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SonicGDK 1.30.000

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Xaklse, Feb 10, 2010.

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    From what I can remember on how to not get seams you have to setup a second UVW Map, this one with each of your UVWs slightly separated from eachother (2 grid spaces at least) and REALLY snapped to grid. This second UVW Map will work as a Light Map for the engine and if it's properly snapped to the grid and have a few gridspaces in between each, should work as well.

    I had a video explaining it very well but I can't find it. Well, I'll keep looking.
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    If you read that thread, that wasn't the issue I was having as I've been doing what was shown in the video you mentioned for years by habit when making lightmap bakes.
    The issue lies within how udk handels the lightmap bakes themselves. its all udk's fault anotherwords. Udk shrinks down the UV islands when padding is on throwing off the alignment of the Pixels which will cause the bleed even if uv maps are set up correct. My solution is outlined within the linked thread.

    (P.S. you can see the pixel alignment by A using Texel view in the world editor or B turning off the texture smoothing on a baked lightmap)

    check post #8!?p=31695149&viewfull=1#post31695149
    Also using padding of less than 4 or 6 will bleed a lot when the texture is using LOD at a distance. that video your looking for was kind of incorrect in a lot of areas. ( if its the one I'm thinking about)
  3. New 1.20.036 & Packaged Release 8 versions are up for SAGE!
    Source Code (requires UDK July 2013): LINK
    Windows standalone .exe (requires nothing): LINK

    What's new? In short:
    • Lots of new Kismet nodes: AddScore, GiveShield, HasRings, ReverseGravity, ToggleAntiGrav, ToggleMiniSize...
    • ForceVolumes can push along splines.
    • MonitorActors can drop.
    • New PlatformActor with many options.
    • Redone the title card.
    • Better end of level screen with bonuses.

  4. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    I'd love if the Generations models applied for the classic and modern Sonic modes.
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    Awesome update! Downloading now :)/>

    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced an issue I have. When you lose a lot of rings and pick them up quickly (say, if they're in very tight pile) the music you have playing will restart. I'l test the new version and see if it happens there too, but has anyone else had this, or is it just me?
  6. It never happened to me, but I'll try to reproduce that scenario (game engine might have a max amount of concurrent sounds).
  7. I updated the first post:

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    A cool Sonic GDK project Destructoid covered today! Sonic doesn't really lend itself to this naturally, but I thought it was cool to see the engine in a tech demo like this!
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    Reminds me of the Sonic 2 trailer.
    Wonder how well would the Rift work with 3D Sonic games with 2D gameplay, or relatively fixed camera position relative to the character.

  10. It's a shame he used that level, bottomless pits which need precise jumps are evil.


    An unrelated note for other people developing with SonicGDK, be sure to check the last 2 questions/answers of this FAQ.

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    Well I'd be willing to do new player models for Modern and Classic to port the Unleashed or Generations Sonic to it Probably Gens easier for the mouth swapping I just need to remember how I set those mouths up. Only thing I would need help with is making Classic Sonic's wheel to appear in the top speed animation. I'm more than willing to reinstall GDK to do that for you guys.

    Would be even more inclined to do it if we could add in leaning animations.
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    Does anybody know if it's possible to draw footprints under Sonic when he takes a step? It's a really great effect I would like to have, especially while Sonic treks through the desert, and if it is possible to add footsteps, would it be even possible for the texture to be animated, so that the sand pushes to the outside, cause I can make a 'flipbook' style texture. As a rough idea, I was thinking one way of doing it is by using the Physics asset, when one of his feet collides with another surface (maybe marked with a Physics mat to change footprint texture depending on surface eg. soft sand, hard sand) and then draw the texture below it on the mesh/landscape. So in the end it would look like something similar to this.

    Any ideas on how to implement this? Or if it's possible at all.
  13. You should try to attach a particle to the running animations, in the AnimSet browser; footstep sounds use anim notifies, that you can find there.
  14. New 1.20.066 version is up!
    Source Code (requires UDK July 2013): LINK

    What's new? In short:
    • Added configurable footsteps and other sounds of the character.
    • Finished stats screen with optional ranks.
    • Improved interaction with various objects for low framerates.
    • Added configurable invulnerable parts and weak points to enemies.
    • New Kismet nodes: OpenNextMap, QuitToMainMenu and ToggleEnemyData.
    • Created the HomingTargetActor and HomingTargetActor_Movable objects.
    • Improved sounds played for rings drop, rings pickup and classic jump.
    • Added lock-on sound for homing attack.
    • Restored warning graphics for having no rings.
    • Better code for the music played by extra-life monitors.
    • Modified invulnerability monitor so that it displays an icon on the HUD.
    • Added MaxEmeralds configurable field to ChaosEmeraldActor.
    • Now cheats are disabled by default.


    Don't expect any more code updates guys, I consider SonicGDK finished!!!
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    Well, it was a nice run. Thanks for the engine. :D.
  16. Candescence


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    Oh? Huh. Well, that was nice while it lasted.

    It would be rather awesome if you could do something similar for Unity, that engine is great, but there's no Sonic engine for it, whether it be 2D or 3D.
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    First I would like to congratulate you for GDK. this is a really cool source code for 3D fan games and I really like to use it for my experiments. :)

    I'm not a programmer but I'm familiar with kismet so I have a few questions about something I'd like to try with GDK and I'd be happy to have your opinion on this.

    There are some elements from the Adventure games I'd like to emulate with GDK.

    -The camera movements

    -The special devices

    -Chase segments


    I uploaded a video to show some examples:


    I will say how I think I could do it but feel free to tell me I'm wrong (as I said I'm not a prog)

    for the camera movements and special devices (like the bungee vine thing) I feel like this could be triggered by a time event and I could use Matinee for the camera pan. I have a slight doubt though because I think the real game kinda locks the character into a semi-cutscene mode (does that make sense?) when we enter a loop (GDK dosen't) and I admit I don't quite understand how this can be made.

    The chase segments look like it's only about playing with the camera but I should also reverse the controls for the time of the chase (and I don't know how complicated this is)

    And finally the one I have the least hope for: The snowboard. My first instinct tells me this is all about progaming since we have to deal with another kind of ''behavior''

    What do think? Can I emulate some of these things with Kismet?
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    Not where I want to be.
    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Thanks for all the fish dude.
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    I feel this is the most complete 3D Sonic Fangame engine currently out there, I will get many more good years out of it !
    Thanks for the time and effort that you've devoted to this! Means so much to us as fan gamers !
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    You should definitely be a Tech Member for SGDK. I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say thank you.