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SonicGDK 1.30.000

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Xaklse, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. I don't get what you want to do: a badnik that rotates indefinitely over time or snap its orientation to a certain rotation?

    To switch to first person view, just zoom in with the mouse wheel; about head tracking I don't really know, regular people don't have access to March UDK with Oculus Rift support.
    Omni looks good, could be weird to use it with jumps though.
  2. Ell678


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    Barrow, England
    Sonic Incursion
    I'd like the Badnik to rotate on the spot indefinitely when it sees the player.
  3. I think I got it, paste this text in Kismet of my test map, the first enemy of the chain of box badniks should rotate.

    EDIT: Oh! I also manually changed the property EnemyClass of EnemySpawnerInfo_6 from "EnemyPawnFlying" to "EnemyPawnInterpolating".

    Code (Text):
    1. Begin Object Class=SeqVar_Object Name=SeqVar_Object_1
    2.    ObjInstanceVersion=1
    3.    ParentSequence=Sequence'Main_Sequence'
    4.    ObjPosX=4936
    5.    ObjPosY=2712
    6.    DrawWidth=32
    7.    DrawHeight=32
    8.    Name="SeqVar_Object_1"
    9.    ObjectArchetype=SeqVar_Object'Engine.Default__SeqVar_Object'
    10. End Object
    11. Begin Object Class=SeqVar_Object Name=SeqVar_Object_0
    12.    ObjInstanceVersion=1
    13.    ParentSequence=Sequence'Main_Sequence'
    14.    ObjPosX=4696
    15.    ObjPosY=2344
    16.    DrawWidth=32
    17.    DrawHeight=32
    18.    Name="SeqVar_Object_0"
    19.    ObjectArchetype=SeqVar_Object'Engine.Default__SeqVar_Object'
    20. End Object
    21. Begin Object Class=SeqAct_AttachToEvent Name=SeqAct_AttachToEvent_0
    22.    InputLinks(0)=(DrawY=2234,OverrideDelta=11)
    23.    OutputLinks(0)=(DrawY=2234,OverrideDelta=11)
    24.    VariableLinks(0)=(LinkedVariables=(SeqVar_Object'SeqVar_Object_0'),DrawX=4886,OverrideDelta=16)
    25.    EventLinks(0)=(LinkedEvents=(SeqEvent_EnemySeePlayer'SeqEvent_EnemySeePlayer_0'),DrawX=4952,OverrideDelta=93)
    26.    ObjInstanceVersion=1
    27.    ParentSequence=Sequence'Main_Sequence'
    28.    ObjPosX=4840
    29.    ObjPosY=2200
    30.    DrawWidth=147
    31.    DrawHeight=61
    32.    Name="SeqAct_AttachToEvent_0"
    33.    ObjectArchetype=SeqAct_AttachToEvent'Engine.Default__SeqAct_AttachToEvent'
    34. End Object
    35. Begin Object Class=SeqEvent_EnemySpawn Name=SeqEvent_EnemySpawn_0
    36.    Originator=EnemySpawnerInfo'EnemySpawnerInfo_6'
    37.    MaxWidth=249
    38.    OutputLinks(0)=(Links=((LinkedOp=SeqAct_AttachToEvent'SeqAct_AttachToEvent_0')),DrawY=2236,OverrideDelta=13)
    39.    OutputLinks(1)=(Links=((LinkedOp=SeqAct_Interp'SeqAct_Interp_0',InputLinkIdx=2)),DrawY=2256,OverrideDelta=33)
    40.    VariableLinks(0)=(LinkedVariables=(SeqVar_Object'SeqVar_Object_0'),DrawX=4548,OverrideDelta=94)
    41.    ObjInstanceVersion=1
    42.    ParentSequence=Sequence'Main_Sequence'
    43.    ObjPosX=4424
    44.    ObjPosY=2168
    45.    ObjName="EnemySpawnerInfo_6 Enemy Spawn"
    46.    DrawWidth=162
    47.    DrawHeight=168
