on Party Land 2: BARBIE GIRL? (Dammit, should never have made that joke about Aqua in terms of Sonic music.)
  7. Shadow Fire

    Shadow Fire

    Ultimate victory! Member
    The Land of Darkness
    Sonic: The Lost Land (Series), The GCN (site)
  8. Jayextee


    Unpopular Opinions™ Member
    Atro City
    YES. PLEASE. I've asked for this before. It would simply excrete pure win.
  9. Sith


    The molotov bitch Member
    Nineko, you win sir. xm3smps expands the hacking horizon significantly.

    Also lol @ ICEknight.
  10. nineko


    I am the Holy Cat Tech Member
    Here is the complete track list:

    81 Balloon Kid [LZ 2]
    82 Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks [LZ 1]
    83 Psycho Pinball - Funfair [MZ 1]
    84 DDR - Hero [SYZ 2]
    85 Banjo Tooie - Fun 'n' Games [SYZ 1]
    86 DDR - Dam Dariram [SBZ 1]
    8D DDR - Burning Heat [FZ]
    94 DDR - Moonlight Shadows [SLZ 3]
    95 Wario Blast - Stage 7 [SYZ 3]
    96 DDR - Señorita [SBZ 3]
    97 F-Zero - White Land [GHZ 3]
    98 Outzone - Level 1 [MZ 3]
    99 DDR - Bye Bye Baby Balloon [SBZ 2]
    9A DDR - Jack Grandale [SLZ 2]
    9B Madou Monogatari - Labyrinth [LZ 3]
    9C Sonic & Knuckles Collection - Ice Cap [GHZ 2]
    9D Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road [SLZ 1]
    9E F-Zero - Bianca City [MZ 2]
    9F Bombjack [GHZ 1]

    87 Bubble Bobble - Main Theme [invincibility]
    88 Street Fighters 2 - Jingle [1-up]
    89 Puzzle de Pon! - Stage 2 [special stage]
    8A The Flintstones [title screen]
    8B Outrun - Magical Sound Shower [ending GHZ demo]
    8C Pinball Fantasies - Party Land [Robotnik]
    8E Pippi Långstrump [end of act]
    8F F-Zero - Game Over [game over]
    90 Street Fighters 2 - Guile [continue]
    91 Heaven Revived [credits]
    92 Bubble Bobble - 1-up [drowning]
    93 [emerald jingle]
  11. Spanner


    The Tool Member
    This hack was to show the power of what XM3SMPS can do, it's a powerful tool.
    Well I'm looking forward to the next release, whenever it is, see how good you can do layouts with Sonic 1.
  12. Hayate


    Tech Member
    Yes. Yes it is - so long as you know how to use it. :)
  13. Aquaslash


    <The Has-been Legend> Moderator
    Oh damn...I was thinking of using that song sometime....

    Oh well.
  14. LocalH


    roxoring your soxors Tech Member
    Rock Band 3 Deluxe
    Just because someone uses a song in a hack doesn't mean it's off limits to anyone else for any purpose from that point on. It pisses me off when people have this mindset "oh, something's been used before, that means it can NEVAR BE USED AGAIN ONOES!@!@". As long as you're not copying stuff wholesale, or even if you are but you have the permission of the creator, then go for it. Hell, even try to figure out ways to make it better and 1-up each other.

    Anyway, badass hack Neko. I knew I recognized that Bombjack tune, but for some reason I couldn't place it (although I used to play the C64 port of Bombjack like all the fucking time).

    You should make a music ROM sometime. Have someone code a nice outfit where the user can choose the song, and have the focus of the ROM be the music itself. There are hundreds if not thousands of different musicdisks on the C64 and Amiga.
  15. Puto


    Shin'ichi Kudō, detective. Tech Member
    Portugal, Oeiras
    Part of Team Megamix, but haven't done any actual work in ages.
    The most interesting part about "Magical Sound Shower" is that you don't even have to smps it. The Genesis version of Outrun uses SMPS, albeit with a much faster tempo rate; You just need to divide the duration of all notes by 5 (A tedious task to be sure, but doable if you have the patience, I suppose).
  16. djdocsonic


    Testing YOUR Hacks Since 2005... Member
    Emerald Hill Zone
    Looking for a Rom Hack to Test.
    Odd music choices but good. I am not keen on your ICE zone, everything is a bit too white/ blue for my liking plus white rings?. I take it you will be creating new layouts?
  17. Ashura96


    You mean CAPTAIN JACK (Grandale Remix) Right?
  18. nineko


    I am the Holy Cat Tech Member
    Yes, what LocalH said.
    I don't need to give you the permission to use Magical Sound Shower in your hack, and even if I did, I'd allow you for sure. Plus, note that I only used a short clip from that song, as I didn't need all of it for my purpose.

    edit (Ashura96 posted while I was replying so I didn't see his post):
    Yes, whatever. Too lazy to look for the exact titles, there are probably some other errors. :P
  19. Qjimbo


    Your friendly neighbourhood lemming. Oldbie
    My only complaint would be, why change the palettes? what's wrong with the default ones, and yours aren't really a peticular improvement (palette hacking rarely looks anything other than cheap these days).

    Other than that, nice job.
  20. Sik


    Sik is pronounced as "seek", not as "sick". Tech Member
    being an asshole =P
    Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed when I played it. Anyways, I highly doubt OutRun uses pure SMPS. See, its musics are huge (about five minutes each), consisting of a few patterns repeating over all the song through not always in the same order (which is how it gets huge). Probably only the patterns themselves are SMPS.

    By the way, you released it in good time, it seems like you catched me wanting to play Sonic 1 because I didn't care that it was just a palette hack in gameplay terms and kept playing long time XD Anyways, having the Bubble Bobble music for invincibility was somewhat weird, and the end-of-level music... Er... *plays it again* I think I like it ^_^
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