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SonicGDK 1.30.000

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Xaklse, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Azu


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    Xal, how would I go about having homing attack continuous? Like how is it is in the official games. I unticked "Homing Dash needs jump".
  2. Yeah, that's what you have to untick. Didn't it work?
  3. Azu


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    Nope, didn't work. I'm using the latest version of UDK and SGDK. Oh works now. :V

    Also, is it possible to add a "homing target"? Or could I make one from like and enemy or something that's homing. Also, Is all SOnic's moves in the PawnSonic.uc? I want to change the animation of bouncing of an homing target to like a spring flip.
  4. Untick "Jump Dash Needs Jump" too. If it isn't what you want then I'm afraid I don't understand your initial question.

    All "homing targets" (classes) with "implements(DestroyableEntity)" in the header are considered for Homing Attack. You could also use a little invisible SimpleDestroyable...

    All Sonic's moves are coded in PawnSonic.uc
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    I dunno if can do the menu, if you can find someone then I can just work on the designs. I have some, but if I recall, you said you wanted something with the Sonic Adventure spike logo? I've trying to finf a job this past couple of months.
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    Yeah man, Sigh, jobs are hard to come by.
    Why not open your own business ? Computer repair is a good one if you have the skills.
    I've been way to busy myself, to work on anything sonic related. I think many of us are in the same boat.
    Anyhow, I'm sure someone would like to try to pick up where you left off. especially if you supplied the graphics.
    Having a start menu and pause menu would add so much more polish to GDK.
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    Raster vs vector graphics is a performance vs memory issue.
    Generally, raster graphics take up more memory but render fast. Vector graphics are smaller in size but are more difficult to render.
    However a pixel perfect vector recreation of a bitmap image would likely be as much or more in memory, which would be a complete waste to both memory and performance.
  8. It only was an idea, the spindash thing logo.
    Any help is appreciated; if you only create a design, that's fine and enough.
    Hinchy offered his help but he didn't move a finger yet.

    Regarding the wheels idea you had, it may look good if they're combined with more stuff; I found this design and fell in love with it:
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    That's actually something I had in mind.
  10. Dark Sonic

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    Oh shit I'd love to see that in a game.
  11. New 1.10.087 version is up!
    Source Code (requires UDK November 2012): DF / PL / TB / ZS

    What's new?
    • Changeable level of graphical quality through launcher, commandline or console command.
    • Improved Sonic Physics mode again.
    • Added path and extension to save files and enabled encryption.
    • Title cards with true level names with the help of a font.
    • Disabled first title card if playing in editor mode.
    • Fixed buggy skidding sound.
    • Improved underwater wavy distortion in editor mode.
    • Added MeshAlignToGravity and WaterRunDecelPct as configurable pawn values.


    I'm looking for people who would want to help with Flash menus; Flash gurus with ActionScript3 knowledge and/or 2D graphics designers are welcome. The intention is to create a main menu and a pause menu for SonicGDK to let the player change the system settings and load any of the available levels.

    If I count bold sections, that makes 4 "pages".

    About rasterized graphics vs vector graphics, Epic Games uses rasterized ones, there must be a reason; performance probably, although I wouldn't mind about that in main menus.

    Technical requirements: scripts written in ActionScript3, usage of CLIK elements (from Scaleform library).
    Best Practices of Scaleform Content // Best Practices of Scaleform ActionScript
    Develop for Scaleform without Adobe Flash (Vectorian Giotto and FlashDevelop)
    Scaleform MainMenu Tutorials: Epic Games' // Mavrik's
    I would be in charge of the UnrealScript part of the menus, so you wouldn't have to worry about it.

    I don't strictly have a design in mind, but an updated classic-like interface would be cool. I found this design and fell in love with it (blazefirelp sig):

  12. Handepsilon


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    Tutorial for UDK (and also SonicGDK, independently)
    Hi. Have to say, you really did a good job in this. I really enjoyed playing around with the source code of this kit

    About the Scaleform matter, I would like to help, but I'm not really good at it yet. I can replace the HUD with Scaleform, but only at ActionScript 2. And I haven't tried creating menu yet.

    I found several bugs that you might want to know. First, in the test level at the spiral section, I found that if you try keeping Sonic running with boost, he might be able to break off from the spline and fall off, but can't get out of the applied camerainfo, which will break the gameplay almost completely. This also happened to my self-made level, where I put Sonic up on a wall and suddenly he fell to the easter egg section and can't get off the 2.5D controls and camera. I think the spline actor and its detections need more work.