    48.    Name="SeqEvent_EnemySpawn_0"
    49.    ObjectArchetype=SeqEvent_EnemySpawn'SonicGDK.Default__SeqEvent_EnemySpawn'
    50. End Object
    51. Begin Object Class=SeqAct_Interp Name=SeqAct_Interp_0
    52.    bLooping=True
    53.    InputLinks(0)=(DrawY=2502,OverrideDelta=15)
    54.    InputLinks(1)=(DrawY=2524,OverrideDelta=37)
    55.    InputLinks(2)=(DrawY=2546,OverrideDelta=59)
    56.    InputLinks(3)=(DrawY=2568,OverrideDelta=81)
    57.    InputLinks(4)=(DrawY=2590,OverrideDelta=103)
    58.    OutputLinks(0)=(DrawY=2518,OverrideDelta=31)
    59.    OutputLinks(1)=(DrawY=2574,OverrideDelta=87)
    60.    VariableLinks(0)=(LinkedVariables=(InterpData'InterpData_0'),DrawX=5099,OverrideDelta=20)
    61.    VariableLinks(1)=(ExpectedType=Class'Engine.SeqVar_Object',LinkedVariables=(SeqVar_Object'SeqVar_Object_1',SeqVar_Object'SeqVar_Object_17'),LinkDesc="NewGroup",MinVars=0,DrawX=5164,OverrideDelta=67)
    62.    ObjInstanceVersion=2
    63.    ParentSequence=Sequence'Main_Sequence'
    64.    ObjPosX=5064
    65.    ObjPosY=2464
    66.    ObjComment="play / pause / stop"
    67.    bOutputObjCommentToScreen=True
    68.    DrawWidth=154
    69.    DrawHeight=157
    70.    Name="SeqAct_Interp_0"
    71.    ObjectArchetype=SeqAct_Interp'Engine.Default__SeqAct_Interp'
    72. End Object
    73. Begin Object Class=InterpData Name=InterpData_0
    74.    Begin Object Class=InterpCurveEdSetup Name=InterpCurveEdSetup_0
    75.       Name="InterpCurveEdSetup_0"
    76.       ObjectArchetype=InterpCurveEdSetup'Engine.Default__InterpCurveEdSetup'
    77.    End Object
    78.    Begin Object Class=InterpGroup Name=InterpGroup_0
    79.       Begin Object Class=InterpTrackMove Name=InterpTrackMove_1
    80.          PosTrack=(Points=((InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InVal=1.000000,OutVal=(X=-0.000122,Y=0.000122,Z=-0.000488),ArriveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000092,Z=-0.000488),LeaveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000092,Z=-0.000488),InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InVal=2.000000,OutVal=(X=-0.000122,Y=0.000183,Z=-0.000977),ArriveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000092,Z=-0.000488),LeaveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000092,Z=-0.000488),InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InVal=3.000000,OutVal=(X=-0.000244,Y=0.000305,Z=-0.001465),ArriveTangent=(X=-0.000122,Y=0.000092,Z=-0.000488),LeaveTangent=(X=-0.000122,Y=0.000092,Z=-0.000488),InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InVal=4.000000,OutVal=(X=-0.000366,Y=0.000366,Z=-0.001953),InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped)))
    81.          EulerTrack=(Points=((InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InVal=1.000000,OutVal=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=90.000000),ArriveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=90.000000),LeaveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=90.000000),InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InVal=2.000000,OutVal=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=180.000000),ArriveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=90.000000),LeaveