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Sonic's Foray into Random Zones (Spin-off Concept of Mario fangame)

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Ostrich101, Mar 4, 2023.

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    Let me first start off with some background info.

    On August 8th 2018, I posted a thread basically saying that I have started some work on a Sonic fangame with an.. admittedly looking back now.. lame and kinda lazy premise involving a sorta Sonic Mania concept, but with fan levels. Long story short, I scrapped that project soon after due to both lack of motivation and the well deserved criticism of the concept. I later tried to revive it by instead making it a more original fangame with my own custom zones, but even that didn't last until I canned it again. Eventually I tried a different fangame concept all together, basically making a almost 1-1 remake of Somari as a genesis Sonic game. That, as you can probably guess by now, also got canned, though for more technical reasons this time.

    Come 2022, where I had recently released a Mario 3 styled fangame called Mario's slightly Unusual Boss Rush, which has the premise of Mario going through levels to battle various characters from the most random series I could think of (it's basically a Boss Rush'ish game). Later on I stated that I would release an updated version of the game fixing bugs and adding some other features. I also announced a sequel (Mario vs. Some Unusual Foes, based off Mario vs. Donkey Kong on the Gameboy Advance) and a threequel (Mario's VERY Unusual Final Frontier, based off the Mario Odyessy type gameplay but in 2D) as well (note: the threequel post isn't finished), which are currently all in development all at once.

    After a little while I stumbled across a community of Sonic fangamers who make Sonic engines in the Construct 2/3 game engines, and since I've been really wanting to make a Sonic fangame ever since I'd stopped those other two projects, I thought to make a small test. I then thought, "hey, what if I were to take that 'Mario's Rather Unusual Trilogy' concept and use on a Sonic project?" Thus, the concept of this was created.

    Now here is some current footage and W.I.P spritework:
    The Sonic sprite seen in the .GIF isn't the final one, by the way. The current version I'm doing is a previously Sonic Pocket Adventure custom from hansungkee & JX444444 which I highly edited into resembling Hortinus' Modern Sonic from his Sonic 3 A.I.R mod, seen here:

    I also do have a rough plot outlined taking place after the events of Mario's VERY Unusual Final Frontier (which I also have a rough plot outlined), which involves Dr. Eggman making a gem to control various universes and, of course, Sonic has to stop him from doing anything harmful. By the way, the name of the possible project isn't final.

    Now that I got that out of the way, I'm gonna be a bit blunt and say that I may not be actively working on this project, as I have the previously mentioned Mario fangames in development, along with an Angry Birds fangame as well (which by the way is currently in the process of having an engine overhaul).