    I'm also looking for the Sonic Colors model, but apparently Megaupload is taken down by FBI. Can any of you reupload it to Mediafire?

    And I want to ask a permission to Xaklse : Can I upload a video tutorial regarding SonicGDK? I've already uploaded two videos, but I can take it down if you don't approve it

    Last but not least, I want to create more characters by giving different special moves. My assumption is :
    1. Copy paste PawnSonic.uc and rename it
    2. Change GroundSpecialMove and AirSpecialMove functions, in the buttonid ifs
    3. Change NoActionPerformed and Tick when necessary

    It's like that, right?

    Huff, okay. That's all I can say now. Thank you
  13. If I were to do a menu, this would be it.
    ---Character Select
    —Level Select
    ---Character Select
    -----Only levels beaten can be selected
    —All sorts of settings go here

    Also, has anyone made anything with this and prepared a distribution? I was never able to get UDK running right, so I can't play anything in this engine. :(
  14. Azu


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    What problems you have with UDK?
  15. Handepsilon


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    Tutorial for UDK (and also SonicGDK, independently)
    I just started since I just got the October version of UDK. I guess that's just UnrealFrontend and all. Maybe you should tweak the graphics in the ini file. I think it's on... hm... UDKEngine (but in this version, it's contained UDKSystemSetting.ini). I can give you several minimum settings


    NOTE : This is not made in order. Find the variables and replace them one by one...

    I'm trying to get Sonic running on acid water pool. It's just half succeeded. Most of the time he sank like a rock and died, especially on the Easter egg section where the blue boy isn't provided with speedboost actor and has to Mach Dash himself. Yahahahaha, I'm so evil!

    But still, I need to make sure Sonic can run on it, not only the Easter Egg section is dangerous. The main track is also dangerous enough even with the speed boost platform. Anyone can give me a tip to get Sonic smoothly run on the pool?

    The main route is like this


    I give you this angle to show you how Sonic will get off the floor to the pool. I used the DM-Deck method of creating acid pool. (By the way, the engine static mesh might be a tough challenge, as when you slightly bumped on it, Sonic will stop and fall. I'm gonna either move the booster or give SonicPhysics volume)

    The easter egg route is like this...


    Both has the WaterRun volume just slightly above the water volume. I rose the water volume up to decrease the height between the surface and water. But I'm still able to sink... any ideas?
  16. Unfortunately I can't reproduce that problem, maybe it's related to framerate?

    You don't have to ask me for permission if you want to record video tutorials; in fact you're awesome, I hope your efforts help other people who want to learn. Post the links and I'll update the first post of the wiki.

    You're right, NoActionPerformed() calls GroundSpecialMove() and/or AirSpecialMove(), so you could just rewrite NoActionPerformed(), it's up to you.

    You tried the Packaged Release 6, right? Is your PC weak?

    Just a note: the October UDK doesn't exist, the November UDK is installed in a misnamed folder by default.

    Running on water is often a complicated matter, and hard to explain. It doesn't work like modern games, Sonic trajectory should be almost-parallel to water surface when entering water so using a ramp is a must. Make sure the WaterRunVolume is always above the water volume too.
  17. Handepsilon


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    Tutorial for UDK (and also SonicGDK, independently)
    If you want, I can upload the level. Fortunately I haven't used any custom asset yet...

    Okay. Here it is :

    Part 1

    Part 2 (WARNING : Overdid part)

    The next parts are coming soon. I don't know if I'm going to go further into the coding matters, though...

    Thanks. You're a great Help!

    D: I KNEW IT!

    I kinda got confused with it in tutorial 1 I made. You'll see...

    Okay. I'll try getting a ramp on it. Thanks!
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    Okay. So I set "Scripts" to "Full Recompile" and then I hit "launch". Like the readme says, it's taking a while. But...I've got no indication anything is happening. And actually, as a was typing this, Windows let me know that "BUILT WITH UDK" stopped working and it wants me to close the program.

    I'm using Windows 7 x64. What's up?
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    I had the exact same problem, with W7 64bit. The only way I could muck around with GDK was by loading the default GDK map up and then copy and pasting the Sonic related objects in (which is just as annoying as it sounds). Things like the volumes and stuff could be placed and my map functioned fine when I launched it. Wierd.
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    Tutorial for UDK (and also SonicGDK, independently)
    You're not running it on Netbook right? Or a laptop with low graphic card? (mine is i3 with Intel HD only) If you are, that's a big problem.