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=90.000000),InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InVal=3.000000,OutVal=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=270.000000),ArriveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=90.000000),LeaveTangent=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=90.000000),InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped),(InVal=4.000000,OutVal=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=360.000000),InterpMode=CIM_CurveAutoClamped)))
    82.          LookupTrack=(Points=(,,(Time=1.000000),(Time=2.000000),(Time=3.000000),(Time=4.000000)))
    83.          bUseQuatInterpolation=True
    84.          MoveFrame=IMF_RelativeToInitial
    85.          Name="InterpTrackMove_1"
    86.          ObjectArchetype=InterpTrackMove'Engine.Default__InterpTrackMove'
    87.       End Object
    88.       InterpTracks(0)=InterpTrackMove'InterpTrackMove_1'
    89.       GroupName="NewGroup"
    90.       GroupColor=(B=190,G=0,R=147,A=255)
    91.       Name="InterpGroup_0"
    92.       ObjectArchetype=InterpGroup'Engine.Default__InterpGroup'
    93.    End Object
    94.    InterpLength=4.000000
    95.    InterpGroups(0)=InterpGroup'InterpGroup_0'
    96.    CurveEdSetup=InterpCurveEdSetup'InterpCurveEdSetup_0'
    97.    SelectedFilter=InterpFilter'Engine.Default__InterpData:FilterAll'
    98.    EdSectionEnd=4.000000
    99.    ObjInstanceVersion=1
    100.    ParentSequence=Sequence'Main_Sequence'
    101.    ObjPosX=5072
    102.    ObjPosY=2712
    103.    DrawWidth=32
    104.    DrawHeight=32
    105.    Name="InterpData_0"
    106.    ObjectArchetype=InterpData'Engine.Default__InterpData'
    107. End Object
    108. Begin Object Class=SeqVar_Object Name=SeqVar_Object_17
    109.    ObjValue=EnemySpawnerInfo'EnemySpawnerInfo_6'
    110.    ObjInstanceVersion=1
    111.    ParentSequence=Sequence'Main_Sequence'
    112.    ObjPosX=5184
    113.    ObjPosY=2712
    114.    ObjComment="should be deleted, only used for prewiewing purposes"
    115.    DrawWidth=32
    116.    DrawHeight=32
    117.    Name="SeqVar_Object_17"
    118.    ObjectArchetype=SeqVar_Object'Engine.Default__SeqVar_Object'
    119. End Object
    120. Begin Object Class=SeqEvent_EnemySeePlayer Name=SeqEvent_EnemySeePlayer_0
    121.    MaxWidth=131
    122.    OutputLinks(0)=(Links=((LinkedOp=SeqAct_Interp'SeqAct_Interp_0')),DrawY=2501,OverrideDelta=14)
    123.    OutputLinks(1)=(DrawY=2523,OverrideDelta=36)
    124.    OutputLinks(2)=(DrawY=2545,OverrideDelta=58)
    125.    OutputLinks(3)=(Links=((LinkedOp=SeqAct_Interp'SeqAct_Interp_0',InputLinkIdx=3)),DrawY=2567,OverrideDelta=80)
    126.    VariableLinks(0)=(LinkedVariables=(SeqVar_Object'SeqVar_Object_1'),DrawX=4773,OverrideDelta=16)
    127.    VariableLinks(1)=(DrawX=4831,OverrideDelta=75)
    128.    ObjInstanceVersion=1
    129.    ParentSequence=Sequence'Main_Sequence'
    130.    ObjPosX=4736
    131.    ObjPosY=2432
    132.    DrawWidth=132
    133.    DrawHeight=216
    134.    Name="SeqEvent_EnemySeePlayer_0"
    135.    ObjectArchetype=SeqEvent_EnemySeePlayer'SonicGDK.Default__SeqEvent_EnemySeePlayer'
    136. End Object
  4. Any suggestion of what to use as background music?

