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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Hendricks266, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. Inspired by SonAR, I decided to put together sets of every Sonic ROM for a console, and improve sets that already existed.

    I will not be distributing the SonicSets for consoles that are still alive: DS, PSP, PS2, GameCube, XBOX, Wii, XBOX 360, PS3.

    My new broadband connection has helped me out astronomically.

    I have found this to be an extremely useful resource:
    Wikipedia: List of games featuring Sonic the Hedgehog


    These ROMs have not been dumped at all, AFAIK:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld (Pico; J, Storyware scan)
    • Tails and the Music Maker (Pico; U, E, J, Storyware scan)
    • Sonic X (Leapster)
    • Sonic DiDj
    • Sonic Adventure (Tiger LCD)
    • GBA Video - Sonic X Vol. 2: Chaos Emerald Chaos
    • Unreleased Phantasy Star III & IV for SCD/MCD
    • Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition (Mobile)
    • BIN/CUE Sonic CD 510 Beta (impossible?)
    These ROMs I can't find or don't have access to:
    • BIN/CUE dumps of PC, SCD/MCD, PSX, and Saturn games
    • PC demos
    • PC games
    • A mounted Knuckles in Sonic 2 0612 Proto
    • Dreamcast dumps like the recently released drx protos
    Please tell me if I miss any.

    Any help would be much appreciated. :)

    I need to find a website which offers BIN/CUE, or something similarly perfect (nothing that has ISO, MP3, or WAV), images of the disc consoles listed above, plus the PSX.
  2. Dissent


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    You aren't going to find GBA Video - Sonic X Vol. 2: Chaos Emerald Chaos, it was never dumped (I think there is a reason actually).
  3. T.Q.


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  4. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    Pretty sure I can supply BIN/CUE sets of every Sonic Team-related Saturn game ever released into North America. Got Sonic 3D, Sonic R, Sonic Jam, NiGHTS, Christmas NiGHTS, and Burning Rangers, and also a demo disc of NiGHTS (separate from Christmas NiGHTS). Pretty sure I've dumped most of it already for my own emulation purposes, but I can track down whatever I'm missing and dump it as you need it.

    Only question would be how to get it over to you...
  5. I clarified my original post and added some new questions.

    Wow! Thanks!

    Unfortunately, that's not a question I can provide an answer to. :colbert: If SonAR were back, you could put it there.

    I have a bunch of PC, Sega CD, Saturn, and PSX BIN/CUEs I would like to have. This includes games the following series: Sonic, Shining Force, Earthworm Jim, Final Fight, Mortal Kombat, Duke Nukem, Mega Man, and Phantasy Star. Not that I'm asking anyone; I'm just ranting.

    That reminds me, I'm going to add the Phantasy Star series to the SonicSets due to the connections with Yuji Naka and everything.
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    Just for reference, with the exception of Burning Rangers I can mirror this for the EU discs.
  7. Andeh


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    Use HFX, it's a pretty good FTP. You need to keep it running for people to be able to download.
  8. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    You'll have to elaborate; I don't know what HFX is, and a quick Google didn't turn up anything useful.
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  10. Vlcice


    This actually isn't a remake. Since the Genesis has the Master System hardware built in for backwards compatibility, they simply manufactured Fukkokuban by putting the Master System game in a Genesis cartridge with an integrated Master System adapter. It runs purely in Master System mode - it doesn't have any Genesis functionality and wasn't changed at all from the original Master System version.
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    What is this reason? I have a dumper; I may try doing that at some point.
  12. Thanks. Those should compress quite well.

    I'll keep that in mind for future reference.

    Thanks for the clarification. Removed.

    I have absolutely no idea why. This would help me greatly.
  13. I have really been adding to the SonicSets. My DS set is now complete, with every ROM available. Mostly I'm just working on obscure stuff and the bigger files. I have all of the drx torrent protos added (GameCube!). I'm also getting things from the GoodTools sets.

    Any help with my list would be appreciated.
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