    [video removed]
  5. Ell678


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    Barrow, England
    Sonic Incursion
    Thanks once again Xaklse. I feel a little silly for not changing the Badnik type to interpolating now, I should have known that!

    For the background music in the video, maybe Sonic 3's data select music?
  6. Andrew75


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    Congrats on the new release Xak ! This is a big one since it has menu system. This Will save a lot of people a lot of time ! (Menu designed by P3DR0.) Great work guys!
  7. New 1.10.222 version is up!
    Source Code (requires UDK February 2013): Cr / PL / TB / UB / ZS

    What's new? In short:
    • Flash-based Main Menu and Pause Menu (located in ...\UDKGame\Flash\SonicGDKPackage\UI )
    • Configurable HUD and Pause Menu through new HudInfo object.
    • More Kismet nodes.
    • Loading movies (located in ...\UDKGame\Movies )
    • 14 special stages.
    • More bug fixes.

    Special thanks go to P3DR0 for the initial design of the Flash menus, and Andrew75 for additional help.
    Now you can easily change the video settings, allowing low-end PCs to run this game with higher framerates.


    Updated the wiki with more links and documentation; wikified Andrew's guide.

  8. P3DR0


    b0ss Member
    I still don't get why you guys try so hard to create ultra-realistic stages.

    Started working on this scene today, probably have to tone down the specularity of the water and make a few adjustments in the skybox.

    Also I'm bumping this thread because no one comented on the new awesome update (still without grinding rails) that Xak released and it is awesome and even have a video.
    and... *cof* *cof*... I totally saw it almost a month and not just now when I came here to post this pic... *cof*
  9. Azookara


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    Ugh, damn P3DR0. That looks gorgeous, how do you even.

    Also I really need to try this update, but first I gotta get more space on my computer.
  10. Rainbow bacon

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    Wherever the hell I want.
    Learning to do stuff.
    I was about to say something about the water in relation to wind waker, but I would guess that all of nine hundred people already did, so I will instead compliment dat preeetyyy lighting.
    Maybe it's not pretty, I don't know. My standards are too low to tell, but I like it, so screw anyone who doesn't.
  11. Andrew75


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    Project AXSX(Sonic Xtreme) + Misc Projects
    I usually make comments for the kick ass updates... but than again Xak always knows I support his work haha
    P3DR0 that screen looks great, so is this a full fledged project or just a play around environment ?
  12. P3DR0


    b0ss Member
    Playing around with assets that I've modeled myself, I plan to turn this into the first stage of my fangame eventualy, but you know... I need to learn how to model more than planes and boxes first.

    I'm getting the hang of it, but there are two factors that are slowing me down: UVWs and my hard drive that is about to fail, hence the low quality of the screen, lack of antialising, low resolution, etc.
  13. Andrew75


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    Project AXSX(Sonic Xtreme) + Misc Projects
    Better back that shit up somehow ...if you don't have another hard disk, use an upload service or maybe send it over to a friend on Skype or something.
  14. I really wish I knew how to compile this with Oculus Rift support. I just got my Dev Kit in, and everything I've been playing with it has been amazing, but I'm still hoping someone else will shoehorn it in.

    So I guess: Feature Request, Rift Support.
  15. TimmiT


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    And here I was thinking that would be obvious. :P

    Btw, great work on that scene, looks very nice.
  16. Cool shit dude.

    Unfortunately, no public UDK has Oculus Rift support, maybe for now...
  17. Anyone out there willing to help with original/remixed music? I absolutely need a music track for the main menus, and I'd also like to replace other tracks like invincibility or end of level. Or where should I ask?
  18. This is wonderful. It's so simple, it just has such a powerful atmosphere. It's... it's dream-like.

    Okay, done gushing now.
  19. BlazeHedgehog


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    So finally got this reinstalled after losing everything about a year ago, got a bug to report: I can't get the SonicGDK test map to load. All the other maps will load, just not that one. I installed the right version of UDK (Feb 2012) and everything.

    It doesn't crash or anything, it just hangs at the loading screen forever.
  20. P3DR0


    b0ss Member
    You need the Feb 2013, not 2012.
    Also the test map takes a few extra minutes to load the first time, even on high-end PCs. I believe the first time I've opened it (and I have a very "ok" PC) it took me up to 10 minutes give or take.